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NSL News

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News Article Did you know that Paraclete XP's Indoor Cloud League team had new record participation in October?
posted: Nov 8th, 2022 Paraclete XP's Indoor Cloud League event in June generated the largest participation so far. Eight different lineups had competed for the six highest scores for the June sequences. However, two of the eight lineups were teams in training for the USPA Nationals at that time, XPG4 and Air Raid XP. The four XPG4 player-coaches (Jeana Billings, Michelle Karamon, Brenn Richards, Anna Brunner) then joined forces with the other 18 participants for the additional six lineups. The most recent Indoor Cloud League event at Paraclete XP exceeded the previous record participation in June. This time, only... (more)
News Article Did you know that the combined Top 10 leaderboard is most colorful?
posted: Nov 7th, 2022 The highlighted part of the 4-way Open Class leaderboard at the FAI Outdoor World Meet 2022 and the highscores for the rounds are showing clearly how competitive is was for the top spot behind the FAI medal contenders. The NSL Power Rankings in the most recent previews before Round 1 of the competition were expecting exactly the same four teams in the race for the 5th place who ended up battling for the highest Top 10 position behind the best full-time teams in the world, Chimera (Great Britain), Echochamber (Sweden), Papea (Spain), Airbus (Germany). The German national team in 4-way Open... (more)
News Article Did you know that the ICL Midwest team had an interesting lineup in October?
posted: Nov 5th, 2022 Things are in motion in the Midwest Skydiving League region. SDC Rhythm XP members Keith Conner and Chris Webb recently announced the MWSL 2023 schedule, which will once again include 4-way meets at the three major 4-way locations in the Midwest. Skydive Midwest is one of the MWSL hosts, and SDMW NEXT has been one of the rising 4-way team projects in the United States. NEXT team members also launched the ICL Midwest team for the Indoor Cloud League and have become one of the strong players generating new 4-way participants regularly. Lauren Byrd has been managing and player-coaching the Indoor... (more)
News Article Did you know that MicroClim8 ran an obstacle course in 2022?
posted: Nov 4th, 2022 The 8-way previews of the FAI Outdoor World Meet 2022 indicated clearly that the gold and silver medals would be set in stone before the competition even began. There was neither serious opposition expected for Paraclete XP8 nor for Qatar Falcons in their top spots of the 8-way leaderboard. XP8 eventually finished 41 points ahead of Falcons, who themselves created a 31-point distance to the team in 3rd place. However, the NSL Power Rankings expected a battle for the bronze medals in 8-way between Great Britain (MicroClim8), Germany (Airbus) and France (Mojo). It turned out to be a competition... (more)
News Article Did you know that HF Flying Circus connect Czech 4-way history, presence and future?
posted: Nov 3rd, 2022 The NSL News mentioned with the last Indoor Cloud League update from the Czech Republic on October 7th that the country's national team in 4-way Open, HF Flying Circus, was still helping out Jan Klapka's ICL team at the Hurricane Factory with the September scores for the two Open Class sequences (AAA/AA) before traveling to Skydive Arizona and the FAI Outdoor World Meet 2022. It would be the first outdoor world meet for HF Flying Circus, and the team's participation in Eloy was also resuming the Czech Republic's outdoor presence at FAI World Championships of Formation Skydiving. The Czech Republic... (more)
News Article Did you know that the majorities of the lineups have changed in the past years?
posted: Nov 2nd, 2022 The combined leaderboard of the two 4-way categories that use the same competition draw and the same dive pool, 4-way Open and 4-way Women, did not change much since the NSL News featured it last time, after Round 8, and before the two fast sequences of Rounds 9 and 10. There was the change in the medal positions between France and Qatar that happened in Round 9, as the NSL News reported earlier, while this interesting finish does not relate to the topics of the combined leaderboard. The same ten teams finished in the Top 10, including NFTO, Nephtys and XPG4. The French national team in 4-way... (more)