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NSL News

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News Article Did you know that Chimera still have an open account with NFTO?
posted: Nov 23rd, 2022 The internal British duel for the country's top spot in 4-way competition between NFTO and Chimera has been going on since 2016. It was the World Challenge where both teams posted scores for the first time, on two different leaderboards. NFTO had a their first complete year behind them when Chimera launched their new team, with three of the current members (Sarah Ashworth, Laura Hampton, James Woods) in the first lineup of 2016. Current NFTO members Anna Hicks and Vana Parker were in NFTO's 2016 lineup. NFTO did not have much opposition in becoming instantly the strongest British 4-way Women... (more)
News Article Did you know that Airbus could become the top contender for the 5th place in 2024?
posted: Nov 21st, 2022 Germany has been one of the most consistent nations in 4-way and 8-way at FAI World Championships of Formation Skydiving since 1985, in 4-way even more so than in 8-way. The German national teams in 4-way Open missed only the FAI Tanay Mondial, where the participation was still compromised due to the corona virus crisis. Germany was finally rewarded for the consistency and continuity with the country's first FAI medals at a world championship, as the NSL News reported on November 9th. The competition in 4-way Open at world championships is naturally much stronger, with many more national teams... (more)
News Article Did you know that all five Indoor Cloud League September teams were back in October?
posted: Nov 20th, 2022 The NSL News reported on October 31st that the September leaderboard of the Indoor Cloud League featured all five currently participating teams with scores and videos for the same month. It was the first sign of recovery from the ongoing crises that have made indoor and outdoor training and competition very difficult. It was apparently not just a hay fire, as the same five Indoor Cloud League teams were back with scores and videos in October, as well. The previous update with the good news was related to Kyle Hermberg's ICL team at iFLY Dallas, and it happens once again that he also completes... (more)
News Article Did you know that it was a windy day for SDC Rhythm XP and NSL Live Talk in Sebastian?
posted: Nov 19th, 2022 The most recent NSL News update that covered Skydive Midwest NEXT's changes in the lineup for 2023 coincided with SDC Rhythm XP's first outdoor training with the new lineup at Skydive Sebastian. The NEXT update related much to the goals that both teams share: get closer to the world's 4-way top level, which is currently represented by Arizona Airspeed. Skydive Midwest NEXT are fully turning to indoor training in the winter, while SDC Rhythm XP keep switching back and forth between outdoor winter training in Sebastian and indoor training at Paraclete XP. The NSL News has made several field trips... (more)
News Article Did you know that Skydive Midwest NEXT and SDC Rhythm XP continue with new lineups?
posted: Nov 17th, 2022 The NSL News update that covered the November scores of the Indoor Cloud League Midwest team on November 5th included a brief mention that U.S. top team Skydive Midwest NEXT has changes in the lineup for the near future. NEXT members Lauren Byrd, Megan George and team videographer Elliot Byrd, who was also filming Paraclete XP8 to their two world championship titles in 2021 and 2022, stepped back after the USPA Nationals 2022. Greg Oldendick and Gorka Amian have invited Katie Healy and Brian Nasset to join the new lineup, while the video slot is still open. Megan George was the team founder... (more)
News Article Did you know that NMP PCH HayaBusa's Michele Silvi follows Italian 4-way progression carefully?
posted: Nov 16th, 2022 The recent NSL News updates of the Flyspot Open 2022 connected mostly the home teams from Poland with the visiting teams from the Czech Republic. There is still additional information related to the same topics that will be covered later, as well. However, the NSL News makes a short geographical turn to other teams on the AAA Class leaderboard, which may not have been expected at Flyspot Katowice in Poland. The Czech teams from the eastern part of the country don't have to drive much to visit the Flyspot windtunnel in Katowice, while the road trip from the Prague area in the Czech Republic is... (more)