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Did you know that World Challenge training is in full swing at Twinwoods Adventure?
posted: Apr 3rd, 2019 The temporary transition of the NSL News to Twinwoods Adventure in Bedford has been completed, and the preparations for the World Challenge 2019 are in full swing. The field of AAA Class teams has now grown to the same number as last year, and some of the top contenders used Wednesday for intensive training. In fact, five of the six teams in the top spots of the NSL Power Rankings were busy with indoor training on Wednesday. Arizona Airspeed had the earliest training sessions of the top teams and was done when the NSL News arrived. However, team captain Niklas Hemlin staid for some additional... (more)
Did you know that the ranking standards will be higher than ever at Weembi Lille?
posted: Apr 3rd, 2019 With nine teams attending first the World Challenge and then the FAI Indoor World Meet, it is also about time to take a closer look at the NSL Power Rankings related to the second high-profile competition within two weeks. NMP PCH HayaBusa and Arizona Airspeed will battle with Weembi High Rollers for the three FAI medal positions at Weembi Lille. High Roller Julien Degen will have his own closer look at the two opponents while he is in Bedford with the Weembi Unicorns, together with Clementine Le Bohec, who will also compete for France in 4-way Women at the indoor world meet. Qatar Tigers,... (more)
Did you know that former eX3MO and new Amnesya member Ivan Quadrio works with Oman Wolf?
posted: Apr 2nd, 2019 It's the week of the World Challenge, and the NSL News will soon report live and directly from Bedford. Despite the challenging timing for the national teams who will also compete at the FAI Indoor World Meet a week later, most of the best 4-way teams in the world still travel to Bedford, including the reigning indoor and outdoor world champions from Belgium, NMP PCH HayaBusa. The NSL News was showing the list of teams at both events with the first NSL Power Rankings for the 2019 event (NMP PCH HayaBusa, Arizona Airspeed, Qatar Tigers, Airheads, NFTO, Aladeen). The number of AAA Class teams... (more)
Did you know that Airfource and Skynamite compete for Germany at Weembi Lille?
posted: Mar 31st, 2019 The German Indoor Nationals ended without any surprises, and Airfource lifted the team's average from 25.6 at the Belgian Indoor Nationals 2018 to 27.2 after Round 10 in Munich on Saturday. Airfource will compete for Germany at the upcoming FAI Indoor World Meet, even though the new team did not compete at last year's national indoor championships, which was the official qualification event. The 2018 indoor winner, Airbus FSZ Saar, is not interested much in indoor training and competition and was even training in DeLand, while this year's national indoor championships took place at the Jochen... (more)
Did you know that Airbus train in DeLand during the German National Indoor Championships?
posted: Mar 29th, 2019 The most recent scores are coming from Germany, where this year's national indoor championships are hosted by the Jochen Schweizer Arena in Munich. As expected, the new indoor team Airfource has the lead after six completed rounds. The NSL News had introduced Airfource on January 30th and followed up with NSL Live Talk on March 9th when two team members visited the Florida Skydiving Center in Lake Wales for a spring training camp with the German military. Germany's top favorite in outdoor competition this year, Oceanside AtomiX/Skydive-Hildesheim (AtomiX), is scoring significantly higher... (more)
Did you know that new Czech 4-way junior teams have joined the Indoor Cloud League?
posted: Mar 29th, 2019 The Czech teams were the first ones this month to post Indoor Cloud League scores for March. The three technical sequences were different again between the 12+ and 14+ flying chambers, after an identical month of February with all ICL teams on the same leaderboard. The NSL News pointed out earlier that the best 4-way Junior teams in the world are already training and competing with the AAA Class dive pool and rules, while they still perform AA sequences in the 4-way Junior events at FAI/IPC events. The Czech HF Cubs are one of the teams who have been doing this for a while. The best 4-way... (more)
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