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Did You Know...

... that Mr. Pink has a 2011 comeback in Georgia this weekend?

Mr. Pink at a DeLand training camp in 2001
posted Sep 1st, 2011 - The NSL News reported the French 8way reunion at this year's national championship with yesterday's story. Another comeback is happening this weekend in Georgia. Mr. Pink has scheduled a jumping weekend at Skydive The Farm.

It is not the first comeback of one of the longest standing teams in the country, probably in the world. The NSL News reported the Pink situation last time on 23 October 2007. The story related to the comeback after a Pink 4-year hibernation.

The 2007 comeback of the team that was founded in 1997 did not last very long. In fact, the previous hibernation turned into a complete dropout. Jennifer and Glen Hauenstein even sold their gear and picked up motorcross and motorcycle racing as a new hobby and passion. It seemed like there would not be another comeback. But there was...

Mr. Pink comeback in 2007
Another four years passed by before the Hauensteins were tired of watching other Mr. Pink members still having the same or even more fun. Jennifer's brother Mike Gruwell never stopped jumping and only slowed down with team training and competition. He started to grow his rigging services and eventually brought Chuting Star from a small loft at Skydive The Farm to one of the largest dealers in the skydiving industry.

Jonathan Perl, who was in the Pink comeback lineup of 2007, never stopped skydiving, focused on big-way for a while and has visited DeLand for the Kaleidoscope Dives at SkyQuest for many years. Recently he also went back to more 4way training and competition and missed the USPA bronze medal by one single point in the Advanced Class last year with Perris H Ball and a 12.9 average.

The Pink Hauenstein comeback began earlier this year and is very promising this time. Jennifer and Glen both quit their jobs as teachers and principal at a private school and now work for and with Mike Gruwell at Chuting Star. It is now a family business situation in the skydiving industry. The Hauensteins bought new gear and made a few jumps.

New gear and new jobs in 2011: Jennifer and Glen Hauenstein
This weekend's Pink team comeback lineup is not the same as in 2007. Kurt Gaebel, NSL founder and Pink coach and alternate in the earlier years, will fill the slot for Jonathan Perl and visit Skydive The Farm.

Mr. Pink was actually planning to sign up for the September meet of the Georgia Skydiving League, which was originally scheduled for the upcoming weekend. GSL Director Greg Lennartz had to move the meet to the September 10 weekend, and Mr. Pink will probably miss the opportunity of a competitive comeback this time. However, Mr. Pink will jump at Skydive The Farm in any case this weekend, and all team members also invite the rest of the GSL 4way community to visit and share training and experiences.

The NSL News will obviously be on site and ready to cover the Pink comeback live.

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