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Sun Path Products NSL News

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Did you know that Savolo is on the way to a Top 10 spot at the Mondial 2016?
posted: May 1st, 2016 Savolo defended the South African national 4-way championship title successfully last week and will represent the country at the Mondial 2016 later this year. It will be the second World Championship of Formation Skydiving for Savolo, who took Voodoo's spot for South Africa after the Mondial Dubai 2012. Savolo is carefully preparing for the next attempt of challenging the Top 10 teams at a world championship and at least making the first cut. Arizona Airspeed's Thomas Hughes has been coaching the South African team, and the national championships last week were the third competition for Savolo... (more)

Did you know that iFLY Orlando has grabbed the Indoor Cloud League top spot for April?
posted: Apr 29th, 2016 The running Indoor Cloud League competition for the month of April has turned into one of the closest races in the short history of the young league. The Hurricane Factory just took back the top of the leaderboard with the scores that were posted yesterday, and iFLY Seattle took the 3rd place away from iFLY Orlando a day later. It was only a 3-point difference that separated iFLY Houston from the top spot after the scores from the Czech Republic changed the rankings on the leaderboard. Then iFLY Orlando's ICL team was back in the 12-foot chamber last night and added 40 points to the April... (more)

Did you know that three Czech teams completed three 10-round meets in April?
posted: Apr 29th, 2016 The Czech 4-way teams have a busier meet schedule than teams in most other countries. However, April was an extremely busy month where most of the Czech teams attended two meets and participated in the Indoor Cloud League activities on top of that. Three teams even competed at three 10-round events this month and added several scores to the ICL April account of the Hurricane Factory. Bad Boys, HF Junior Cubs and HF Junior Flies started the extraordinary meet month at the World Challenge 2016 in Bedford. Then they attended the last indoor winter meet of Sportflight's European Tunnel League... (more)

Did you know that girls stormed to scrambles crown at Inflight Dubai?
posted: Apr 27th, 2016 Competing for the first time as a team, the all-girl foursome of Shavon Simpson, Kim Myers, Kristen Johnson and Nada Almarr powered to the top in the 4-way Formation Intermediate Category at the second 2016 SandStorm Scrambles event at Inflight Dubai. The foursome – the only all-girl group in the 16-team competition open to both Intermediate and Rookie skydivers – produced a stunning final jump to snatch the title after a closely-fought battle saw the four-round competition go to the wire. Combined together by the event judges in order to represent a spread of ability, the girls adopted... (more)

Did you know that the AA Class battle for medals at the World Challenge was the tightest one?
posted: Apr 26th, 2016 The tightest battle for the medal positions at the World Challenge 2016 took place in the AA Class, and once again, lineups of all genders and ages were involved in it. The four teams in serious contention for the three top spots were separated by 13 points, which was significantly closer compared to the other four categories (AAA Open - AAA Women - A - Rookie). The same four AA Class teams also represented four of the 13 different nations on the AA Class leaderboard. The winner, Equinox from Lithuania, has a mixed-gender lineup and claimed or tied seven highscores in the 10-round meet. The... (more)

Did you know that Sven Ibens has plenty of time for more 4-way and 8-way fun?
posted: Apr 25th, 2016 The Sun Path Products NSL News features a new NSL Profile, and it's not one of the several current or former 4-way and 8-way world champions who is being introduced to the SKYLEAGUE.COM audience "Up Close & Personal". However, Sven Ibens would probably be a 4-way world champion by now had he continued with Roy Janssen, David and Andy Grauwels and the HayaBusa project. He decided in 2006 to give priority to his job and family and continued as a recreational 4-way competitor. His career story includes the funniest moment, which happened for him at the World Cup 2012. The same event was also... (more)

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