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NSL News

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Did you know that Matt Davidson replaces Ari Perelman for Arizona Airspeed?
posted: Jun 13th, 2019 The recent breaking news from Belgium was related to the lineup change of NMP PCH HayaBusa. The story was posted on June 3rd, and it included the NSL Live Talk video with the team and new member Michele Silvi. It took only little over one week until HayaBusa's toughest opponent, Arizona Airspeed, now followed up with their own breaking news. It is a surprising change though, and it has a different background. HayaBusa's change is a part of a long-term plan, and the actual change is coming after the FAI World Meet 2020, where the current lineup with original team member David Grauwels first... (more)
Did you know that May was a special month for the Indoor Cloud League?
posted: Jun 12th, 2019 The Indoor Cloud League team of the Northern California Skydiving League completed the May leaderboard with six more scores and videos from iFLY SF Bay. Cali4nia Raptors and Cali4nia Kids performed the AAA and AA sequences for the ICL leaderboard at the World Tunnel League meet, where several other NCTL participants completed all ten May rounds, as well. The Indoor Cloud League event at iFLY SF Bay attracted the additional majority of Rookie Class competitors, who enjoyed the support of the experienced player-coaches in the Rookie Class lineups. The teams from Northern California did not... (more)
Did you know that Pajama Pumas win AAA Class weekend with new member Jodie-Leigh Foster?
posted: Jun 11th, 2019 The scores of the British 4-way teams have been added to last weekend's leaderboard. The AAA Class winner is Pajama Pumas, who placed themselves in front of the three German teams. The NSL News had introduced British 4-way team Pajama Pumas with the update on 19 September 2017. It was at the end of the team's AA Class season that they finished with a 2nd place at the UK Nationals. Pajama Pumas had started with a 0.2 average in the Rookie Class of 2016 and wrapped up the first team year with a 10.9 average and the 1st place in the A Class at the ESL Championship 2016. They moved up into the... (more)
Did you know that Arizona Skydiving League teams were strong on the A Class leaderboard?
posted: Jun 10th, 2019 The U.S. teams of the Arizona Skydiving League kept up much better with the German teams at the Paranodon Cup on the A Class leaderboard, after the four rounds that all teams completed. ASL team AZ Defiance had finished in 4th place behind three German AAA Class teams for the best placement. The AAA leaderboard had the combined rankings after five rounds. The wind conditions at Skydive Arizona did not allow additional rounds. Exit Practice was new on the Arizona Skydiving League leaderboard and tied the German team Connected 4 in 1st place. Both teams had a great start at their first meets. ASL... (more)
Did you know that three Trögele 4-way generations competed at the Paranodon Cup last weekend?
posted: Jun 10th, 2019 So far, last weekend's leaderboard features teams of the Arizona Skydiving League and from Germany. The annual Paranodon Cup attracted a total of 12 teams who completed ten rounds over the weekend. Only the A Class teams did not get to Round 10. The Qatar Tigers start a summer training camp at Paranodon today and missed the meet just by a few days. There would have been no serious competition for the world class 4-way team. However, the German teams have the top positions on the international leaderboard in all three categories at this point, which may still change after the scores of the British... (more)
Did you know that the FAI/IPC regulations for changes of representation are still the same?
posted: Jun 8th, 2019 The NSL News has covered the eligibility rules of the FAI (Federation Aeronautique Internationals) and its Parachuting Commission (IPC) several times in the past. It happened usually when a prominent Formation Skydiving competitor switched from one national team to another. The last topic was Roy Janssen's move from competing with NMP PCH HayaBusa for Belgium and then join the Weembi High Rollers to win FAI/IPC medals for France. The NSL News update on 12 February 2017 had provided more details of this situation. It is an interesting coincidence that Michele Silvi's latest move in a similar... (more)
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