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NSL News

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News Article Did you know that Dallas Valkyrie will have a unique opportunity at Paraclete XP 2024?
posted: Mar 17th, 2023 It was in February 2022 when Dallas Dynasty competed last time at an indoor or outdoor competition. It was the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2022 where Michael Erickson, Caden Maydew, Aaron Perkins and Kyle Hermberg won the Advanced Class competition. The Texas team still continued to post scores for the Indoor Cloud League team at iFLY Dallas, four times between February and December 2022, sometimes with Lucas King and the outdoor lineup, sometimes with Kyle Hermberg and the indoor lineup. The individual team members have been participating at Indoor Cloud League events for several years... (more)
News Article Did you know that France, NFTO and XPG4 will have a 4-way Women re-match of 2019?
posted: Mar 16th, 2023 The recent NSL News coverage of the Shamrock Showdown and the German Indoor Nationals does not seem to have much in common. However, there was a connection that the updates of both events across the Atlantic Ocean mentioned briefly. French national coach Mathieu Bernier visited Skydive DeLand with his national team in 4-way Open, for a week of training and the outdoor competition at the end of it. His young team delivered an impressive performance in DeLand and moved up beyond Qatar Tigers and NMP PCH HayaBusa in the rankings. The significantly improved performance was not the only promising... (more)
News Article Did you know that almost four teams competed in 4-way Women at the German Indoor Nationals?
posted: Mar 15th, 2023 The German Indoor Nationals featured the two German national 4-way teams (Jochen Schweizer Arena Airfource - indoor, Airbus Oceanside Illertissen - outdoor) and the guest teams from Weembi and Great Britain, as the NSL News reported yesterday. There was also a very interesting duel right behind the same four teams who took the four top positions on the open leaderboard. Germany's third national team, Piteraq in 4-way Women indoor, had to fend off a challenge by their former rivals in the same category, Skynamite. Skynamite members Katharina Reiß, Sylvia Schlaphof and Yasmin Schütte replaced... (more)
News Article Did you know that Germany's national indoor championship featured very interesting guest teams?
posted: Mar 14th, 2023 Other 4-way events have been taking place while the NSL News focused primarily on the Shamrock Showdown 2023. There was a good reason to give attention to the outdoor event at Skydive DeLand in the middle of the indoor season, as it was a copy of the FAI Outdoor World Championship 2022, at least on the very top of the leaderboard. The Shamrock Showdown lived up to all expectations, while the final rankings were surely not a copy of the results in Eloy last year. The NSL News aftermath of the Shamrock Showdown will continue, while it is time to catch up with the other events. One of the most... (more)
News Article Did you know that NMP PCH HayaBusa evaluated Shamrock performance and PAC 750XL experiences?
posted: Mar 13th, 2023 Arizona Airspeed, NMP PCH HayaBusa and the French national team were not done after completing the ten rounds at the Shamrock Showdown 2023. The NSL News mentioned earlier that the three national teams were planning to use Skydive DeLand's PAC 750XL jump plane on Sunday for their first exit training for the next outdoor world championship in Israel 2024. All three teams were back to Skydive DeLand on Sunday morning to add as many training jumps as possible to their team logbooks from a lower altitude (6,000 feet). The latest NSL-TV Unfiltered video clip features the three teams with one of their... (more)
News Article Did you know that Airspeed's Mikhail Markine provided technical insights of 4-way data evaluation?
posted: Mar 12th, 2023 The six AAA Class teams completed their ten rounds on Saturday, and the scores after ten slow sequences speak for themselves. Arizona Airspeed's Mikhail Markine explained as briefly as possible the details of the assessment of a competition draw during NSL Live Talk with the winner after the completion of the event. One team member was still busy when the conversation for the NSL News took place. Chris Kuhlmann was helping out for Pour Decisions when Eliana Rodriguez had to step back. She is still recovering from a back injury and could complete only six rounds. Airspeed's inside center completed... (more)