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NSL News

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Did you know that ISR FireFlash have an indoor and outdoor schedule for the 2020 season?
posted: Dec 7th, 2019 The ISR Grand Prix 2019 in Roosendaal was the second comeback for ISR FireFlash with the complete lineup. The NSL News had reported in November 2018 that the team's tail Glenn Straeluyc became the victim of a work accident shortly after the Belgian national championships last year. Former Thunder ISR member Jacco van Eerden helped out and took the tail slot at the ISR Grand Prix 2018 and at the Belgian Indoor Nationals a month later. Glenn Straeluyc then came back for the World Challenge 2019 before taking another healing break throughout the remainder of the 2019 season. The update on August... (more)
Did you know that HF Cubs and HF Flying Rebels completed 28 judged competition rounds in November?
posted: Dec 6th, 2019 The Czech Indoor Cloud League team was once again in full swing during the first month of the official Czech indoor competition season at the Hurricane Factory in Prague. Jan Klapka is running the indoor season of his part of the World Tunnel League, the Czech Indoor League, with monthly meets between November and April, while his 4-way teams also compete for the best Czech scores on the monthly 14+ leaderboard of the Indoor Cloud League. Eleven different teams took on the six November sequences and combined for the highest total of 125 points. HF Flying Circus, HF Cubs, HF Flying Rebels,... (more)
Did you know that Finland's Pro Team balances the slot-switchers differently?
posted: Dec 6th, 2019 NSL-TV is following up on the November meet of the Finnish Tunnel League League with the meet videos of the three AAA Class teams. The videos are showing the third 26+ meet of Finland's Pro Team since the 24.6 finish at the FAI Indoor World Meet 2019, which was just short of the last Top 10 position. The current 26+ performance level after 30 competition rounds since June is one of the team's steps on the way to a significantly improved placing at next year's indoor world cup and outdoor world meet. The video also offers some insights of the Pro Team engineering. Finland's national team is... (more)
Did you know that Michele Silvi is at boot camp while NMP PCH HayaBusa train at Skydive City?
posted: Dec 4th, 2019 Trying to find the perfect combination between indoor and outdoor training is not an easy task for teams and competitors. Indoor training is much easier to organize and more affordable, which are good reasons for allowing the balance of both parts of 4-way training and competition to become heavier on the indoor part. It becomes even more challenging when a reigning indoor and outdoor world champion team wants to defend both titles successfully. In fact, NMP PCH HayaBusa are also CISM world champions, while the military rules don't require a lot of extra training. It is still not very difficult... (more)
Did you know that Matt Davidson could complete his own Decade of 8-way Excellence?
posted: Dec 3rd, 2019 Niklas Hemlin and Mikhail Markine provided insights of the new Arizona Airspeed lineup in the latest NSL Live Talk conversation on November 27th. The selection of the new team members (Joey Marshall, Christopher Kuhlmann) and the Airspeed plans for the 2020 season related directly to the U.S. national 8-way team, Airspeed XP8. The new Airspeed XP8 lineup was officially announced on October 29th, and the NSL News caught up with the breaking news on November 14th. The later Airspeed 4-way update also included a brief overview of the new 8-way lineup: "Airspeed XP8 have highly experienced 8-way... (more)
Did you know that the Capital Region team has joined the Indoor Cloud League?
posted: Dec 3rd, 2019 Not only the World Tunnel League has enjoyed great participation in November and keeps growing. The monthly Indoor Cloud League competition has been showing similar progression with two new ICL teams in 2019 and more projects in the works. The latest addition to the ICL 14+ leaderboard comes from the region of the U.S. capital city Washington D.C. which is one of the country's most populated areas. Dee Caminiti and Gorka Amian have launched the ICL team "Capital Region" and are organizing monthly Indoor Cloud League events at different wind tunnels. Dee Caminiti and Gorka Amian both are experienced... (more)
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