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Did You Know...

... that round two on May 21 was the slowest jump of the weekend?

posted Jun 7th, 2005 - The new round of NSL-TV continues with the coverage of the May 21 meet weekend, the largest event in the history of the National Skydiving League. 81 teams still have their results posted on the NSL on-line scoreboard. Meet videos from four different leagues arrived at the NSL headquarters and can be shown on NSL-TV.
Team Fastrax with round two - see video
Five of the videos feature AAA Class teams dealing with a technically very challenging sequence of three blocks (10-8-15), which brought the slowest scores of the 6-round meet. Team Fastrax shows the highest score available on video with 13 points. The Fastrax jump begins once again with a very bumpy exit from the Casa's tailgate at Skydive Greene County. It was challenging for all teams of the Mideast Skydiving League to adjust to exits from a ramp after training from left-hand doors.
AA Class team FSC Wind Damaged with round two - see video
The situation was similar for the FSL teams at Skydive DeLand, the challenge only began later. The first three rounds were held from a Twinotter before the teams switched to a Skyvan with a ramp. However, the two exit Diamonds of Block 10 shown by the two Teiwa-Z-Hills line-ups from the Twinotter in DeLand did not look much better than the two Diamonds from the Casa's ramp in Greene County. The fifth AAA Class video features the Monkyes from Czechia.
A Class team One Fifty One with round two - see video
The AA and A Class teams had a Canadian T as the exit formation since Block 10 (Diamond - Bunyip) is not in the dive pool for either of these two competition classes. The first formation of Block 8 (Canadian T - Canadian T) is not an easy exit formation, as well, and it shows on several videos.
Rookie Class team Fourway Fourplay with round two - see video
The technically and physically challenging exit came along with two slow blocks (8-15). It was no big surprise that the scores of round two were also the lowest ones of the AA Class competition. The highscore for this round was 7 points, and it was shared by four different teams: Carolina Ice (CASL), FSC Wind Damaged (FSL), Controlled Descent (MASL) and Old, Cold & Grumpy (MESL).
Fastrax Dive Pool Feature
The A Class with 17 teams had only two teams sharing the highscore of six points for a different sequence (8-21): the all-female Skydive Chicago Furies and One Fifty One, both teams of the Midwest Skydiving League. The Furies had also shared the highest score of round one and were now two points ahead of the nearest team after two rounds.

Fourway Fourplay, one of the 11 teams that competed in the Rookie Class, is shown on NSL-TV with the sequence of random formations (B-J-A) for the second round of the competition. Fourway Fourplay competed at the Mideast Skydiving League competition and was introduced to 4-way at the Fastrax homebase in Greensburg.

By the way: a new banner with a link to the Fastrax website has been added to the top of the NSL pages. It is well worth to visit the unique website with a great design and cool features, including an advanced Flash program with the complete dive pool as a great training tool for 4-way. It's a free Fastrax service for the 4-way community.

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