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Did you know that Cross Keys Flashpoint went from 4.8 in May to 10.3 last weekend?
posted: Oct 10th, 2012 The 2012 season of the MidAtlantic Skydiving League season is over, too, and Cross Keys Flashpoint posted the only scores last weekend. It was the 5th meet for the A Class team this year. Flashpoint launched the 2012 season with a 4.8 average in May and finished it with a 10.3 average last weekend. The NSL News had introduced team member Mariaelena Rodriguez as a MASL Rookie Class competitor on 23 July last year. The passionate 4way fan is now in her 4th year of skydiving and is making plans for the 2013 season in the AA Class.MASL - October 6th, 2012Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4TotalAvgRankA... (more)
Did you know that Sinner-G and Cross Keys Flashpoint battled in the A Class last weekend?
posted: Sep 21st, 2012 The battle in the Rookie Class between the Northwest Skydiving League and the Carolina Skydiving League, which concluded with a tie on the top of this part of the overall leaderboard, was not the only exciting cross-league competition. The NSL News report from the Northwest Skydiving League mentioned that NWSL team Sinner-G moved up into the A Class for the first time at an outdoor competition last weekend. Sinner-G had indirectly competed with Rookie Class teams from other leagues on previous meet weekends. However, it was the first time that the NWSL team would face another team from a different... (more)
Did you know that the MidAtlantic Skydiving League teams have no video shortage?
posted: Jun 19th, 2012 Last weekend's overall leaderboard is complete with the last missing scores arriving from Cross Keys. MidAtlantic Skydiving League Director Dennis Miller held the June meet on Saturday, and three teams attended. Six participants wanted to play in the Rookie Class, and three of them came out to join an MASL event for the first time. Dennis Miller took the Center Outside slot as a player coach for both Rookie Class lineups and had a busy day. He said that the new Rookie Class competitors had a fun time and are looking forward to doing it again. The MASL teams have not had any problems yet finding... (more)
Did you know that Cross Keys teams have joined the UK leaderboard?
posted: May 15th, 2012 The teams from the United Kingdom have some company now on the overall leaderboard where the scores of three teams from the MidAtlantic Skydiving League have been added. More US scores will shake up the leaderboard as soon as the results from Carolina will be posted. CASL Director Andy Honigbaum said that he had 13 teams at the 2012 season opener last weekend. Cross Keys Flashpoint joined the UK race for the 2nd place in the A Class. There are currently three teams tied with the total of 29 points in this category, and MASL team Bloody Stump has also taken away the 2nd place from RAFSPA's Merlin... (more)
Did you know that two MASL teams are making plans for the 2012 season?
posted: Oct 26th, 2011 The second part of the video with the slow sequences and the review of the competition draws between 2009 and 2011 had to wait for another day since the last scoring update from the MidAtlantic Skydiving League came in from Cross Keys. MASL Director Dennis Miller reported that two teams competed in the AA and A Class and that a third lineup fell short by one team member even though new MASL videographer Matt Vasipollo was eagerly waiting to fly the camera slot again. The three other candidates for a third team couldn't find that elusive fourth to make it happen. Air Pollution and Teiwaz member... (more)
Did you know that two more MASL Rookie Class lineups had a real meet experience at Cross Keys?
posted: Sep 23rd, 2011 Participants for three Rookie Class lineups came already out to play at the second 4way Scrambles of the MidAtlantic Skydiving League at Cross Keys on the first September weekend, as the NSL News reported on 7 September 2011. However, MASL Director Dennis Miller managed to attract several other new 4way players to the next MASL event only two weeks later. He said that most of the usual 4way fans at his meets had other engagements last weekend, but he saw several new faces who came out and participated: "We had two Rookie Class teams with five new players, almost all of whom had well under 100... (more)
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