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Did You Know...

... that Mr. Pink had a successful reunion at Skydive The Farm?

Mr. Pink reunion weekend at Skydive The Farm
posted Sep 22nd, 2011 - The NSL News reported on 1 September 2011 that 4way team Mr. Pink from Georgia would have a reunion event on the first September weekend. Mr. Pink was actually planning to sign up for the September meet of the Georgia Skydiving League on that weekend. The meet was re-scheduled, but Mr. Pink's reunion took place at Skydive The Farm as planned.

Two other lineups joined the Mr. Pink reunion for some 4way fun with guidance by the Pink members, especially Mr. Purple (Glen Hauenstein) and Kid Pink (Jennifer Hauenstein). Mr. Silver (Mike Gruwell) used the down time mostly to take care of his business in the Chuting Star rigging loft that he has established at Skydive The Farm.

The three Mr. Pink members and alternate Papa Pink (Kurt Gaebel), who was coaching the team before the interruption of the Pink team career, enjoyed the friendly atmosphere at Skydive The Farm, the Pink jumps and socializing with the other 4way jumpers that day.

Reunion lineup at Chuting Star headquarters
The rescheduled Georgia Skydiving League competition took place on the following weekend but drew only one team to the Farm.

The GD Techers were the second A Class team on the leaderboard of the September 10 weekend and finished behind the ArchRivals of the Midwest Skydiving League.

AA Class teams STF Wreckless and STF VELO-X both did not make it to The Farm that weekend, while Mr. Pink and the other two 4way lineups were one week too early for the GSL meet.

September 10th, 2011Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6TotalAvg
RankA Class21,2L,A,96,C19,MQ,E,FB,P,GTotalAvg
2GD TechersGSL7637--235.8
Next reunion to come with Mr. White and Mr. Blue
Mr. Pink had enough fun to schedule the next Pink weekend with two other former team members. Mr. White (Jonathan Perl) will be back on the September 25 weekend who jumped already earlier this year with Mr. Purple and Kid Pink.

Mr. Silver will spend a whole weekend in the Chuting Star rigging lot and with his family and opens a slot for the comeback of Mr. Blue (Mark Thompson). Mr. Blue was one of the Mr. Pink founding members, together with Mr. Purple who also helped launching and managing the Georgia Skydiving League in 1997.

Mr. Purple, Mr. White and Mr. Blue feature almost the complete original Mr. Pink lineup, while Kid Pink represents the younger and new generation of Mr. Pink members.

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