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Indoor Cloud League 2017 - AprilAAAAAARRRRRR
14+ SequencesL,19,D,3L,19,18L,D,8H,J,NM,L,DM,L
12+ SequencesL,6,D,3L,6,14L,D,7H,J,NM,L,DM,L
Competition draw for Saturday 29th of April 2017.
Apr 29th, 2017

Class 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10   PDF
AAA 6,E,B,N Q,G,1,7 15,J,F,19 L,P,H,13 O,14,K,21 20,5,22 D,8,2 10,16,11 A,17,4 18,C,12   Rnd 1-11
AA 6,E,B Q,G,1 15,J,F L,P,H,13 O,14,K 20,22 D,8,2 11,N,7 A,4,19 18,C,21  
A 6,E Q,G,7 J,F,19 L,P,H O,K,21 E,B,M D,8 N,2 A,4 C,21  
RRR E,M,N Q,G,C J,F,B L,P,H O,K,E A,B,D M,Q,J N,G,F A,L,H C,P,O   Rnd 1-11
Did you know that 4-way junior teams are a strong part of the Czech indoor 4-way community?
posted: Apr 27th, 2017 Four of the Czech 4-way teams did not only go back into World Tunnel League action three days after coming back from the World Challenge 2017, as the Sun Path Products NSL News reported on 15 April 2017. The... (more)
Paraclete XP is building an Indoor Cloud League powerhouse from within. Apr 26th, 2017
The Canadian Air Devils had bad injury luck at iFLY Virginia. Apr 25th, 2017
Arizona Airspeed is officially the U.S. national indoor team. Apr 24th, 2017

Apr 22nd, 2017 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class Total Avg
1 Arizona Airspeed  US  318 31.8
2 R2G  US  244 24.4
3 X-Defy  US  183 18.3
Rank AA Class Total Avg
1 Air Devils  CA  217 21.7
2 VB Laminar  US  136 13.6

league title date venue
CASL CASL Meet ... May 6th, 2017 Triangle Skydiving
NCSL NCSL 2017 ... May 6th, 2017 Parachute Center
FSL Meet 1 May 20th, 2017 Florida DZs
SCSL SCSL Meet ... May 20th, 2017 Skydive San Diego
MWSL MWSL Meet ... Jun 3rd, 2017 Skydive Chicago
FSL Meet 2 Jun 10th, 2017 Florida DZs
CASL CASL Meet ... Jun 17th, 2017 Skydive Paraclete
NWSL NWSL Meet ... Jun 17th, 2017 Snohomish
SSL SSL 2017 M... Jun 17th, 2017 Skydive Alabama

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Look for the linked scores through-out the site to play videos.
AAA Class
Sep 12th, 2016


Eliana Rodriguez
posted: Apr 1st, 2000

Eliana Rodriguez can brighten a room with just a smile. Young, intelligent and athletic, Rodriguez has become a shooting star in the world of skydiving competition since her first meet only three years ago. Rodriguez is a member of Synchronicity, the U.S. Women’s 4-way team that took the gold medal at the World Championship of Formation Skydiving in Spain this year. Now Rodriguez is hungry for more. (more)
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