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FSL Tunnel Kicker at iFLY Jacksonville
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Florida Tunnel League Florida Tunnel League

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Florida Tunnel League website:

FLTL Host Venues: iFLY Orlando, iFLY Tampa

FLTL Schedule of Events | See all FLTL events
discipline title date venue
IFS4 NSL Indoor Championship Dec 10th, 2020 iFLY Tampa

Most Recent FLTL Scores | See all FLTL scores
Dec 1st, 2019
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class C,21,J,3 13,D,H,G 17,1,M N,14,11 16,9,5 7,F,18 L,B,8,20 A,K,P,22 2,E,6 4,Q,15 Total Avg
1 SCZ ZEUS  US  FLTL 14    13    10    7 -2 11    13 -1 12    11 -1 12    9 -1  112 11.2
2 Teiwaz  US  FLTL 11    15    7 -2 10    11    6 -2 10    13    9    9     101 10.1

Most Recent FLTL News | See all FLTL News or all NSL News
Did you know that Arizona FM impressed with supportive sportsmanship and high scores?
posted: Nov 16th, 2018 The first part of the NSL Ultimate 4-way Championship 2018 was completed on Thursday night at iFLY Tampa. Nine teams finished the indoor day with the ten rounds of the World Tunnel League's November draw. Three... (more)
Did you know that 14 teams took on the August sequences of the World Tunnel League?
posted: Sep 4th, 2018 Teams from Northern California and Florida created once again a busy World Tunnel League leaderboard for the month of August, and the AAA Class competition was the most popular part this time. It was... (more)
Did you know that Arizona Airspeed's Niklas Hemlin had a busy week in Florida?
posted: Jul 25th, 2018 Arizona Airspeed member Niklas Hemlin recently spent some time in Florida for a few coaching jobs, and several 4-way competitors took advantage of the great opportunity. He was already connected to... (more)