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NSL News

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Did you know that AZ Aardvark brought their team mascot to Paraclete XP?
posted: Apr 20th, 2021 Three more sets of the meet rounds are completing the video coverage of the 4-way competition in the AA/Intermediate Class at the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2021. The videos of Bolting-batch of Beastliness, AZ Aardvark and Suprise! are now available for reviews, as well. The lineups of Bolting-batch of Beastliness and Suprise! both were formed for the event. The Beastliness members had their additional teams on the 8-way Intermediate Class leaderboard, as well. Carin Liljedahl, Chris Diomantes and Steve Loufek completed ten more rounds with Beastly Dynasty in 8-way and went through a 1-point... (more)
Did you know that the Qatar Tigers included Shamrock Showdown rounds in their restart?
posted: Apr 18th, 2021 The Shamrock Showdown 2021 turned into an extended hybrid cloud event when the weather in Florida did not allow the completion of the ten rounds in March at Skydive City. The plan to include international teams via the internet was developed when travel restrictions and other implications of the corona virus crisis made it impossible for teams from overseas to visit the event site of the Shamrock Showdown. As a result, the format of the NSL Cloud Mondial 2020 became the template for the Shamrock Showdown Cloud. The extension of the time-frame for the completion of all ten rounds was added... (more)
Did you know that a competition draw of the A Class is block-heavy for a good reason?
posted: Apr 17th, 2021 The NSL News reported on March 13th that USPA introduces the A Class category at the national championships as a test event this year. The update from Arizona after the March meet of the Arizona Skydiving League explained more of the A Class history in the United States. The NSL 4-way category was adopted early by other countries, and the A Class competition was just recently the most popular event of the Virtual Australian Outdoor Nationals 2021, behind the Rookie Class, which has been one of the NSL competition categories since 2002, as well. The roots of the A Class grew in the early 4-way... (more)
Did you know that online/virtual/cloud events are only emergency measures for the NSL?
posted: Apr 15th, 2021 The corona virus crisis had a significant impact on Formation Skydiving competition, which is nothing new. The implications have been covered numerous times by the NSL News. The same implications naturally impacted on the baseline of the National Skydiving League, which was exclusively built on the idea of advancing the young sport and offer more opportunities to meet other teams and competitors with the same passion. Unfortunately, bringing people together at live events has not been highly recommended these days. The last complete and unharmed calendar of events was the 2019 season, when a... (more)
Did you know that Kinetix defended their 4-way title successfully in Australia?
posted: Apr 14th, 2021 The NSL News reported the results of New Zealand's national 4-way championships on April 1st and mentioned that an update from Australia would follow soon. This year's national championships of New Zealand was the first time since 2017 that the teams did not have to travel to Australia for their own competition. Australia, on the other side of the Tasman Sea, did not even run a live competition this year. The Australian Parachute Federation decided to host a virtual national championship, the same way how the NSL Cloud Mondial 2020 united teams on the same leaderboard, due to the limitations... (more)
Did you know that Aviatrixx members Jill Stephenson and Christy West outscored themselves in 8-way?
posted: Apr 12th, 2021 All reigning U.S. indoor and outdoor champions and national teams were competing at the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship this year. There was no split in 8-way, where AZXP8 won the USPA outdoor title in 2019, the indoor title in February 2020, and then defended it successfully at this year's indoor championship. It was different in 4-way Open and 4-way Women, where four different teams are currently representing the U.S. indoor and outdoor delegations. SDC Rhythm XP are still the reigning USPA outdoor champions and will compete for the United States at the FAI Tanay Mondial 2020 this August. Arizona... (more)