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Indoor Cloud League - December 2018AAAAAARRRRRR
14+ SequencesO,11,H,17 Q,9,11 E,N,7 D,O,H M,E,N M,Q
12+ SequencesO,11,H,3 Q,9,11 E,N,7 D,O,H M,E,N M,Q

Did you know that Gary Smith and Jérémie Rollett confirmed their switched coaching jobs?
posted: Dec 14th, 2018 The NSL News update on December 8th covered the 8-way competition at the Weembinamic 2018. The story concluded with the news that Jérémie Rollett was coaching the Qatar Falcons 8-way team at Weembi Lille. It... (more)
MicroClim8 fended off another 8-way challenge in Australia. Dec 13th, 2018
The Weembinamic 4-way competition generated the next Battle for Bronze. Dec 12th, 2018
ICL teams in Northern California needed the tie-breaking procedure in November. Dec 11th, 2018

Dec 1st, 2018 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class Total Avg
1 HF Flying Circus  CZ  CZTL 234 23.4
2 HF Cubs  CZ  CZTL 227 22.7
3 HF Chicks  CZ  CZTL 205 20.5
Rank AA Class Total Avg
1 HF Flying Rebels  CZ  CZTL 169 16.9
2 HF Dragonflies  CZ  CZTL 165 16.5
3 Ladies&Gentlemen  CZ  CZTL 142 14.2
Rank A Class Total Avg
1 High Five  CZ  CZTL 155 15.5

league title date venue
NCTL World Tunn... Dec 27th, 2018 iFLY Sacramento
SVNH Tunne... Jan 26th, 2019 SkyVenture NH
Wind Games Feb 1st, 2019 Windoor Realfly
Paraclete ... Feb 23rd, 2019 Paraclete XP
Shamrock S... Mar 15th, 2019 Skydive DeLand

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Heartbeat Skydive Team
A Class
Nov 24th, 2018


Michel Lemay
posted: Oct 1st, 2012

Michel Lemay is one of the most humble Formation Skydiving competitors in the history of the sport. He has been competing for over 30 years and is still performing on the top level in the world. His team Evolution placed 5th at the World Meet 2010 in Menzelinsk, Russia, with a 24.0 average. He has created a unique 4way team that will most likely never be copied again: Evolution consits of him and his three sons, Martin, Vincent and Benoit. Despite his athletic excellence and achievements and his... (more)
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