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NSL News

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Did you know that Al Altendorfer and the weather both had beautiful comebacks in the CanAm Skydiving League?
posted: Jul 20th, 2004 CanAm Skydiving League director Scott Anderson began his meet report with an unusual opening: "Something strange happened at Meet #2 of the CanAm league. No one was quite sure what to make of it.......It was sunny and winds were low!" No wonder, it is not unusual that skydiving events north of the border have serious weather problems. The first attempt of CanAm meet this year had been weathered out already. Maybe the weather god decided not to be in the way of Al Altendorfer's comeback as a meet judge for the CanAm Skydiving League. Altendorfer was one of the CanAm founders and helped a lot... (more)
Did you know that teams and competitors shared cash, prizes, medals and drinks at the Karp Cup 2004?
posted: Jul 20th, 2004 The Cross Keys MASL hosted the 3rd annual Karp Cup meet Saturday in honor of former Jetstream member Seth Karp, who was in a fatal landing accident in 2002. Seven teams showed up for the meet, coming from as far away as Ohio, making this the largest Formation Skydiving meet yet held at Cross Keys. Seth Karp’s father, Martin Karp, donated $1,000 for cash prizes to honor his son’s memory. DZO John Eddowes matched that mount bringing the purse to $2,000 to be divided among the winning teams in the various classes. Meet director Mike Minicozzi had also done a great deal of legwork securing sponsors... (more)
Did you know that the Northern Plains Skydiving League makes plans to recruit new blood?
posted: Jul 19th, 2004 Our very own Neal Elm (Fair ABBA) wrote up a glowing discussion on Chromy's qualifications, including building his own windtunnel from discarded shingles, and inventing the internet - this review was in order to draw in some additional/new NSL competitors. However, it was for naught. No new teams this meet, but full participation from our, now, six regular competition teams. So quickly to it - With a rather slow draw in both AAA and AA, it was hard work for all six teams. Also, with Goz off to a USPA board meeting, Chromy had to provide double duty as both meet coach and chief judge. (more)
Did you know that DeLand Majik won round eight by one frame?
posted: Jul 19th, 2004 The NSL-TV review of the IPC Anton Malevsky Memorial World Cup 2004 now continues with round eight. It was Thursday morning in Russia, and France Maubeuge's lead had increased to three points in round seven, the last jump the day before. How were the chances for the challenger from DeLand to catch up and even still win the competition? France had won the first two rounds until Majik caught up with the pace. Both teams then went exactly the same pace in rounds three through five and in round seven. (more)
Did you know that the DaneZ just made it home for the Danish national championship 2004?
posted: Jul 16th, 2004 The Danish national 4-way team did not know for quite a while whether they would be able to make it to the Malevsky Cup 2004 or not. The country's national championship was scheduled for the weekend right after the end of the competition in Russia. The Danez have obligations to their association, which supports the team financially and with other resources, as well. The association expects the national team to at least attend the national championship and provide the other Danish teams with advise. (more)
Did you know that Hammer - Hammer can be confusing?
posted: Jul 15th, 2004 The Omniskore transmission in Stupino got even worse when round six of the IPC Anton Malevsky Memorial World Cup 2004 was on the way. The NSL-TV missed the whole round, except one jump by Norway Arcteryx. It is almost a tragedy since round six was the turning point in the competition for the gold medal. (more)
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