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Indoor Cloud League - December 2019AAAAAARRRRRR
14+ SequencesC,20,J,16 B,20,13 A,C,2 A,C,J M,B,P M,K
12+ Sequences C,21,J,3 K,14,21 B,P,9 A,C,J M,B,P M,K

Mark your Calendar: Shamrock Showdown 2020
Did you know that ISR FireFlash have an indoor and outdoor schedule for the 2020 season?
posted: Dec 7th, 2019 The ISR Grand Prix 2019 in Roosendaal was the second comeback for ISR FireFlash with the complete lineup. The NSL News had reported in November 2018 that the team's tail Glenn Straeluyc became the victim... (more)
HF Cubs and HF Flying Rebels completed 28 judged competition rounds in November. Dec 6th, 2019
Finland's Pro Team balances the slot-switchers differently. Dec 6th, 2019

Nov 30th, 2019 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class Total Avg
1 ISR FireFlash  BE  222 27.8
2 HF Cubs  CZ  217 27.1
3 Out of the Blue  NL  184 23.0
Rank AA Class Total Avg
1 HF Flying Rebels  CZ  180 22.5
2 Realfly Fire  CH  178 22.3
3 MAD Team  PL  174 21.8
Rank A Class Total Avg
1 The Big Bang Team  IT  201 25.1
2 Go Figure  NL  178 22.3
3 Huayra  BE  157 19.6
Rank Rookie Total Avg
1 Personal Space Invaders  NL  126 15.8
2 Adventa  BE  117 14.6
3 Airsplash  BE  92 11.5

league title date venue
CATL World Tunn... Dec 17th, 2019 iFLY Sacramento
CATL World Tunn... Dec 27th, 2019 iFLY Ontario
ASL Meet 12 Dec 28th, 2019 Skydive Arizona

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Paranodon Bardarbunga
AAA Class
Aug 27th, 2019


Pete Allum
posted: Apr 2nd, 2002

How many of us wish, after landing from our first jump, that we had begun skydiving earlier in our lives.  Pete Allum is one of the fortunate few to begin skydiving at the age of 15.  He has been skydiving for 21 years. His parents, Michael and Inger, both keen skydivers in the UK introduced him to skydiving at the age of 9.  Like all good parents they taught him the most important things first, and he learned to pack his first parachute at age 10. (more)
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