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NSL News

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Did you know that Eliana Rodriguez and Michelle Karamon enjoyed their visit at SkyVenture New Hampshire?
posted: Jan 29th, 2019 The NSL News mentioned earlier that Ben Liston, organizer of the SkyVenture New Hampshire Indoor Championship, had invited Eliana Rodriguez to this year's event. She provided free coaching and advice for all teams last Saturday. She met Michelle Karamon at SkyVenture New Hampshire who competed there with AAA Class winner Ranch 2nd Generation and also player-coached Squid Squad 2nd Generation in the AA Class. Together, Eliana Rodriguez and Michelle Karamon have resumed the 4-way activities of the Arizona Skydiving League (ASL), as the NSL News reported on 20 December 2018. The first ASL meet... (more)
Did you know that Ranch 2nd Generation launched the 2019 season with a new team record average?
posted: Jan 28th, 2019 Last weekend featured the annual SkyVenture New Hampshire Indoor Championship. Host Ben Liston, original member of Mass Defiance, has grown his event to one of the biggest 4-way competitions in the world, and he missed his set maximum capacity (42) only by one team this year. In fact, only the Word Challenge in Bedford, Great Beritain, attracts more teams to an indoor 4-way competition. This year's event also featured the new lineup of the U.S. shooting star in 4-way competition, Ranch 2nd Generation (R2G). The defending champions had one personnel change after the USPA Nationals 2018, as the... (more)
Did you know that new French national team member Alban Rumolo is 18 years of age?
posted: Jan 25th, 2019 The NSL News covered the French Formation Skydiving competition plans for the next two years on January 21st and followed up with a profile of the new 4-way Women lineup. The first story, which explained national coach Mathieu Bernier's priority on 8-way competition, introduced the lineup of the new 8-way team, which consists of the two national 4-way lineups. The new 4-way Women team is the first half with one change in the lineup. The French 4-way Open Class team has two new members, Alban Rumolo and Aurélien Lemaire. Besides competing for France in their respective categories, the previous... (more)
Did you know that HF Flying Circus have united indoor and outdoor titles in the Czech Republic?
posted: Jan 24th, 2019 The ten January rounds of the World Tunnel League at the Hurricane Factory were like a warmup opportunity for the Czech teams before they would meet again just a few days later at the same place for the Czech Open Indoor Nationals 2019. Five of the seven Czech AAA Class teams and the Skydive University team from Slovakia came back and placed exactly in the same order. They were joined by guest team KA from Hungary who finished right in the middle of the AAA Class field. Three teams from Poland and one Belgian team also joined the Czech teams on the two other leaderboards (AA - A). HF Flying... (more)
Did you know that the new French 4-way Women lineup is the same as at the Wind Games 2018?
posted: Jan 23rd, 2019 The introduction of the new French national outdoor teams continues with the lineup in 4-way Women. It is the first time in French Formation Skydiving history that female competitors are assigned to the national teams in 4-way and 8-way at the same time. National coach Mathieu Bernier trusts the complete 4-way Women lineup with double duties to bring home two sets of medals, gold in 4-way Women and possibly in 8-way, as well. Mathieu Bernier is the only Formation Skydiving competitor in history so far who won two gold medals at the same world meet, one in 4-way Open and the other one in 8-way... (more)
Did you know that France is also back with a new 8-way outdoor lineup?
posted: Jan 21st, 2019 It did not take too long until French national coach Mathieu Bernier followed up on the 8-way indoor lineup for the FAI Indoor World Meet 2019 with his outdoor delegation for the next two years. France will have an 8-way team again, which will go after FAI medals in Tanay 2020, and it is a very strong and talented lineup. In fact, the new 8-way team is the foundation for the whole French Formation Skydiving delegation in 4-way Open, 4-way Women and 8-way. It is almost the opposite direction compared to the last two years, when France did not give 8-way competition the same value as in the... (more)
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