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Did You Know...

... that Aerokart Deep Blue is heading towards the 20-point club?

20-pointer in Round 1: Aerokart Deep Blue
posted Aug 1st, 2010 - NSL-TV is not ready yet to capture any videos from the Omniskore screen yet. Hopefully, the needed cable connections will be available on Monday to bring the meet even closer to the on-line audience. The host is trying to help as much as possible, but shops are closed on Sunday in Russia.

The NSL-TV camera still captured some video footage by filming the Omniskore screen. There was only enough time to get ready for two competition jumps: Aerodyne Cypres Maubeuge and Sinapsi. The quality is on a very low level, of course. However, it is better than nothing for now.

The French 21-pointer tied Hayabusa's score for the first round, and Airspeed has taken the lead. Only three teams managed to beat the 20-point benchmark for the slow 3-block sequence, the three medal winners of 2008. No other team will be able to join the 20-point elite club any longer in this meet.

The placing order in the medal rankings is identical with the standings after the last round at the World Meet 2008 in France. Airspeed's 22-pointer is a very impressive start, just as much as Aerokart Deep Blue's 20-pointer for the same round. The French female team may be heading towards the 20-point elite club, as well...

The female 4-way competition has another little surprise. Germany's ISB Air tied Tam Bodyflight's 16-pointer and is only one point behind Spaceland Blue.

Dynamic Fource, Bodyflight Voluntas and the Pro Team are already locked into their race for the unofficial amateur title. Paratec-Saar lost a point in Round 1.

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