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Indoor/Outdoor Cloud League 2017 - MayAAAAAARRRRRR
14+ SequencesK,22,N,5J,22,7K,N,19P,E,LM,K,NM,J
12+ SequencesK,21,N,5J,21,9K,N,6P,E,LM,K,NM,J
Did you know that Weembi videos feature Veloce QRF Elite and Weembi 8-way Girls?
posted: May 27th, 2017 There are still many interesting meet videos of earlier events that the Sun Path Products NSL News has not used yet. This time, the new video update goes back to the 8-way competition at the French Indoor... (more)
Florida's 4-way rookies are picking up the pace. May 26th, 2017
France, USA and Great Britain are the three powerhouses in 4-way Women. May 25th, 2017

May 27th, 2017 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class Total Avg
1 HF Flying Circus  CZ  103 10.3
2 Hvezdy  CZ  88 8.8
3 HF Skycentrum  CZ  66 6.6
Rank AA Class Total Avg
1 PIIA  US  NPSL 28 4.7
2 4-Locos  US  NPSL 25 4.2
Rank A Class Total Avg
1 3-Ring Circus  US  NPSL 34 5.7
2 French Toast Mafia  US  NPSL 25 4.2
3 Gripping Donuts  US  NPSL 20 3.3
Rank Rookie Total Avg
0 Prestige  US  NPSL 0 0.0

league title date venue
FSL Indoor Clo... Jun 1st, 2017 iFLY Tampa
MWSL MWSL Meet ... Jun 3rd, 2017 Skydive Chicago
UKSL Meet ... Jun 10th, 2017 United Kingdom
FSL Meet 2 Jun 10th, 2017 Florida DZs
CASL CASL Meet ... Jun 17th, 2017 Skydive Paraclete

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Look for the linked scores through-out the site to play videos.
SDC Core
AAA Class
Sep 12th, 2016


Robert Chromy
posted: Apr 1st, 2004

Few people know "Chromy" by his first name, and even fewer know that he was actually born in the old Czechoslovakia in 1965. Many skydivers who meet him on his many travels around the world are impressed when he mostly likely communicates in the language of the country that he is visiting or the people he meets. Chromy is also mostly known as a professional and passionate full time coach and only a casual competitor on the side. Fact is though that he has a very intense competition career behind... (more)
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