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Did you know that Paraclete XP came back with delayed Indoor Cloud League vengeance?
posted: Sep 1st, 2019 Paraclete XP's Indoor Cloud League team had a strong comeback in July after missing the June competition, as the NSL News reported on July 29th. However, the July scores and videos were still nothing compared to the August performance. The August team came back with vengeance, with energy maybe delayed by a month. Five different lineups posted one of the highest totals in the history of the Indoor Cloud League with 144 points. A few higher totals were only posted before the ICL Rules were changed to cupping the scores for R and RR sequences at 25 points. Paraclete XP's highest total for a... (more)
Did you know that Oceanside AtomiX brought a 4-way fairytale story to a happy ending?
posted: Aug 31st, 2019 The 4-way revolution in Germany has really happened, and it is a serious change. EADS/Airbus/FSZ Saar lineups have dominated 4-way competition in Germany since 2001 when the first EADS/Airbus lineup (Olaf Biedermann, Thomas Spielvogel, Göran Meyer, Jens Gönnemann, Rickster Powell on camera) replaced Daedalus as the national team in 4-way Open. The FSZ Saar lineup of 2007 finally replaced EADS/Airbus in 2007 and competed for Germany in 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014 before members of both teams eventually joined forces for the world meets in 2016 and 2018. Oceanside AtomiX competed at the national... (more)
Did you know that High Five finished off their first 10-round A Class meet in a special way?
posted: Aug 30th, 2019 The Czech Outdoor Nationals are part of the series of national championships in Europe, and they were completed at the same time as the Italian Nationals 2019. The German teams added a few more rounds, and Oceanside AtomiX increased the lead in 4-way Open. Skynamite is now on track to beat the 14.1 qualification average for Tanay 2020. At the same time, the Dutch teams have launched their national championship, and Out of the Blue had an impressive start. Jan Klapka in the Czech Republic had invited other European teams to visit his national championship in Most. However, the event schedule... (more)
Did you know that only Skynamite has serious work ahead at the German Outdoor Nationals 2019?
posted: Aug 29th, 2019 The German 4-way and 8-way teams are now in the middle of their national championship, and a change in the 4-way hierarchy seems to happen. AtomiX has been challenging different Airbus lineups for the top spot in 4-way Open for several years, and the 2019 championship is bringing the change, at least after Round 7. Airbus still have three more rounds to eliminate the 7-point deficit, and chances are little that this could happen. AtomiX has been training and competing with the same lineup since 2017, and the consistency, together with strong support from the Oceanside skydiving center in... (more)
Did you know that 4-way Women teams are currently the strongest 4-way Open teams in France and Great Britain?
posted: Aug 28th, 2019 The UK Nationals are over, and the first 2019 outdoor scores of the old and new 4-way champion are posted. NFTO defended the 2018 title successfully, and they are the strongest British 4-way team. Fact is also that the 19.3 average is below the performance level that the British national team in 4-way Women was presenting last year. NFTO posted 20+ averages at three consecutive outdoor events in July, August and October. The 20.2 average at the FAI World Meet 2018 eventually won the silver medals in Australia. The 1st place at the national championship was important and meaningful for the... (more)
Did you know that KetchUP ADV posted their first outdoor scores in Italy?
posted: Aug 28th, 2019 The busy European summer season continues with several national championships taking place at this time of the year. The Czech Outdoor Nationals were completed in two days, and HF Flying Circus defended the 4-way title successfully, while the German 4-way teams completed their first three rounds in Kassel, with AtomiX in the lead over Airbus. The 8-way teams are in the air in Germany now, with two guest teams on the leaderboard: Qatar Falcons and Veloce QRF. The Qatar Falcons posted a new team and national record number for a single sequence (B,4,1) with the 24-pointer in Round 2, despite a... (more)
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