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NSL News

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News Article Did you know that the Kaos Theory XP story continues?
posted: Sep 24th, 2022 The story of U.S. 4-way team Kaos Theory XP has been documented carefully by the NSL News, and it was well worth it. The team caught the attention of the NSL News first time after an exciting 1-point battle for the AA/Intermediate Class gold medals at the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2020. The Barhons, a pickup team for the event, won, and F-5 moved on with the new team name, Kaos Theory XP. The road was paved well, as four of the team members explained during a NSL Live Talk conversation after the completion of the USPA Nationals earlier this month. They said that the team "gelled" very... (more)
News Article Did you know that HayaBusa member Neal Willems joined the Camera Flyers for the ESL Championship?
posted: Sep 23rd, 2022 The comeback of the European Skydiving League Championship (ESL) event took place on the weekend after the completion of the USPA Nationals. Both events were still effected by the impact of the corona virus crisis and other interfering political issues. The participation was lower than it was in the past. The USPA Nationals had a total of 59 teams in all traditional 4-way events in 2019, including the guest teams, 65 in 2021, and down to 48 this month. It was the lowest number in the history of USPA Nationals. The event was canceled in 2020, due to the implications of the corona virus crisis. The... (more)
News Article Did you know that Rhevolution XP won this year's tightest 4-way competition?
posted: Sep 23rd, 2022 The 4-way Advanced Class leaderboard of the USPA Nationals featured the most exciting competition for the three sets of USPA medals in the traditional Formation Skydiving events this time. Four teams were separated by a total of eight points. Rhevolution XP won by four points, and AZ Alpha finished for more points ahead of SDC Rhuthless. The competitive field between the medal winners and behind them becomes even more obvious with a closer look at the highscores round by round. The team in 9th place, This is Our Season, with iFLY Colorady Springs' Indoor Cloud League organizers Emily Bombardi... (more)
News Article Did you know that Austria is back at a world meet with HSV Red Bull AerodynamiX?
posted: Sep 21st, 2022 The latest 4-way thriller took place in Austria, where Final Fire was back for their next reunion. The NSL News had provided a team profile on 3 October 2019, after they had defended their national 4-way title once again, this time for the 6th consecutive time since 2014. The update in 2019 introduced a new domestic challenger at the same time, Black Mantis, who came closer to the Austrian 4-way veterans than any other team since 2014. Black Mantis launched their team in 2017 (7th - 10.9) and needed two years to be ready for a serious run at the top spot. The ultimate success happened finally... (more)
News Article Did you know that three U.S. teams battled for one set of USPA bronze medals?
posted: Sep 20th, 2022 Arizona Airspeed's winning margin of 54 points (258 - 204) for the USPA gold medals at this year's national championships was the highest one in USPA history. It was above 30 points twice before, first in 2014 (32), then again in 2018 (32) when SDC Rhythm XP placed 2nd with alternate Rob Radez. A year after the 32-point difference of 2018, the complete Rhythm lineup managed the unthinkable and defeated Airspeed's previous lineup in the jump-off round at Paraclete XP. The difference went up to 12 points last year, between the new Airspeed lineup and SDC Rhythm XP with Christy Frikken. There... (more)
News Article Did you know that five more Belgian teams also used the USPA competition draw?
posted: Sep 19th, 2022 The NSL News reported on September 10th that Arizona Airspeed and Qatar Tigers would have a Belgian opponent, as well. The host of the national championships in Belgium had decided to copy the competition draw of the USPA Nationals, and the combined leaderboard would show all teams that performed the ten AAA sequences. The update was posted after the first four rounds in Belgium were completed, while the U.S. 4-way teams were already done with their ten rounds on Saturday. All Belgian teams would be back on Sunday to add the scores for the remaining six rounds to the leaderboards. The combined... (more)