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Did you know that the British delegation was the second largest at the FAI World Cup?
posted: Oct 21st, 2019 The British delegation at the FAI Outdoor World Cup was the largest one behind the host nation, the United States. Six British teams were registered for the traditional Formation Skydiving events (4-way Open - 8-way Open - 4-way Women). France was the only other nation with teams in the same three events, while it was logistically much easier with the French 8-way team fielding the two French 4-way teams at the same time. The U.S. delegation consisted of a total of 11 teams for the three events, and three additional teams competed in 4-way VFS. The U.S. delegation collected a total of seven... (more)
Did you know that Echochamber began with World Cup evaluation right after Round 10?
posted: Oct 21st, 2019 Echochamber, Sweden's national 4-way team, was one of the many victims of the slower competition draw at the FAI Outdoor World Cup, which did not allow them to perform on their best scoring level. However, all teams are dealing with the same competition draw, and Echochamber's performance at Skydive Arizona was also not matching the expectations of the Swedish team and observers. The FAI/IPC starting order of the teams at a world cup or world meet is always according to the results at the previous FAI/IPC event, which in this case was the FAI Outdoor World Meet 2018 in Australia. It indicates... (more)
Did you know that Finland's AAA Class teams swept the World Tunnel League September leaderboard?
posted: Oct 20th, 2019 The interesting Indoor Cloud League duel between iFLY SF Bay and iFLY Orlando continued in September. The Northern California and Florida wind tunnels have the only 12-foot flying chambers, all other ICL teams are posting their scores on the 14+ leaderboard. They have been battling since Lori Connor launched her Indoor Cloud League team with monthly events in 2013, first on the same leaderboard and with the same sequences as the 14+ teams, then on the separate 12+ leaderboard when the dive pool for the 14+ chambers was extended. The iFLY Orlando team won the duel in the first three years... (more)
Did you know that the 4-way gender-mix at the FAI World Cup was almost equal?
posted: Oct 18th, 2019 It has been a while now that FAI/IPC apply the same numbers and letters for the competition draw in all four Formation Skydiving categories (4-way Open - 4-way Women - 4-way VFS - 8-way Open). It happened again at the FAI Outdoor World Cup last week. 8-way Open and 4-way VFS have naturally different maneuvers for the same numbers and letters. The identical competition draw, sequences and maneuvers for teams in 4-way Open and 4-way Women allows to compare the scores directly, and the NSL News aftermath of major events includes this feature traditionally. There are actually three different... (more)
Did you know that U.S. 8-way teams used the whole world cup contingent too?
posted: Oct 17th, 2019 The U.S. delegation at the FAI Outdoor World Cup took full advantage of the world cup rules, which allow registration of up to four teams per event, and the NSL News pointed out the U.S. sweep in 4-way Open on October 14th. There were also four U.S. 8-way teams at Skydive Arizona last week. They could not copy the unique success of the 4-way teams (Arizona Airspeed - SDC Rhythm XP - Airspeed Odyssey - Defiance). In fact, the visitors from other countries dominated the 8-way competition, with Russia's national team in 1st and France in 2nd place. Paraclete XP8 took the bronze medals, and Airspeedish... (more)
Did you know that Phoenix XP and Skynamite members knew each other from Australia 2018?
posted: Oct 16th, 2019 The 4-way Women competition at the FAI Outdoor World Cup featured not only a new showdown between the French Weembi Girls and NFTO. In fact, the battle between Phoenix XP (United States) and Skynamite (Germany) for the FAI bronze medals was closer than any other competition for medals at the event. It ended with a 2-point difference to the advantage of Phoenix XP, and it could have ended the other way around, as well. Both teams took turns in winning rounds from the beginning to the end. It was not a big surprise that Phoenix XP was in contention for 4-way Women medals, despite the late personnel... (more)
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