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NSL News

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News Article Did you know that the Golden Knights are on track back to the top of 4-way leaderboards?
posted: Feb 6th, 2024 The NSL News visited the Golden Knights 4-way team during the winter training at Skydive City, and the update on January 28th included NSL Live Talk with the complete lineup and coach Niklas Hemlin. The conversation included the introduction of new team videographer Skyler Romberg. He has replaced Andy Sippl, who was filming the team throughout the 2023 season and has moved to different assignments for the U.S. Army. Skyler Romberg was filming the team for the first time at Skydive City and provided impressive video footage from the beginning. The Golden Knights followed up on the NSL Live... (more)
News Article Did you know that Das Nächste Fenster features two families from Slovakia?
posted: Feb 5th, 2024 The aftermath of the Czech Indoor Open 2024 included attention to 4-way teams from Slovakia on January 28th who have participated regularly at meets of the Czech Tunnel League. Two Slovakian teams (Das Nächste Fensterand Quattro Formaggi) competed at the Czech national indoor championship, as the NSL News pointed out. The Skydive University Slovakia 4-way team was the first one to take advantage of the regular competition opportunities that Jan Klapka was offering after launching the Czech part of the World Tunnel League and joining the Indoor Cloud League a few years later. His ICL team had... (more)
News Article Did you know that there will be a German 8-way team at the FAI World Championship 2024?
posted: Feb 3rd, 2024 The competition for the potentially open 8-way bronze medal position at the 26th FAI World Formation Skydiving Championships 2024 in North Carolina has already begun, even long before the team registration for the event will be completed. The NSL News reported on 6 December 2023 that the 8-way situation in Germany was still in motion. The Airbus 8-way team, in 2nd place behind Operation Adler at the end of the German national outdoor championship 2023, had resumed with indoor training at that time, with a plan for roughly 12 hours of tunnel time and 200 - 250 training jumps in 2024, while Operation... (more)
News Article Did you know that January is a strong month for the Czech Indoor Cloud League team?
posted: Feb 2nd, 2024 The ongoing exciting duel between the current Czech national champion in 4-way outdoor competition (Skywalkers Junior) and 4-way indoor competition (HF Chameleons) has been taking place consistently on two different stages, which are closely connected to each other. Both teams compete at the monthly 10-round meets of the Czech Tunnel League between November and April, and they also challenge each other every month of the year for the Czech highscores on the Indoor Cloud League leaderboard. They both usually perform the two Open Class sequences (AAA/AA) at the Hurricane Factory, even though the... (more)
News Article Did you know that NGL Live Talk features Chicken Bolts at SkyVenture New Hampshire?
posted: Feb 1st, 2024 The NSL News provided live coverage several times from SkyVenture New Hampshire when owners Laurie and Rob Greer, together with Ben Liston, invited 4-way teams to their annual 1-day Tunnel Fest. Live coverage from the competition site ended with the impact of the corona virus crisis and continued in a slightly different way when the event had its comeback in 2022 and 2023. The slightly changed NSL News coverage from the competition site was not made available for the public in the beginning, as Ben Liston and his former Mass Defiance team mate Steve "Scuba" Feldman, alias NGL-TV Anchor Gurt... (more)
News Article Did you know that NSL Profiles now feature Julien Degen?
posted: Jan 30th, 2024 The name of Julien Degen has appeared very regularly in NSL News updates, at least since July 2005, when French national coach Jerome David mentioned him during an interview. At that time, Julien Degen was already selected for the new 8-way lineup who would finally win the first world championship title for France. French 8-way teams had ended up 11 times behind the U.S. teams and Russia since 1985, and Jerome David was on a mission to change that. He selected a new and young 8-way lineup after the 3rd place on home turf in Gap 2003, with only Emmanuel Sarrazin returning, and including Julien... (more)