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Finnish Tunnel League Finnish Tunnel League

FITL League Director:

Finnish Tunnel League website: https://www.skyleague.com/rules/?league=55

FITL Host Venues: Fööni

FITL Schedule of Events | See all FITL events
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Most Recent FITL Scores | See all FITL scores
Dec 5th, 2021
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class 22,H,C,Q G,20,11 17,4,F 12,L,9 13,8,N 2,6,15 A,7,J,3 14,19,D E,5,1 M,K,18,16 Total Avg
1 Tribe  FI  FITL 26 18 23 21 16 17 23 19 23 22 208 20.8
2 4K  FI  FITL 12 10 11 7 11 8 12 11 12 9 103 10.3

Most Recent FITL News | See all FITL News or all NSL News
News Article Did you know that Accord and 4K had their first and very exciting AAA battle?
posted: Jan 2nd, 2022 Times have changed, dramatically. The review of the most current leaderboards, especially the last one of the World Tunnel League in December 2021, is a sad affair, compared to the last monthly leaderboard... (more)
News Article Did you know that Just4Fun completed the 7th meet with the same lineup?
posted: Sep 17th, 2020 The Finnish Tunnel League has made it through the 2020 season quite well, despite all restrictions and regulations that came with the corona virus crisis. The January meet was completed before the pandemic... (more)
News Article Did you know that David Grauwels, Mathew Iles and Vesa Vurenkoski discussed grip management?
posted: Jul 4th, 2020 The NSL News has covered the exciting 4-way duel behind the Pro Team in Finland on a regular basis. Just4Fun and Blue Steel are trying to close the gap between the world-class national team and themselves... (more)