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Indoor Cloud League - September 2021AAAAAARRRRRR
14+ SequencesF,4,G,17P,4,18J,C,4J,C,PM,F,GM,Q
12+ SequencesF,21,G,3P,21,6J,C,21J,C,PM,F,GM,Q

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News Article Did you know that the Monaco Parachute Team is back for outdoor training and competition?
posted: Sep 24th, 2021 It was in August 2015 when the Monaco Parachute Team attended their last outdoor competition. It was the French national championship, where the Monaco members have been competing since they started skydiving.... (more)
News Article It takes all attention and a full-hearted change of lifestyle to become a 4-way world champion. Sep 23rd, 2021

Sep 18th, 2021 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class Total Avg
1 The Jets  US  ASL 112 18.7
2 AZ Defiance  US  ASL 89 14.8
3 Kombucha Punch  US  ASL 66 11.0
Rank AA Class Total Avg
1 SDC Rhebellion XP  US  MWSL 72 12.0
2 Where's Gabby?  US  ASL 39 6.5
3 Stanley's Steamers  US  MWSL 22 3.7
Rank A Class Total Avg
1 CSC Constellation  US  MWSL 50 8.3
2 Just4Fun  US  ASL 9 3.0
3 We Thought This Was MFS  US  MWSL 10 1.7
Rank Rookie Total Avg
1 SDMW Test Subjects  US  MWSL 1 0.2

league title date venue
FITL Meet 1 Sep 30th, 2021 Fööni
PLTL Flyspot Li... Oct 1st, 2021 Flyspot
USPA Natio... Oct 25th, 2021 Skydive Arizona
USPA Natio... Oct 25th, 2021 Skydive Arizona
USPA Natio... Oct 25th, 2021 Skydive Arizona
USPA Natio... Oct 25th, 2021 Skydive Arizona

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Out of the Blue
AAA Class
Sep 3rd, 2021
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Profiles Featured Profile
Pete Allum
posted: Apr 2nd, 2002

How many of us wish, after landing from our first jump, that we had begun skydiving earlier in our lives.  Pete Allum is one of the fortunate few to begin skydiving at the age of 15.  He has been skydiving for 21 years. His parents, Michael and Inger, both keen skydivers in the UK introduced him to skydiving at the age of 9.  Like all good parents they taught him the most important things first, and he learned to pack his first parachute at age 10. (more)