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GSL News

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Did you know that Mr. Pink had a successful reunion at Skydive The Farm?
posted: Sep 22nd, 2011 The NSL News reported on 1 September 2011 that 4way team Mr. Pink from Georgia would have a reunion event on the first September weekend. Mr. Pink was actually planning to sign up for the September meet of the Georgia Skydiving League on that weekend. The meet was re-scheduled, but Mr. Pink's reunion took place at Skydive The Farm as planned. Two other lineups joined the Mr. Pink reunion for some 4way fun with guidance by the Pink members, especially Mr. Purple (Glen Hauenstein) and Kid Pink (Jennifer Hauenstein). Mr. Silver (Mike Gruwell) used the down time mostly to take care of his business... (more)
Did you know that Mr. Pink has a 2011 comeback in Georgia this weekend?
posted: Sep 1st, 2011 The NSL News reported the French 8way reunion at this year's national championship with yesterday's story. Another comeback is happening this weekend in Georgia. Mr. Pink has scheduled a jumping weekend at Skydive The Farm. It is not the first comeback of one of the longest standing teams in the country, probably in the world. The NSL News reported the Pink situation last time on 23 October 2007. The story related to the comeback after a Pink 4-year hibernation. The 2007 comeback of the team that was founded in 1997 did not last very long. In fact, the previous hibernation turned into a complete... (more)
Did you know that STF Wreckless and STF VELO-X had the first live battle last weekend?
posted: Jun 30th, 2011 Last weekend's leaderboard included a very exciting competition at Skydive The Farm in Georgia. Three AA Class teams got together at the second meet of the Georgia Skydiving League this year, and the stakes were high, at least between two of the three teams. STF Wreckless and STF VELO-X have both been covered by the NSL News quite a few times. The lineups include current and former Georgia Tech students who have other GT alumni as their role models. The complete Genesis/PD Blue lineup originated from Georgia Tech, as well, and Shannon Pilcher and Ian Bobo eventually became 4-way world champions. GT... (more)
Did you know that Georgia Skydiving League teams of 2000 and 2011 have someone in common?
posted: May 10th, 2011 Back to the 2011 reality of the Georgia Skydiving League after the NSL News story on 7 May 2011, which reported the situation at the GSL May meet in 2000. An earlier story this year, on 13 April 2011, introduced two teams from Georgia who prepared for the first meet of the 2011 season. GT Wreckless and GD Techers both represented the Georgia Tech Skydiving Club at the beginning and have continued with their team projects. GSL Manager Greg Lennartz reported after the meet that he was happy to have at least a few scores of the two teams that hung out for the whole weekend. The weather conditions... (more)
Did you know that eight teams had to re-locate in Georgia?
posted: May 7th, 2011 The NSL News goes back in time once again while waiting for scores from the United Kingdom. This time, it is the May meet of the Georgia Skydiving League in 2000, which took place on the same weekend 11 years ago. It was a very interesting event since the competition site was moved at the very last minute. The first part of the NSL News story was posted on May 6th, the day before the competition. The second part followed next day, but from a different location. The plane situation had changed, and GSL Director Danny Page took quick action by re-locating the meet. The second story provides... (more)
Did you know that two Farm teams prepare for the first 2011 battle in Georgia?
posted: Apr 13th, 2011 The Georgia Skydiving League launches its 2011 season this weekend, and the new GSL leadership is promising great momentum. GT Wreckless members are planning to blow fresh air into the GSL 2011 sails, as they are highly motivated after a very successful 2010 season. The Georgia Tech team finished the 2010 season with gold medals at the NSL Championship and USPA silver medals in the Advanced Class competition of the Collegiates 2010. Only a West Point lineup was able to beat GT Wreckless' 13.8 average in Eloy in December/January. GT Wreckless is now looking forward to the start of the 2011... (more)
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