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Did you know that Nemphys Weembi, NFTO and Team X will meet again in April?
posted: Feb 5th, 2019 Four teams had their own leaderboard for FAI/IPC's 4-way Women event at the Wind Games 2019, and they also placed very close to each other in the combined AAA Class rankings. The NSL News introduced the winner of the separate event briefly on February 3rd, with Clementine Le Bohec in the lineup of the French female indoor B-Team. In fact, three of the reigning indoor and outdoor world champions in 4-way Women competed at the Wind Games, as Sophia Pecout and Christine Malnis joined forces once again with Julien Degen and Roy Janssen for the Weembi High Rollers. They will continue to be separated... (more)
Did you know that Weembi signature lineups have been challenging NMP PCH HayaBusa since November 2015?
posted: Feb 3rd, 2019 The indoor duel on the very top of the 4-way world between NMP PCH HayaBusa and Weembi Lille's signature lineups (Weembi High Rollers/Weembi Mix MF) began at the Clash of Champions in November 2015. 2010 world champions Julien Degen, Mathieu and Guillaume Bernier had joined forces with Belgian 2014 HayaBusa world champion Roy Janssen to from an indoor team and challenge the current indoor and outdoor world champions. Both teams have faced off ten times since the Clash of Champions, including last week's Wind Games in Spain. The Bernier brothers of the High Rollers are not training and competing... (more)
Did you know that the Czech 4-way juniors have a connection with NMP PCH HayaBusa?
posted: Feb 2nd, 2019 NMP PCH HayaBusa have set a new milestone in the history of 4-way competition and finished with a 35.4 average at the Wind Games. The NSL News will get back to this topic very soon. In the meantime, the 14+ leaderboard of the Indoor Cloud League begins to take shape for the month of January. The Hurricane Factory has submitted a new record number of team scores in their internal race for the six spots on the monthly leaderboard. 14 Czech teams tried to post the highest scoring numbers for their respective categories, and five teams made it onto the January leaderboard. Only one team won two... (more)
Did you know that NMP PCH HayaBusa is heading towards a new historic record average at the Wind Games?
posted: Feb 1st, 2019 Eight rounds have been completed at the Wind Games 2019, and NMP PCH HayaBusa is back with a very strong statement. The reigning indoor and outdoor world champions from Belgium get their re-match with the Weembi Mix lineup of the FAI Indoor World Cup 2018 in a much better situation. HayaBusa is obviously very well prepared this time, as the Belgians are heading towards a new historic indoor average above the 35+ level. The world's highest AAA Class meet average in history is the 34.9 that HayaBusa had posted at the World Challenge 2018. The same Weembi Mix lineup as in Bahrain in October... (more)
Did you know that several New Hampshire competitors qualify for the U.S. delegation at the FAI Word Cup 2019?
posted: Jan 31st, 2019 Most of the teams at the SkyVenture New Hampshire Indoor Championship get together only for this event and enjoy the casual atmosphere under competitive and well organized conditions, as Eliana Rodriguez and Michelle Karamon reported on Tuesday. The better trained teams with a longer scoring history and more competition experiences won three events (Ranch 2nd Generation - Snatch Force - CT True Blue), and only the Rookie Class winner (7’4”) visited SkyVenture New Hampshire for the first time. In fact, only one of the six teams in this category had a scoring history. Blood on the Glass... (more)
Did you know that more and new German 4-way competitors will battle for medals this year?
posted: Jan 30th, 2019 The NSL News covered events and the situation in Germany several times last year. The last update on 24 December 2018 was related to the Belgian Indoor Nationals 2018 where the new German 4-way team Airfource competed as a guest team. The world class performance of the new team lifted the level of excitement in Germany's 4-way community instantly, as the new team will put pressure on the two best teams of the past years, national team Airbus and AtomiX. Airfource took Germany's national indoor top position with the 25.6 average in Belgium and are now the top favorite for the national indoor... (more)
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