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NSL News

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Did you know that NSL-TV features the exciting duel at the French Nationals?
posted: Aug 18th, 2018 The update on 1 August 2018 after the conclusion of the French Nationals included the ten meet videos of the Aerodyne Weembi Girls that team videographer Michel Laynaud made available for NSL-TV. David Ricard, who is filming the French national team in 4-way Open, Aerodyne Realfly, followed up with the meet videos of his team, and the NSL-TV audience now has the opportunity to follow the very exciting competition between the two French national teams that ended up in a tie after Round 10. Aerodyne Realfly won the French gold medals with the highest score in Round 8. Both teams compete for... (more)
Did you know that the ESL Championship 2018 promises exciting battles and re-matches?
posted: Aug 18th, 2018 After the recent video invitation to the ESL Championship 2018 by organzier Mike Pennock the NSL News took a closer look at the currently registered field of the 2018 event and at the teams that will be back after attending last year's competition. Aeropotam's from Belgium, last year's winner of the Rookie Class competition, moved up into the A Class shortly after the ESL Championship 2017. The team's first A Class meet was the ISR Grand Prix in November 2017 where they finished right away in 2nd place (18.5) of ten A Class teams. They followed up with a 3rd place and a 19.3 record average in... (more)
Did you know that Alena Chistova completes the new Tanay Wolves lineup?
posted: Aug 16th, 2018 The update from Russia on 15 August 2018 explained that Black Cat, one of the best 4-way teams in the world, will not compete at the FAI World Meet in Australia this year. The team members have been training and competing with Tanay's 8-way lineup, as well, and focus only on the battle for 8-way medals. The same story mentioned that the Tanay Wolves will represent Russia in 4-way Open with a new lineup, guided by Russian 4-way and 8-way legend Oleg Shalamyhin. The Tanay Wolves have scoring records in the NSL News archives since 2015. Timur Frank launched the team project, and Alexander Furman,... (more)
Did you know that organizer Mike Pennock invites all teams to the ESL 2018 fun in Saarlouis?
posted: Aug 15th, 2018 Mike Pennock was one of the original founders of the European Skydiving League and the ESL Championship, as the NSL News had reported on 30 January 2004: "This first ESL 2004 event includes competitions in Belgium (Schaffen) and Austria (Wiener Neustadt and Hohenems). The Belgium Skydiving Trophy (BST), Deutsch Sky Liga (DSL) and Dutch Handicap Cup (DHC) formed the European Skydiving League for the first ESL season in 2003. BST organizer Willy Boykens initiated the efforts and was supported by Dr. Rainer "Exi" Hoenle in Germany and Mike Pennock and Frederique van Hilst in the Netherlands." "The... (more)
Did you know that Black Cat will not compete in 4-way for Russia at the world meet?
posted: Aug 15th, 2018 Russia's national team in 4-way Open, Black Cat, is one of the longest standing 4-way teams in the world. The NSL News has covered the Black Cat battles with other Russian world class teams for the national top spot since the team project was launched in 2005. Black Cat eventually won the national championships and represented Russia for the first time at the FAI Mondial 2018. Valentin Ilin (Outside Center), Vasily Korotkov (Point), Alexander Kvochur (Tail) and Evgeny Stashchenko (Inside Center), with Vadim Niyazov on camera, finished six points behind France in 4th place. The Black Cat members... (more)
Did you know that iFLY Sacramento extended the lead on the ICL 12+ leaderboard?
posted: Aug 14th, 2018 Bad weather was in the way off a successful Dallas Super Cup this year, and the worst wild fires in history in Northern California are a major obstacle for outdoor training and competition, as well. Teams in Northern Calfornia have at least the opportunity to compensate for the lack of outdoor training and competition with the monthly Indoor Cloud League and Tunnel Kicker activities. August is also a month with the next World Tunnel League meet, and the most recent scores will be posted soon. The series of extremely tight ICL competition between iFLY Sacramento and iFLY SF Bay on the 12+... (more)
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