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NSL News

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Did you know that MicroClim8 fended off another 8-way challenge in Australia?
posted: Dec 13th, 2018 The recent 8-way record participation at the Weembinamic 2018 brought back the attention to the event where France did not even have a team this year, the 8-way competition at the FAI World Meet in Australia. The Qatar Falcons, who finished on the top of the traditional leaderboard at the Weembinamic, had used the opportunity in Australia to win the first FAI medals in Formation Skydiving competition for their country. There was not much competition for any of the medal positions in Australia without a French 8-way team. The Golden Knights were 15 points ahead of Russia's Tanay 8-way team.... (more)
Did you know that the Weembinamic 4-way competition generated the next Battle for Bronze?
posted: Dec 12th, 2018 The series of battles for bronze medals continued after four of them took place in all four categories at the ISR Grand Prix 2018. The teams in 1st and 2nd place at the 4-way AAA Class competition of the Weembinamic 2018 were in secure finishing positions on the traditional leaderboard, and the winner (3guys1bride) was not under too much pressure in the two rounds of the finals (61 – 58). Silver medalist Weembi Legion was ten points ahead of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. The situation at Weembi Lille was completely different behind the two top teams and created a new “Battle for Bronze”.... (more)
Did you know that ICL teams in Northern California needed the tie-breaking procedure in November?
posted: Dec 11th, 2018 The November competition of the Indoor Cloud League was completed with the latest scores for the month coming from Northern California. The iFLY Sacramento team had very impressive participation with eight different lineups and new ICL competitors, while the iFLY SF Bay team brought high-profile players into the game last month. Arizona FM member Ian Pedowitz was back on the U.S. west coast after a busy November visit in Florida where his team won the NSL Indoor Championship 2018 and the World Tunnel League November competition. He was also in the SCZ ZEUS lineup who won the NSL Outdoor Championship. Ian... (more)
Did you know that Airbus 4-way has a new lineup and a plan for the 2019 season?
posted: Dec 10th, 2018 The most recent update from the Weembinamic 2018 covered Germany's national 8-way team Airbus at their first indoor competition, and it connects to other related developments in the country. The story mentioned that Airbus 4-way member Thomas Mack had to step into the 8-way lineup at the world meet in Australia when Thomas Spielvogel was injured shortly before the competition in Australia. Thomas Mack had experiences with double duties after the FAI World Meet 2016 where the complete Airbus FSZ Saar 4-way lineup competed in 8-way, as well. Airbus 4-way did not like the world meet experiences... (more)
Did you know that Veloce QRF won the internal German showdown at the Weembinamic?
posted: Dec 9th, 2018 The Qatar Falcons were not the only national 8-way team at the Weembinamic 2018. Germany's Airbus 8-way lineup had competed at the FAI World Meet 2018 in Australia, as well, and finished in 6th place with a 12.9 average. The NSL News had introduced the team at the beginning of the 2018 outdoor season on May 14th. Bad luck required a change in the lineup shortly before the world meet when the most experienced competitor in the team, Thomas Spielvogel, had to sit on the bench due to an injury. Airbus 4-way member Thomas Mack stepped in and filled the 8-way slot in Australia. Thomas Spielvogel... (more)
Did you know that Weembinamic competition videos feature Weembi Girls - Qatar Falcons – Veloce QRF?
posted: Dec 8th, 2018 The NSL News reported the 8-way upset at the Weembinamic 2018 with the story on December 3rd. The Qatar Falcons finished in 1st place on the traditional leaderboard after all ten rounds, while the Weembi Girls took their next Weembinamic 8-way title after winning the two rounds of the finals (9 and 10) over the Qatar Tigers. The meet videos of both teams are now featuring most of the competition rounds, and NSL-TV also added the available videos of the team in 3rd place, Veloce QRF's signature lineup. Martial Ferre and his international team defeated Veloce Vair8Maxx in the finals (40 - 36)... (more)
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