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Did you know that Team X from Sweden won two important battles?
posted: Oct 14th, 2018 The NSL News live coverage of the FAI World Meet 2018 concludes with a Fun Flag update, which is directly related to one of the medal winners at Gold Coast. The Swedish national team in 4-way Women might not even be sure which celebration will be remembered as the more important one, as the Fun Flag story of the world meet in Australia seems to end with a photo of Team X in the most recent possession of the important item. This achievement competes with the athletic one, the 3rd place in 4-way Women and the FAI bronze medals that Team X will bring to Sweden this week. It is not the first... (more)
Did you know that Arizona Airspeed members took extra time for NSL Talk on Friday?
posted: Oct 13th, 2018 Friday at the FAI World Meet 2018 was simply dedicated to completing the missing competition rounds as quickly as possible, and this purpose included the last-round showdown between NMP PCH HayaBusa and Arizona Airspeed. The final day also featured the tied 8-way world record in Round 10 by the Golden Knights. It was only one competition round that had to be performed by several teams, with the top contenders in action for the last time, unless a jump-off round would be required. It was still a very challenging and exhausting day for HayaBusa and Airspeed who had to approach Round 10 like a... (more)
Did you know that Clementine Le Bohec and Dennis Praet celebrated their gold medals in a very special way?
posted: Oct 12th, 2018 It required all skills of the meet director, pilots and participants to complete all rounds of the FAI World Meet 2018 on Friday. The day started once again with great weather, while the forecast for the second half of the day was not a guarantee for the conclusion of the meet. However, the joint efforts of all parties involved in the weather game were eventually successful just in time before the skies closed up again for any skydiving activities. It was an extremely exciting finish in many ways, and the latest NSL-TV video clip features all of it live, beginning in the stadium, continuing... (more)
Did you know that the big 4-way Open Class showdown in Round 10 had to be postponed?
posted: Oct 11th, 2018 It would be difficult to dream up a drama as it unfolds in 4-way Open at the FAI World Meet 2018. There was no doubt that Arizona Airspeed and Aerodyne Realfly would try to challenge the Belgian 4-way world champions of 2014 and 2016 for the next set of FAI gold medals and put as much pressure on NMP PCH HayaBusa as possible. However, Airspeed's Niklas Hemlin had mentioned in earlier NSL Talk interviews that he and his team would be happy to stay close to the top and win a round here and there, maybe even get into serious contention for the top spot. All scoring numbers of 2018 were speaking... (more)
Did you know that the FAI World Meet 2018 could be concluded with another world record?
posted: Oct 10th, 2018 The 4-way Open Class competition could not be any more exciting than it is after Round 8. It is almost a miracle how Arizona Airspeed managed to come back into gold medal contention after the nightmare in Round 1. It was a 6-point difference that the challenger had to deal with, and it seemed already hopeless after only one round. Airspeed performed on eye level with NMP PCH HayaBusa in the following three rounds, which was a little surprise in itself and should have been a warning for the defending world champions from Belgium. Next happened what seemed to be inevitable at this point in... (more)
Did you know that the Fun Flag has been flying at Gold Coast?
posted: Oct 10th, 2018 What's a world meet without the Fun Flag? There is a long history behind the Fun Flag, and it begins with the Golden Knights 8-way team, who are on their way in Australia to win the FAI gold medals for the fourth consecutive time. Former Golden Knights member Chris Wagner knew most of the Fun Flag history, and the NSL News documented it on 13 September 2006. Then it was followed by many updates, the last one on 22 October 2016. Two years without a Fun Flag update is a long time, even though it is exactly the time period between two world meets. However, the Fun Flag is supposed to help bringing... (more)
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