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Indoor Cloud League - January 2021AAAAAARRRRRR
14+ SequencesF,18,K,17H,18,14D,L,4D,L,HM,F,KM,D
12+ SequencesF,15,K,3H,15,13D,L,21D,L,HM,F,KM,D

NSL Cloud Mondial January 2021
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NSL Cloud Mondial January 2021


Did you know that James "Bu" Klinge is not far behind Doug Barron and Andrew Happick?
posted: Jan 23rd, 2021 The recent NSL News updates covered the few teams and competitors who have won USPA gold medals in 4-way Intermediate (AA) and 4-way Advanced (AAA) consecutively at the national championships. The series... (more)
Andrew Happick and Doug Barron have a USPA gold medal collection like nobody else. Jan 22nd, 2021
Agera FS 2022 is the first team on the NSL Cloud Mondial January leaderboard. Jan 21st, 2021
The road to the most exciting 8-way competition could be open again. Jan 19th, 2021

Dec 9th, 2020 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class Total Avg
1 HF Flying Circus  CZ  CZTL 241 24.1
2 HF Cubs  CZ  CZTL 222 22.2
3 HF Flying Rebels  CZ  CZTL 177 17.7
Rank AA Class Total Avg
1 Mimozemky  CZ  CZTL 102 10.2

league title date venue
6th DIPC 4... Feb 19th, 2021 Skydive Dubai
6th DIPC 4... Feb 19th, 2021 Skydive Dubai
Paraclete ... Feb 27th, 2021 Paraclete XP
Paraclete ... Feb 27th, 2021 Paraclete XP
Paraclete ... Feb 27th, 2021 Paraclete XP
Paraclete ... Feb 27th, 2021 Paraclete XP
Shamrock S... Mar 19th, 2021 Skydive City

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Flyspot One2Three
AAA Class
Dec 1st, 2020


Jerome David
posted: Apr 3rd, 2010

The eternal battle for Excalibur, the trophy for the World Champions of Formation Skydiving in 4-way and 8-way has now been fought for more than two decades. In 4-way, this competition for the gold medal has been exclusively a two-way race between France and the U.S.A. ever since 1985. Jerome David, the current French national coach, has been directly involved in this exciting duel since 1990, first as a competitor, then as a coach. For the World Championship in 2003, he has officially declared the... (more)