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Indoor Cloud League - March 2019AAAAAARRRRRR
14+ SequencesC,19,N,17 O,19,7 H,A,8 B,C,N M,H,A M,O
12+ Sequences C,21,N,17 O,21,7 H,A,9 B,C,N M,H,A M,O

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Did you know that the HF Chameleons mastered the 10-average AA Class level?
posted: Mar 24th, 2019 The last NSL News update from the Czech Republic after the March meet of the World Tunnel League at the Hurricane Factory had featured the meet videos of two of the Czech 4-way junior teams, the current... (more)
Martial Ferre met two of his world meet 8-way opponents at Paraclete XP. Mar 22nd, 2019

Mar 23rd, 2019 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class Total Avg
1 AZ Crime  US  ASL 75 12.5
2 AZ Defiance  US  ASL 66 11.0
3 Wombat Combat  US  ASL 56 9.3
Rank AA Class Total Avg
1 Perry's Pals  US  ASL 54 9.0
Rank A Class Total Avg
1 JR Squid Squad  US  ASL 48 8.0
2 Eggplant  US  ASL 37 6.2
Rank Rookie Total Avg
1 It'll Be Fine  US  ASL 16 3.2

league title date venue
German Ind... Mar 28th, 2019 Germany
Canadian I... Mar 30th, 2019 Canada
Finnish In... Mar 30th, 2019 Fööni
World Chal... Apr 5th, 2019 Twinwoods
World Chal... Apr 7th, 2019 Twinwoods
ASL Meet 4 Apr 13th, 2019 Skydive Arizona
SCSL Meet 1 Apr 13th, 2019 Skydive Elsinore
FAI Indoor... Apr 16th, 2019 Weembi

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Three Chicks with Dick
A Class
Jan 26th, 2019


Dawn English
posted: Apr 1st, 2001

Dawn English was the first female 4-way competitor who proved to the skydiving world that women can be just as successful in the sport, which is dominated by male athletes. There have been other female 4-way competitors in the history of Formation Skydiving competition, as the French all-female Coca Cola team in the late 80's. However, Dawn English was the first woman who made it to the very top of the 4-way world in 1998. She began her skydiving career with the first jump in California City,... (more)
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