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NSL News

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Did you know that the Paraclete XP Summer Classic also featured a very strong AAA Class field behind Airspeed?
posted: Jun 21st, 2018 Arizona Airspeed's performance at the Paraclete XP Summer Classic 2018 did not only carry some momentum into Arizona FM's ten rounds of the World Tunnel League's June competition. It was also inspiring for the other four AAA Class teams at Skydive Paraclete in Raeford. Ranch 2nd Generation (R2G) mastered the two slower rounds on Sunday morning better than all other AAA Class teams and finished with a 19.0 average, which is significantly higher than last year's winning average (16.4) in the AAA/Advanced Class competition of the USPA Nationals. Savage XP translated their own 19.9 indoor average... (more)
Did you know that Arizona FM used the Airspeed momentum for a new 23.6 team record average?
posted: Jun 20th, 2018 Arizona FM was once again the first team that took on the June draw of the World Tunnel League. Teams from Florida and Northern California will follow up later this month with their events, while the Czech teams are on their WTL summer break to focus on outdoor competition. The player-coach team, with Ian Pedowitz, Jimmy Xu and two Arizona Airspeed members, joined the World Tunnel League in April on the largest WTL leaderboard in the very young history of the league. 29 teams posted their scores in April, and Arizona FM started with a 20.4 average after eight rounds that could be judged. The... (more)
Did you know that the Paraclete XP Summer Classic featured a very strong AA Class field?
posted: Jun 19th, 2018 The first update after Round 8 at the Paraclete XP Summer Classic 2018 last weekend mentioned briefly the strength of the AA Class field. The first main attention was directed to the AAA Class leaderboard, with Arizona Airspeed and the U.S. national team's next step on the road to the FAI World Meet 2018. The whole AAA Class field deserved attention, and the NSL News will go back to it with more details soon. However, the AA Class leaderboard was just as interesting and offered high-level scores, as well. In fact, TSC Cadence's winning average (13.6) is on USPA medal level. Last year's USPA... (more)
Did you know that Paraclete XP Summer Classic videos show Arizona Airspeed in action?
posted: Jun 18th, 2018 The last two rounds of the Paraclete XP Summer Classic 2018 were successfully completed on Sunday, and the sequences did not allow the teams to improve their meet averages. In fact, all teams were facing two of the lowest sequences at the end of the meet. Only Adventures Flyers from Paraguay finished with Saturday's 12.6 average since they did not complete the meet on Sunday. TSC Off Cadence on the AA Class leaderboard was the only other team with the same finishing average as on Saturday. Ranch 2nd Generation (R2G) was the AAA Class team with the least impact on the Round 8 average after... (more)
Did you know that the Paraclete XP Summer Classic could produce a new USPA triple gold event?
posted: Jun 17th, 2018 The Paraclete XP Summer Classic 2018 came close to a conclusion on Saturday when eight of the ten scheduled rounds were completed. It's the second time that Paraclete XP offers the combination of the traditional indoor competition in February and follow up with a high-profile outdoor competition in June, half way on the road to the USPA Nationals. Last year, the same event generated the three USPA gold medalists in Perris, Arizona Airspeed in 4-way Open (AAA), Ranch 2nd Generation (R2G) in 4-way Advanced (AAA) and Vega XP in 4-way Intermediate (AA). Airspeed is back for the same event to... (more)
Did you know that that all nine A Class teams from the United Kingdom and Germany posted highscores last weekend?
posted: Jun 16th, 2018 The new scores of the first eight rounds at the Paraclete XP Summer Classic 2018 are on the leaderboard, while the NSL News is not done yet with last weekend's results. The previous scores were generated at the Paranodon Cup 2018 in Germany and the June meet of the United Kingdom Skydiving League (UKSL). The NSL News covered the AAA Class competition on 13 June 2018 and then followed up with the AA Class. As in the AA Class of the UKSL meet, all six British teams had launched their 2018 outdoor season at the UKSL May meet, where they were alone on the exclusively British leaderboard. Last... (more)
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