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Did you know that MESL Director Mike Ashley hopes for a good turnout at the season opener?
posted: May 23rd, 2008 The Mideast Skydiving League is also launching its first meet of the 2008 season this weekend. New MESL Director Mike Ashley and Fastrax founder John Hart have prepared the regional 4-way community for quite a while. John Hart has provided a lot of information in his series of 4-way tips. Mike Ashley is now excited to see the results of the efforts: "It's only another day before our inaugural meet in the Mideast Skydiving League. It's coming up fast, and I hope everyone is as pumped about it as I am! We have had some groups get together, and do some minor training at Start on those days we have... (more)
Did you know that John Hart explains the Mantis body position?
posted: May 14th, 2008 The next article of John Hart's 4-way tips goes back to the very beginning of skydiving training. Actually, the body position is one of the most basic and crucial skills and of greatest importance in any phase of a skydiving career. John Hart took the time and put some more thoughts into the body position: "People continue to ask me why flying the Mantis is superior to the boxman position. I hope the piece below helps you understand the difference in the two positions. I encourage you to contact me with any and all questions you may have regarding 4-way or building a team." (more)
Did you know that John Hart's 4-way tips have come to a new stage?
posted: May 6th, 2008 The series of John Hart's 4-way tips for his following in the Mideast Skydiving League and teams and competitors who are hungry for information has arrived at a new stage. The previous articles mostly provided general thoughts and specific advice for the beginnings of a team career. His recently published new 4-way information now covers his own career with Team Fastrax and the collection of his own team experiences. John Hart has been a very committed competitor and team member and also a passionate supporter of the sport. He approached his new love of 4-way competition with all of his energy... (more)
Did you know that new 4-way tips come along with a new team project opportunity?
posted: Mar 26th, 2008 The aftermath of the FSL Shamrock Showdown 2008 and the preparations for the World Challenge 2008 are being interrupted for another part of Fastrax' John Hart's 4-way tips. He covers clean and clear separation of grips and the position of the team videographer this time. The new 4-way tips come along with an opportunity to learn the 4-way science in the real world. Two competitors of the Mideast Skydiving League, Matthew Hunt and Greg Rick, have formed a player coach team with John Hart and are looking for a fourth member for the new team project. (more)
Did you know that John Hart fills the waiting time with more 4-way tips?
posted: Feb 19th, 2008 The NSL News is still waiting for the remaining scores of the Valentine's Meet 2008. Hopefully, the wait will not be much longer. In the meantime, the next part of John Hart's 4-way tips have become available for the public and can be reviewed below. The US national 8-way team, Knight Trax with John Hart in the lineup, has started the next 2-week training camp in DeLand, and the Pilatus Porter has a very busy schedule. Knight Trax keeps the plane busy with back-to-back loads all morning long. Knight Trax member Thomas Hughes then begins the afternoon shift as the coach for Fastrax Blue, the... (more)
Did you know that Fastrax and Knight Trax member John Hart provides great 4-way tips?
posted: Feb 10th, 2008 The NSL News story on 7 January 2008 introduced Mike Ashley as the new Mideast Skydiving League Director. The story on 30 January 2008 followed up with an invitation to the MESL Meet-n-Greet event at Start Skydiving on April 12. Mike Ashley has moved further forward in the meantime and added valuable 4-way information in the last newsletter. Fastrax member and world-class 4-way competitor John Hart provided Mike Ashley and the 4-way community with an article, which is the first part of a series of 4-way tips. Team Fastrax and John Hart will be at the MESL Meet-n-Greet event, hosted by Start... (more)
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