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NSL News

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Did you know that Arizona Airspeed and SDC Rhythm XP both posted indoor team record averages?
posted: Feb 1st, 2020 NMP PCH HayaBusa continued to take the strong Airspeed statement on the first day of the Wind Games seriously enough and added eight more points to the 8-point difference after Round 8. Especially the breath-taking Round 10 performance alone left everybody else in the dust. It became the final HayaBusa statement as a response to the early Airspeed charge. The draw offered HayaBusa the opportunity to finish the meet with this statement. It is no news that the Belgians love the fast sequences, and they took once again full advantage of their special and highly valuable team skill. They won their... (more)
Did you know that Friday was moving day at the Wind Games?
posted: Jan 31st, 2020 Three more rounds were completed on Friday at the Wind Games. The remaining two rounds are scheduled for Saturday. None of the 21 teams, including the three in 4-way Women, were able to maintain the scoring average of the first five rounds, due to the slower sequences on the second day. It is still very impressive that six of the teams mastered the two 3-block sequences in Round 2 (1,13,4) and Round 8 (10,16,22) with 20+ scores. NMP PCH HayaBusa once again benefited from the surprising and unexpected pressure that Arizona Airspeed put on the indoor and outdoor world champions throughout the... (more)
Did you know that the U.S. teams have a very strong presence at the Wind Games?
posted: Jan 30th, 2020 The Wind Games 2020 were at half-time after five rounds on Thursday, and the scores are promising an exciting second half and a very interesting competition season this year. As expected, NMP PCH HayaBusa is on the top of the leaderboard, once again on a 35+ average level. However, both U.S. teams are much closer than expected at this point in time. In fact, Arizona Airspeed won three of the first five rounds, and the world champions from Belgium recorded only two highscores. The lead is still five points, which they created in just these two rounds. It is a very strong message that is coming... (more)
Did you know that the HF Cubs have caught up with the top by the 2019 numbers?
posted: Jan 28th, 2020 The NSL News update on January 20th provided an overview of the indoor events at the Hurricane Factory in January, and the HF Cubs were once again in the spotlight. The turn of the year was a little roller-coaster for the still reigning 4-way Junior world champions from the Czech Republic, who have now been competing in the AAA Class. The lineup was different at each of the team's last three meets. It was in November last year when Sabina Cioleková, Karolina Henkova, Viktorie Nováková and Adela Vesela competed together the previous time. Fortunately, alternate and new HF Chicks member... (more)
Did you know that NSL-TV features Team X and Just4Fun at the WTL competition in Helsinki?
posted: Jan 27th, 2020 The NSL News follows up on the World Tunnel League January competition at the Fööni wind tunnel in Helsinki, Finland, with some of the competition videos, which feature Team X from Sweden and home team Just4Fun. Both teams were battling for the 1st place in Helsinki and for the 2nd place behind Flying Circus on the WTL January leaderboard. The meet videos and the leaderboard are both showing how the Swedish travel agenda had an impact on the performance, as coach Joey Jones had explained in yesterday's update. Team X were tied with Just4Fun until Round 5, and both Scandinavian teams were... (more)
Did you know that Team X traveled from Stockholm to Helsinki for ten 4-way rounds on Saturday?
posted: Jan 26th, 2020 Teams from Finland added their scores to the January leaderboard of the World Tunnel League this weekend. None of the teams could get anywhere close to HF Flying Circus with their new team record average. However, especially the AAA Class leaderboard has become much more colorful. Team X traveled from Sweden to Helsinki, Finland's capital city, to attend the indoor competition at the Fööni wind tunnel. The Swedish national team in 4-way Women turned the January leaderboard into a 3-nation competition, and the U.S. teams still have to be added. Team X had won two sets of FAI bronze medals... (more)
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