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NSL News

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Did you know that Florida and Northwest teams now focus on the USPA Nationals?
posted: Sep 20th, 2017 Three teams of the Florida Skydiving League came together at Skydive City in Z-Hills last weekend for the last meet of the 2017 season in Florida before the NSL Championship 2017, which will also be hosted by Skydive City this year. It was also the last outdoor test for teams before the upcoming USPA Nationals in Perris, where AA Class team SCZ ZEUS will compete in the Intermediate Class for the second time. In fact, the ZEUS members had exactly one week after the last training jump on Sunday before the competition draw will take place in Perris this Sunday. ZEUS first completed the 10-round... (more)
Did you know that Pajama Pumas are ready for AAA after 0.2 in Rookie Class last year?
posted: Sep 19th, 2017 The UK Nationals traditionally include great competition in the other three 4-way categories (AA - A - Rookie) that the British Parachute Association (BPA) applies at the national championships, as well as at the monthly meets of the United Kingdom Skydiving League (UKSL). The exciting 1-point battle in the AA Class between winner Salty Jacks and Pajama Pumas was mentioned in the story on 28 August 2017 that was also a preview of the ESL Championship 2017. It was just as exciting in the A Class, where RAFSPA Venom and Bacchus were tied in 2nd place after Round 8 and had to break their tie... (more)
Did you know that Formation Skydiving competition recently celebrated its 30-year anniversary?
posted: Sep 18th, 2017 Formation Skydiving competition as we know was born in 1985. The FAI Mondial 2016 at Skydive Chicago was actually the 30-year celebration of World Championships of Formation Skydiving in its modern version with a dive pool and 5-or-6-point sequences in the Open Class. Well, there was an FAI World Cup in 2015, which was the first part of the celebration at the Dutch Skydiving Center in Teuge. It was a great event, but a World Cup is a World Cup, and a World Meet is a World Meet. What's the difference? Only one national team is allowed to compete for a country at the FAI World Meet. It's the Olympics... (more)
Did you know that Bubble Trouble sets new Russian standards in 4-way Women?
posted: Sep 18th, 2017 The silver medals in 4-way Women at the FAI World Cup 2017 were one part of the successful visit of Russia's Formation Skydiving delegation in Saarlouis. It was not only Bubble Trouble's silver medal contribution to the Russian collection that caught the attention of the NSL News and the Formation Skydiving community. The 2nd place and the 18.2 average were both the best results of a Russian team in 4-way Women at a World Championship of Formation Skydiving. The Ladybirds (Elena Mazaeva, Anna Panasyuk, Larisa Sverdlenko, Ekaterina Voronina, with Fyodor Mozgovoy on camera) had won two sets... (more)
Did you know that Northern California teams posted the first World Tunnel League September scores?
posted: Sep 16th, 2017 The Northern California Skydiving League held two simultaneous World Tunnel League Meets last Wednesday September 13th at both of its host tunnels - iFLY SF Bay and iFLY Sacramento. A total of four teams competed, two at SF Bay and two at iFLY Sacramento. The same four teams train and compete regularly together, with two of them heading to the USPA Nationals later this month. Most of the teams at the NCSL Tunnel Kickers are pick-up teams for each of the particular events, organized after individual registrations, while the World Tunnel League meets are an exciting new event for the trained teams,... (more)
Did you know that the A Class teams won last weekend's 4-way competition?
posted: Sep 15th, 2017 Last weekend's AA Class competition was an interesting experience for the teams that plan to travel to Perris soon for the USPA Nationals 2017. It offered almost every variation that a competition draw may create. The 6-round meet started with the fastest sequence of the six rounds, with only random formations (G,C,Q,O) which was followed by four block-heavy and technically challenging sequences. The last round eventually mixed up two random formations with a slow block, which generated the only 2-digit score (SDC Connect 4) of any team after the faster Round 1. It was a good test of the... (more)
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