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Shamrock Showdown 2018 Information: Cessna Caravan and Twin Otter both confirmed as jump planes
Indoor/Outdoor Cloud League 2018 - FebruaryAAAAAARRRRRR
14+ SequencesD,1,K,12D,1,18D,K,7P,B,OM,D,KM,D
12+ SequencesD,9,K,16D,9,21D,K,7P,B,OM,D,KM,D

Did you know that NSL-TV features the Pro Team's 22.8 average with Kalle Pohjola?
posted: Feb 22nd, 2018 The NSL News story on 11 February 2018 brought Kalle Pohjola of Finland's Pro Team back to the attention of the audience. He had competed as a 4-way junior with his parents Kimmo and Outi at two World... (more)
Eclipse has a reunion of the original lineup at the World Challenge. Feb 21st, 2018
Echochamber posted the next 26+ average at the Swedish Indoor Nationals. Feb 20th, 2018
There are two undefeated 4-way competitors in the Shamrock Showdown history. Feb 19th, 2018

Feb 18th, 2018 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class Total Avg
1 Echochamber  SE  263 26.3
2 Team X  SE  220 22.0
3 Edge  SE  195 19.5
Rank AA Class Total Avg
1 Cumulonimbus  SE  151 15.1
Rank A Class Total Avg
1 Team Pegasus  SE  134 13.4
2 Blyknektarna  SE  121 12.1
3 SnowFlake  SE  89 8.9

league title date venue
Paraclete ... Feb 24th, 2018 Paraclete XP
Paraclete ... Feb 24th, 2018 Paraclete XP
CZTL WTL/ETL Sp... Mar 8th, 2018 Hurricane Factory
Australian... Mar 12th, 2018 Skydive Nagambie
FSL Shamrock S... Mar 16th, 2018 Skydive DeLand
French Ind... Mar 23rd, 2018 Weembi

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Rotor Out
AAA Class
Sep 12th, 2016


Jerome David
posted: Apr 3rd, 2010

The eternal battle for Excalibur, the trophy for the World Champions of Formation Skydiving in 4-way and 8-way has now been fought for more than two decades. In 4-way, this competition for the gold medal has been exclusively a two-way race between France and the U.S.A. ever since 1985. Jerome David, the current French national coach, has been directly involved in this exciting duel since 1990, first as a competitor, then as a coach. For the World Championship in 2003, he has officially declared the... (more)
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