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NSL News

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Did you know that the CISM World Championship 2020 has been canceled?
posted: Apr 5th, 2020 The NSL News reported on 26 October 2019 that NMP PCH HayaBusa had once again unified the three 4-way world titles. The story was posted after the Belgians had won their 13th consecutive CISM title at the annual military world championship with a 35.5 average in China. NMP PCH HayaBusa have also been the FAI outdoor world champion since 2014 and won their last gold medals in Australia 2018. Then they defended their indoor world championship title successfully at the FAI Indoor World Meet 2019. As all HayaBusa members are soldiers, fully sponsored by the Belgian military services, the CISM... (more)
Did you know that even more Indoor Cloud League scores and videos for March came from iFLY Dallas?
posted: Apr 4th, 2020 More Indoor Cloud League scores and videos for the month of March have made it to last month's leaderboard, which turns out to be bigger than it could be expected considering the corona virus circumstances. There were several ICL events that took place before the wind tunnels were shut down, just as skydiving centers have also stopped their operations in most countries of the world, at some time in March. iFLY Dallas' ICL organizer Kyle Hermberg was back from his successful trip to Paraclete XP, where his team Barhons had won the AA/Intermediate Class competition, as the NSL News reported... (more)
Did you know that Eric Heinsheimer was also back in 8-way after Indoor Cloud League 4-way?
posted: Apr 4th, 2020 The aftermath of the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship continues with the video of a live interview of Golden Knights 1997 world champion Eric Heinsheimer that has not been uploaded yet. It took place in the middle of the competition action when he had a short break between competition rounds. Eric Heinsheimer was back in 8-way competition where his Formation Skydiving competition career began. He was in the legendary Golden Knights 8-way team that concluded the U.S. Army's "Decade of Excellence" (1987 - 1997) with the 6th consecutive set of 8-way gold medals for the U.S. delegations in 1997. The... (more)
Did you know that Paraclete XP posted Indoor Cloud League scores and videos for March before taking an ICL break?
posted: Apr 2nd, 2020 Paraclete XP's Indoor Cloud League team was also still able to run an event before corona virus restrictions limited the activities in North Carolina. The March leaderboard will probably not grow much more, and there is no indication when the next ICL scores and videos will be posted. Morgan Womble still welcomed her group of ICL competitors in March, including a few new participants whose names appear for the first time on Paraclete XP's leaderboard and in the complete ICL roster. She still continues to organize the ICL events at Paraclete XP, even after her new commitment with XPG4, as the... (more)
Did you know that if you do not compete enough you are only a training player?
posted: Apr 1st, 2020 The NSL News mentioned with the most recent NSL Live Talk on March 30th (Gary Smith) that the current situation in the skydiving world will offer an opportunity to feed information into the SKYLEAGUE.COM website that cannot be found anywhere else: "NSL Live Talk has been a regular part of SKYLEAGUE.COM coverage for a long time. It began as soon as the website was launched in its current form. In fact, interviews with teams, competitors, VIPs and officials in the sport were recorded even much earlier. They were not archived as video files at the beginning and appeared in writing on the website... (more)
Did you know that Kinetix confirmed the 18+ level in Australia?
posted: Mar 31st, 2020 The current scores on the front page of SKYLEAGUE.COM will probably stay there for a while before they will be replaced after the next Formation Skydiving competition. They came from Australia, where the last 4-way meet, the national championships, was held at Skydive Nagambie. Drop zones and wind tunnels were eventually shut down in Australia in March, as well, due to the corona virus pandemic. Kinetix defended their 4-way title successfully that they won last year for the first time. The NSL News had covered the new Australian national 4-way team comprehensively on 8 November 2019 after the... (more)