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Performance Designs
Indoor Cloud League - September 2023AAAAAARRRRRR
14+ SequencesF,1,K,5C,1,4D,B,19D,B,CM,F,KM,H
12+ SequencesF,15,K,3C,15,21D,B,21D,B,CM,F,KM,H

16-way Competition on Thursday at the USPA Nationals 2023
News Article Did you know that Apex make plans for the next outdoor world championship?
posted: Sep 21st, 2023 Teams and competitors at the USPA Nationals 2023 have turned to the 16-way event, where the combination of Arizona Airspeed, GKXP8 and XPG4, with two outsiders (Steve Lefkowitz, Doug Barron), dominate... (more)
News Article XPG4 is the first 4-way Women team in 2nd place at USPA Nationals. Sep 20th, 2023
News Article Arizona Airspeed gave away the first outdoor round since October 2021. Sep 19th, 2023
News Article NFTO were back on the podium at the national outdoor championship. Sep 17th, 2023

Sep 18th, 2023 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class Total Avg
1 Arizona Airspeed  US  268 26.8
2 XPG4  US  225 22.5
3 SDC Rhythm XP  US  217 21.7
Rank AA Class Total Avg
1 Air Raid XP  US  125 12.5
2 Spaceland Toxic  US  114 11.4
3 Mile-Hi SpeedRun  US  95 9.5
Rank A Class Total Avg
1 CitiZens  US  103 10.3
2 XP Falcons  US  99 9.9
3 Funderbirds  US  89 8.9

league title date venue
ESL Champi... Sep 22nd, 2023 FSZ Saar
Weembinami... Nov 17th, 2023 Weembi
Weembinami... Nov 17th, 2023 Weembi

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Jun 17th, 2023
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Alan Metni
posted: Apr 1st, 2001

Some of the most interesting stories come from ordinary beginnings. For Alan Metni, reading a newspaper advertisement had a profound and lasting effect on the rest of his life. A young man on his way to becoming an attorney would follow a different path and become a world-class skydiver within 10 years. In 1991, Metni read an advertisement for Skydive San Marcos and decided to try a tandem skydive. A lifelong love of skydiving was born on that first jump. Metni had no way of knowing that within... (more)