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NSL News

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Did you know that Pamela Lissajoux is the only French FS competitor at Weembi with double duties?
posted: Apr 16th, 2019 Weembi Lille, host of the upcoming FAI Indoor World Meet, is getting busier day by day. It has become very difficult for teams and participants to get flying time for training. In fact, the week leading into the competition was completely booked out a long time ago. The registered teams and competitors for the official world meet disciplines also have priority this week, which brought the 8-way teams to the end of the waiting and booking line. Only the Qatar Falcons arrived early enough last week for 8-way training at Weembi Lille. However, teams become creative when they have to get themselves... (more)
Did you know that exciting competition is guaranteed at Weembi Lille?
posted: Apr 14th, 2019 Four of the Top 6 teams at the World Challenge will be back in action at the FAI Indoor World Meet, as the NSL News mentioned earlier: NMP PCH HayaBusa (Belgium), Arizona Airspeed (United States), Qatar Tigers (Qatar), Airheads. IFS Moscow, who finished in 3rd place and with a new team record average in Bedford, will not compete for Russia. Black Cat won the national indoor championships and is the Russian national team in 4-way Open. However, IFS Moscow's point Alena Chistova is going to compete again at Weembi Lille, this time in 4-way Women with Bubble Trouble. The Russian delegation had... (more)
Did you know that the 4-way juniors have boosted their confidence in different ways?
posted: Apr 13th, 2019 The World Challenge was also the final test before the FAI Indoor World Meet 2019 for Skydive Recruitz, the British team that will compete in 4-way Junior at Weembi Lille next week. The British 4-way juniors posted their scores one more time on the A Class leaderboard in Bedford, even though they will have to apply the AA Class dive pool for the FAI competition. The ten A Class rounds at the World Challenge included only eight of the 16 blocks, which will be drawn from for the 8-round competition at Weembi Lille. However, it was probably still a confidence booster for the Recruitz, as they... (more)
Did you know that NFTO is getting ready to challenge France at Weembi Lille?
posted: Apr 12th, 2019 Training for the FAI Indoor World Meet has continued and intensified at Weembi Lille since the NSL News arrival at the competition site on Tuesday. Yesterday's update from France covered the battle between Chimera and ACM Weembi for the British national indoor title in 4-way Open at the World Challenge. The story pointed out that NFTO, British national team in 4-way Women, outscored both British 4-way Open Class teams and was in good form a week before Round 1 of the world meet. The early arrival of the British team at Weembi Lille offered the opportunity for an even closer look at NFTO in... (more)
Did you know that NFTO and ACM Weembi soon have a re-match at Weembi Lille?
posted: Apr 11th, 2019 The NSL News mentioned several times that the World Challenge is now officially the British Indoor Nationals at the same time. The story on April 6th introduced the two national champions of 2019, NFTO in 4-way Women and Chimera in 4-way Open. NFTO was actually once again the highest-scoring British 4-way team in Bedford. The 4-way Women team had outscored all other British 4-way teams at the UK Nationals 2018 and then finished with a higher meet average than the British 4-way Open Class team, Satori XL, at the FAI World Meet 2018, where all teams in 4-way Open and 4-way Women performed the... (more)
Did you know that teams from Finland are engaged in national and international battles?
posted: Apr 10th, 2019 The aftermath of the World Challenge will still continue for a while, even though the next major event is right around the corner, the FAI Indoor World Meet. The NSL News has re-located to Weembi Lille, and the first previews will follow soon. Today's update goes even further back, while it is still related to both events. Two teams from Finland caught the attention not only of the NSL News in Bedford with their 2-point difference after a 10-round battle. Tempo was actually last year's AA Class winner at the World Challenge, and Blackjack had their own story with a 4-way comeback after a very... (more)
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