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Did You Know...

... that STF Wreckless and STF VELO-X had the first live battle last weekend?

STF Wreckless at the NSL Championship 2010
posted Jun 30th, 2011 - Last weekend's leaderboard included a very exciting competition at Skydive The Farm in Georgia. Three AA Class teams got together at the second meet of the Georgia Skydiving League this year, and the stakes were high, at least between two of the three teams.

STF Wreckless and STF VELO-X have both been covered by the NSL News quite a few times. The lineups include current and former Georgia Tech students who have other GT alumni as their role models. The complete Genesis/PD Blue lineup originated from Georgia Tech, as well, and Shannon Pilcher and Ian Bobo eventually became 4-way world champions.

GT Wreckless trained and competed in the A Class last year and won gold medals at the NSL Championship 2010. The GSL team then finished up the 2010 season with silver medals in the Advanced Class of the USPA Collegiates 2010. Wreckless was done with the A Class and took on the new blocks of the AA Class dive pool.

GSL 2011 June MeetRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4TotalAvg
RankAA Class B,11,G9,6K,O,M,2Q,4,NTotalAvg
1STF WrecklessGSL 8 9 9 6328.0
2STF VELO-XGSL 6 3 9 7256.3
3Team AmbiguousGSL 3 0 4 3102.5
STF VELO-X at the Shamrock Showdown 2011
The other Skydive The Farm home team, STF VELO-X, got together at about the time when Wreckless began to prepare for the 2011 season in the AA Class and was the first of the two GSL teams to post scores this year. STF VELO-X competed at the Shamrock Showdown 2011 and finished with a solid 8.2 average after ten rounds.

Wreckless had changed the name in the meantime, as Skydive The Farm became the home turf for both teams. Wreckless also attended the first meet of the Georgia Skydiving League 2011 season in April and posted an 8.0 average in the AA Class a month after VELO's 8.2 average in DeLand. The internal GSL race was on.

Last weekend's competition brought both STF home teams and GT alumni together at the same place and at the same time. However, the situation had slightly changed.

Nicole Ippolito with GSL team Slackers in 2010
VELO had a personnel change after the Shamrock Showdown. Nicole Ippolito has replaced Mike Talerico who had competed with the team in March. Nicole Ippolito is not new to 4-way competition and the AA Class dive pool, as she has been attending the GSL meets in 2009 and 2010 with different lineups.

It was still the first competition for the new VELO lineup, while Wreckless had the originial lineup available. It was a challenging situation for VELO and Nicole Ippolito, and the new lineup ended up far behind the Wreckless friends. However, this only counts for the first two rounds. Then VELO was warmed up enough and even won the second half of the 4-round meet by one point.

The scores of Round 3 and Round 4 promise great competition between the two teams throughout the whole 2011 season.

June 25th, 2011Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6TotalAvg
RankAA Class B,11,G9,6K,O,M,2Q,4,N14,F,17,D,19TotalAvg
1STF WrecklessGSL 8 9 9 6--328.0
2Angry BirdsMWSL 9 7 8 8 5-377.4
3PeregrineMWSL 7 7 9 6 5 6406.7
4STF VELO-XGSL 6 3 9 7--256.3
5CZ Hot DogsINT 5 6 8 6 3 6345.7
6Jetstream TangoMWSL 6 4 9 5 4-285.6
7Team AmbiguousGSL 3 0 4 3--102.5
GSL teams and competitors last weekend at The Farm
Wreckless posted exactly the same 8.0 meet average as in April. However, there was still a major difference between the scores of the two GSL meets.

The Wreckless average in April was strongly supported by the 15-pointer in Round 4 with a sequence of only random formations (C,B,J,M). Last weekend's competition draw was much more challenging and significantly slower for the AA Class teams. The Wreckless 8.0 average at the June meet shows a progression that the numbers don't tell.

The overall leaderboard of the AA Class tells a better story. STF Wreckless is in 1st place of the seven AA Class teams who competed last weekend at three different meets. The Angry Birds of the Midwest Skydiving League are actually tied with Wreckless in 1st place after four rounds. The MWSL teams were able to complete additional rounds at Skydive Chicago.

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