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Indoor Cloud League - July 2021AAAAAARRRRRR
14+ SequencesJ,11,H,12A,7,11Q,N,21Q,N,AM,J,HM,J
12+ SequencesJ,13,H,16A,7,13Q,N,7Q,N,AM,J,HM,J
Did you know that Echochamber have a big decision to make at the end of August?
posted: Aug 1st, 2021 Sweden had another comeback in skydiving competition, even though it was as small as can be. Two teams showed up for the national championships in July, and the new Echochamber lineup had no problem with... (more)
NSL-TV features 4-way and 8-way videos from Norway. Jul 30th, 2021
CTR Optimum had two AAA lineups at the July competition. Jul 29th, 2021
The Norwegian FS 2022 4-way project is showing serious results. Jul 28th, 2021

Aug 1st, 2021 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class Total Avg
1 Klatovy Flying Circus  CZ  110 11.0
2 Dream Team  CZ  102 10.2
3 Klatovy M Team  CZ  74 7.4
Rank Rookie Total Avg
1 Vajca v Hirsti  CZ  26 2.6

league title date venue
FAI Outdoo... Aug 10th, 2021 Skydive Tanay
FAI Outdoo... Aug 10th, 2021 Skydive Tanay
FAI Outdoo... Aug 10th, 2021 Skydive Tanay
FAI Outdoo... Aug 10th, 2021 Skydive Tanay
Danish Out... Aug 14th, 2021 Denmark
CASL Meet 3 Aug 14th, 2021 Skydive Carolina
SCSL Meet 2 Aug 14th, 2021 Skydive San Diego

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Mar 8th, 2021


Natasha Montgomery
posted: Nov 1st, 2006

A FAIRY-TALE STORY: FROM NOWHERE TO 4-WAY WORLD CHAMPION IN 4 YEARS Natasha Montgomery caught the NSL News attention for the first time in May 2004. That was 18 months after she had made her first skydive in November 2002. The NSL News story on May 26, 2004, covered the third meet of the Southwest Skydiving League 2004. Arizona Blade attended this competition, and Natasha Montgomery was in the team's line-up: NSL News: "The first SSL footage of the 2004 season also introduces new teams, including... (more)