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Did You Know...

... that the new round of NSL-TV features last weekend's round one?

posted May 29th, 2005 - Posting scores of the May 21 weekend, meet stories and other updates had high priority during the week following the record participation. 81 teams ended up on the scoreboard. There are many more stories to come. However, several meet tapes have arrived at the NSL headquarters, and it was time to edit and upload the first load of files for NSL-TV.

The coverage of the May 21 weekend begins with footage of the Florida, Mideast and Midwest Skydiving League. The NSL News already reported the events that surrounded the penalty situation at the Mideast Skydiving League event in Greene County with the stories of May 23 and May 27.

Fastrax Select's round one - see video
The AAA Class teams at the season opener of the Mideast Skydiving League, Team Fastrax and Fastrax Select, did not only have to deal with the confusion of the penalty rule situation. As explained in the earlier stories, both teams received the wrongly deducted scoring points back after the flaw was detected.

It was a significant change for Fastrax Select with a total of six penalties. Team Fastrax did not care too much about the received penalty deductions and offered the meet management to leave everything the way it is only for Fastrax and save the time and effort to re-score the jumps.

Vortex's round one - see video
All teams at Skydive Greene County exited from a Casa, which made it also a little bit more challenging for the teams that had trained from Twinotter doors before. NSL-TV shows that Fastrax Select managed the exit in round one, had a slower start though and apparently lost the first point already on the hill. The Fastrax exit was missing on the meet video.

Another team of the Mideast Skydiving League features the first round of the AA Class draw, which was identical with the sequence of the AAA Class (Q-2-22). Vortex tied the second highest score of eight points for the first round with two other MESL teams, Airtight and Soylent Greene. Carolina Ice had the AA highscore with 10 points, but the meet video was not available.

Skydive Chicago Furies round one - see video
The same three MESL teams continued with the close AA Class battle in Greene County throughout the whole meet. The situation was even more exciting at the A Class competition of the Midwest Skydiving League. Two all-female teams, the Skydive Chicago Furies and the Chicago Sirens, took the first two places at Skydive Chicago, separated by one single point. Nite Hooker and the Pimps was another single point behind.

The Furies and the Sirens were locked into this tight race from the very beginning and both opened the competition with eight points each, which was the A Class highscore for the round at the same time. Both teams managed the exits in different ways. The Sirens attempted to launch the complete Phalanx, had some problems and invested extra time to shape up the first formation. The Furies went on the safe side and launched a helping Satellite, which was then switched to the Phalanx. Both teams went the same pace after their exit work and ended up with eight points.

Chicago Sirens round one - see video
The May 21/22 events also attracted several new 4-way participants to the meets. A total of eleven teams are listed in the Rookie Class rankings, nine of these eleven teams competed at NSL meets in the U.S.A. Fourway Fourplay of the Mideast Skydiving League features the Rookie Class sequence.

Two additional teams with new 4-way participants decided to sign up for the A Class, which offers the more entertaining set of eight blocks in additon to the 16 Random Formations in the dive pool. Block 2 (Side Body Donut - Side Flaked Donut) was the first fun move and challenge for the new 4-way fans in round one.

Fourway Fourplay's round one - see video
Pickup4 competed at the Florida Skydiving League event in DeLand, while the Spongebobs attended the MidAtlantic Skydiving League competition in Cross Keys. Both teams posted exactly the same scores for the first three rounds and enjoyed the meet. Welcome to the club to all new 4-way fans.
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