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Indoor/Outdoor Cloud League 2017 - OctoberAAAAAARRRRRR
14+ SequencesQ,9,F,16Q,9,8Q,F,9J,E,OM,Q,FM,Q
12+ SequencesQ,7,F,16Q,7,21Q,F,7J,E,OM,Q,FM,Q

Registration for NSL Indoor and Outdoor Championships 2017
Previews of the FAI Indoor World Meet 2017
FAI Indoor World Meet 2017 - 4way Open

Who will win the 4-way Open Class gold medals?

NMP PCH HayaBusa
Weembi High Rollers
Arizona Airspeed
Did you know that only two teams scored higher than 14.0 since 2002?
posted: Oct 18th, 2017 The value of the 14.0 winning average that Vega XP posted at the USPA Nationals 2017 becomes more obvious after taking a closer look at the results in this category since it was introduced at USPA Nationals.... (more)
Vega XP won the USPA Intermediate Class gold medals with a consistent and clean performance. Oct 17th, 2017
The NSL Championship 2017 will generate the best all-round 4-way team. Oct 16th, 2017
Each 4-way Junior team could be in medal contention in Montreal. Oct 15th, 2017

Oct 1st, 2017 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class Total Avg
1 Blue Steel  US  FTL 163 16.3
2 Team Kaputt  US  FTL 148 14.8
Rank AA Class Total Avg
1 SCZ FutheranZe XP 2.1  US  FTL 119 11.9
2 Z-Hills Tunnel L/D  US  FTL 101 10.1
2 SCZ ZEUS  US  FTL 101 10.1

league title date venue
FAI Indoor... Oct 20th, 2017 SkyVenture Montreal
FAI Indoor... Oct 20th, 2017 SkyVenture Montreal
FAI Indoor... Oct 20th, 2017 SkyVenture Montreal
FAI Indoor... Oct 20th, 2017 SkyVenture Montreal
NCSL 2017 ... Oct 21st, 2017 SkyDance SkyDiving
NCSL NCSL 2017 ... Oct 21st, 2017 Parachute Center
FSL FSL Tunnel... Oct 26th, 2017 iFLY Orlando

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Look for the linked scores through-out the site to play videos.
AAA Class
Sep 12th, 2016


Marin Ferre
posted: Apr 5th, 2015

The name Marin Ferre has been around in SKYLEAGUE.COM news stories ever since the website went on-line. In fact, Marin Ferre was a Formation Skydiving competitor long before the National Skydiving League was founded. He was coming to the end of his career as a member of the French national teams when the NSL website was created in its current format. The SKYLEAGUE.COM audience knows him mainly as one of the French national coaches, even though several news stories included content of his active... (more)
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