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Did you know that three Mideast Skydiving League teams won SkyVenture Orlando tunnel time on July 23?
posted: Aug 29th, 2005 Since catching up with the results of the NSL SkyVenture Orlando Competition is on top of the priority list of the NSL News, the next meet weekend has already been processed. This time, the scoring table below presents the winners of the competition on July 23 after handicap. Fastrax Select competed for the first time with former Synchronicity member Jaqi O'Bryan in the line-up after Elisa Behnk had to give up for the season due to an injury. The Mideast Skydiving League team finished with a 14.2 average after six rounds and significantly higher than the team's season average by then. Fastrax... (more)
Did you know that the Fastrax website offers sophisticated free features for 4-way teams and competitors?
posted: Jul 31st, 2005 The Fastrax banner on the NSL website has made room for an advertisement promoting a service that is related to the activities of the whole Team Fastrax staff, as well. John Hart's brother David is heading a special consulting service with a vision that reaches out to the corporate business world, the "Jump Institute": "We offer learning opportunities and services that educate and inspire people to action. Based on powerful skydiving-related metaphors, our insightful seminars, in-depth training sessions and comprehensive supporting material will stimulate organizations to action, and ultimately... (more)
Did you know that the MESL July meet story comes along with a new round of MESL-TV?
posted: Jul 28th, 2005 Just prior to the beginning of our 3rd meet of the Mideast Skydiving League 2005 season, MESL Director Randy Connell approached the assembled competitors with a request: on July 2nd, there was an incident at a drop zone that has been a huge supporter of the league since its inception. This incident resulted in one fatality and one severe injury. In the aftermath, the drop zone involved has opened a trust fund for the children of the skydiver who was killed, and a health savings account for the skydiver who was injured. Both of these skydivers were known throughout the region and had competed... (more)
Did you know that Team Fastrax can use last weekend's 22.8 average as a confidence builder for Russia?
posted: Jun 23rd, 2005 The scores of last weekend's competitions are almost complete, only information from Georgia and Virginia has not become available yet. The statistics are already very close to new record numbers, additional results from the missing two leagues could even top the record participation of the May 21 meet weekend. A total of 81 teams had competed at twelve different events in May. 78 teams from nine different leagues are listed with last weekend's scores so far. However, while the AAA, AA and A Classes are slightly behind the May numbers, the Rookie Class participation has already set a new record... (more)
Did you know that the Mideast Skydiving League is proud of its teams?
posted: Jun 16th, 2005 The Mideast Skydiving League has become one of the strongest leagues in the country. MESL Director Randy Connell's efforts and the positive impact of the Team Fastrax project has already increased 4-way interest and participation in the MESL area. Connell and Fastrax founder John Hart have even more benefits in mind and not only for the MESL. Connell recently invited MESL teams and competitors to the upcoming second 2005 competition at the Fastrax home turf in Greensburg. He used the opportunity to point out statistics of the MESL season opener in May and regional specifics. Connell also encouraged... (more)
Did you know that round two on May 21 was the slowest jump of the weekend?
posted: Jun 7th, 2005 The new round of NSL-TV continues with the coverage of the May 21 meet weekend, the largest event in the history of the National Skydiving League. 81 teams still have their results posted on the NSL on-line scoreboard. Meet videos from four different leagues arrived at the NSL headquarters and can be shown on NSL-TV. (more)
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