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National Skydiving League 2017

NSL Playoffs

Location for playoffs within each league
Regular Season
MideastMidwestNew EnglandNorthern PlainsNorthwestRanchVirginia

Download a printout of the current dive pool

Regular Season 2017

The regional leagues run their competitions of the regular season according to their own and separate schedule. The events begin with the first competition round on the meet weekend's Saturday morning. Each league determines the league champions of each competition class according to the league rankings at the end of the regular season. Applying a handicap system is under the discretion of each league.

Synchronization of the Competition Draw
The NSL headquarters delivers the competition draw for each meet weekend Friday evening by posting it at the NSL website and communicating it with the league and meet directors. The same competition draw will be applied at all meets on the same weekend - everywhere in the USA and also in other countries. All scores will be collected, processed and posted beginning on the Monday after a competition weekend. As in the past, teams will be able to compare the scores directly.

Competition Classes

Category AAA/Open AA/Intermediate A Class Rookie Class
Sequence 5 - 6 points 4 - 5 points 3 - 4 points 3 points
Random Formations All All All All
Blocks 22 16 8 None
Working Time 35 sec. 35 sec. 35 sec. 35 sec.
Exit Formations IPC Divepool AA Class Divepool A Class Divepool All Random Formations

AAA/Open Class

This is the current USPA Open/Advanced Class applying the whole IPC 2012 dive pool and rules.

AA/Intermediate Class

The AA Class is identical with the current USPA Intermediate Class. This class is the next step for teams and competitors that have mastered the Rookie Class and the A Class. Eight additional blocks (1, 11, 13, 14, 15, 18, 20, 22) without memory and mirror image and a little longer sequence are added to the rules of the A Class.

A Class

The A Class is the next step up after learning the basics of 4-way competition in the Rookie Class. The A Class applies the following eight blocks of the IPC dive pool: 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 19, 21. The sequence can be three or four formations long.

Rookie Class

This is the class for the beginners in the sport. The events of this class are an introduction to Formation Skydiving competition at the grass roots. The rules are synchronized between all participating leagues. This will fully include the Rookie Class teams in any possible prize giving. All 16 Random Formations will be used for the exits.

NSL Playoffs 2017

The events of the NSL Playoffs conclude the regular season. Each league has the option to schedule the last meet of the regular season as the playoffs event. Teams have to attend a minimum of one NSL meet of the regular season and the NSL Playoffs to be eligible for qualification to the NSL Championship. Teams can choose any of the playoff locations. Guest teams will be welcome at all playoff events but cannot qualify for a medal slot at the NSL Championship. Each NSL Playoffs event consists of:

  • Qualification to the NSL Championship
  • League championship of each competition class

Qualification to the NSL Championship

Direct Qualification
All eligible teams will complete up to ten rounds from 10,500 ft. with 35 seconds working time throughout the two days of the competition. No handicap system will be applied. The best ten teams of each competition class (AAA, AA, A, Rookies) at all playoff events qualify directly for the NSL Championship. Qualified teams not signing up for the NSL Championship will be replaced by the next teams in the Playoffs rankings.

League Champion Wild Cards
Each eligible league champion of any of the leagues that does not finish within the ten qualifying slots at the NSL Playoffs will still be eligible to compete at the NSL Championship. Wild Cards will also be available for teams exempted from regular qualification, if necessary, including the defending champions of each class.

League Championships

The NSL Playoffs events are scheduled for the same weekend as the last meet for most of the leagues. These leagues will determine their league champions of each competition class on the playoffs weekend, as well.


Any prizes for the NSL Playoffs will once again be given to the most improved teams. The NSL handicap system will be applied to determine the most improved teams. The team handicaps will be based on the scoring average of all meets of the regular season.

NSL Championship 2017

The National Skydiving League usually holds the NSL Championship at Skydive DeLand as a part of SkyQuest Florida. Check the information of the previous championships to learn more about this fun event by clicking here. You can also find the previous NSL Champions in all competition classes since 1998 by clicking here.
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