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18th FAI World Formation Skydiving Championships 2008
9 - 14 August 2008 in Maubeuge, France

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4-way Open4-way Women8-way Open

Scores for Meet on Aug 9th, 2008

Aug 9th, 2008
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class B,17,7 H,N,13,A 10,J,C,6 18,12,2 E,3,9 19,O,4 D,M,5,16 14,20,21 Total Avg
1 Airspeed Odyssey  US  E 30 32 24 16 29 21 28 15 195 24.4
2 Maubeuge  FR  E 28 30 23 17 27 23 28 18 194 24.3
3 HayaBusa Defence  BE  E 27 33 23 17 27 22 25 17 191 23.9
4 Sky Panthers Barkli  RU  E 28 30 22 16 28 20 27 17 188 23.5
5 Arcteryx  NO  E 27 29 21 17 25 21 26 14 180 22.5
6 Evolution  CA  E 25 27 22 17 24 18 26 16 175 21.9
7 Spin Team  IT  E 23 21 16 13 21 16 21 - 131 18.7
8 Dynamic Fource  NL  E 22 20 16 12 21 16 22 - 129 18.4
9 VIVA  CH  E 19 23 17 13 21 15 18 - 126 18.0
10 FSC Eisenach  DE  E 21 17 14 13 21 15 21 - 122 17.4
11 Airtite  AU  E 15 21 16 11 19 16 - - 98 16.3
12 Magic 4  LT  E 19 19 13 13 16 15 - - 95 15.8
12 Danish Blaze  DK  E 18 20 14 11 16 16 - - 95 15.8
14 Voodoo  ZA  E 17 18 15 11 19 14 - - 94 15.7
15 Evolution  SE  E 16 18 14 10 16 16 - - 90 15.0
16 Tigers  FI  E 19 19 14 10 16 9 - - 87 14.5
16 Monkey Circus  AT  E 14 19 15 12 16 11 - - 87 14.5
18 CTR Optimum  BR  E 15 14 11 10 17 14 - - 81 13.5
19 Fusion  UK  E 15 17 14 8 16 6 - - 76 12.7
20 China  CN  E 7 9 8 5 9 8 - - 46 7.7
21 Cyprus  CY  E 6 5 4 5 5 6 - - 31 5.2
22 Turkey  TR  E 5 6 6 2 6 4 - - 29 4.8
23 Slovakia  SK  E 9 4 4 0 4 3 - - 24 4.0

News Associated With This Event

Did you know that the HayaBusa front piece is looking back at a decade of training and competition?
posted: Jul 15th, 2020 The latest NMP PCH HayaBusa update was a live conversation with the team on June 28th that was published a day later. The Belgian team had returned from their first outdoor training at Skydive Paranodon... (more)
Did you know that the NSL News is the "Eye of Formation Skydiving"?
posted: Sep 24th, 2008 The NSL News recently received a copy of the official French skydiving magazine, published every other month by the French Skydiving Federation (Fédération Française de Parachutisme). The name of... (more)
Did you know that Nathan Polis features Hayabusa's sole highscore in Round 2?
posted: Sep 16th, 2008 The NSL News audience probably remembers Nathan Polis who helped to bring the World Meet 2008 action and events as close as possible to the on-line visitors at the NSL website. Nathan Polis collected... (more)
Did you know that French teams took over the AAA Class leaderboard?
posted: Aug 28th, 2008 CSC Rhythm XP, the German team Jerry's Birds and Skyservice from the Czech Republic lost their top positions on last weekend's leaderboard today when the scores from France came in. The national championship... (more)
Did you know that the DeLand Norgies have no chance any longer?
posted: Aug 27th, 2008 The NSL News has covered the annual showdown between the DeLand Norgies, former national 4-way team and bronze medalist for Norway at the world meets in 1999, 2001 and 2003, and the new national team Arcteryx... (more)
Did you know that Andy Delk lost an argument with the relative wind in Round 8?
posted: Aug 18th, 2008 The NSL News mentioned on the last day of World Meet 2008 live coverage from Maubeuge that an interview with Airspeed Odyssey would be uploaded later. This interview took place shortly after the judging... (more)
Did you know that Hayabusa Defence introduces a new team member in the NSL News interview?
posted: Aug 17th, 2008 The World Meet 2008 was quite a rollercoaster for the Belgian national team Hayabusa Defence, and it ended up with a happy end and the first set of world championship medals for Belgium. Hayabusa had... (more)
Did you know that the 4-way Open Class teams struggled with Round 8?
posted: Aug 14th, 2008 It was actually quite amazing how difficult Round 8 turned out to be. Norway Arcteryx ended up with a 14-pointer, the team's lowest score of the meet. France Maubeuge was the only team without serious... (more)
Did you know that it's still a gamble at freeze frame time?
posted: Aug 13th, 2008 There were times in Formation Skydiving competition when some teams were happy looking at the freeze frame image and others were not. It was in the judges' hands to decide whether this formation was complete... (more)
Did you know that Gary Smith and Shannon Pilcher have one more day as reigning 4-way world champions?
posted: Aug 13th, 2008 It was a rough afternoon in Maubeuge on Tuesday. The teams were jumping, but the conditions were not the best ones. In fact, Meet Director Patrice Girardin even received a warning from the FAI Controller... (more)
Did you know that Brits and Scots fought over the Fun Flag?
posted: Aug 12th, 2008 Quick update on Round 6 before the day will be wrapped up once again with the most important topic of the day. Airspeed Odyssey lost two points in the judging room, and France Maubeuge got two points closer... (more)
Did you know that Round 5 had a freeze frame issue?
posted: Aug 12th, 2008 Round 5 is complete, at least in the 4-way Open Class. Russia's Sky Panthers completed 30 points in time, more than all other teams. The official score was 28 points after two deductions. Russia is still... (more)
Did you know that Cyprus still has a very important goal?
posted: Aug 12th, 2008 The teams are still on a hold in Maubeuge. Strong winds have cleared the skies, but it is too windy for any skydiving activities at the moment. The NSL News uses the time to take a closer look at the 4-way... (more)
Did you know that Airspeed explains their meet procedures on NSL-TV?
posted: Aug 11th, 2008 The Fun Flag was still gone at noon, but the 8-way sword only found a new location. It is now in the viewing area of the public hangar where everybody can adore it. The 4-way Open Class competition... (more)
Did you know that the NSL News interview with Joey Jones fell apart?
posted: Aug 11th, 2008 It is probably a good morning for the 4-way fans who have already discovered a few links on the scores for Round 1. More uploading was possible last night and the videos of the French i-Score DZ-TV and... (more)
Did you know that Airspeed's 2-point lead after Round 1 could be discouraging?
posted: Aug 10th, 2008 Yesterday's training jumps are history. Round 1 is already in the bag, the teams are in the air for Round 2. However, it is always worth watching the best teams in the world, even if it's yesterday's news.... (more)
Did you know that the 4-way competition is in full swing?
posted: Aug 10th, 2008 Meet Director Patrice Girardin sent the 8-way teams back to bed in the afternoon when it became obvious that there would be no time for today's second event. However, he saw chances to send loads later... (more)
Did you know that the 4-way community welcomes six new nations in Maubeuge?
posted: Aug 9th, 2008 Maubeuge woke up this morning with blue skies all over. It did not take very long until the first Pilatus Porter was in the air. There is a fleet of eight of these jump planes in Maubeuge, which are very... (more)
Did you know that you can pick your favorite team now at the NSL World Meet polls?
posted: Aug 3rd, 2008 The World Meet 2008 is only eight days away, and the NSL pages of the event have received the last touch leading into the event. Polls for all three events have now been added to the previews, and it is... (more)
Did you know that the Tigers from Finland will compete in Maubeuge?
posted: Aug 3rd, 2008 The last scores of a meet weekend before the World Meet 2008 have been posted, and they came from Finland. The next numbers on the NSL leaderboard will be the scores of Round 1 in Maubeuge... One... (more)
Did you know that the German federation works with the media for its national teams?
posted: Aug 2nd, 2008 The German skydiving federation (Deutscher Fallschirmsport Verband - DFV) is once again working on its public relations for the sport leading into the World Meet 2008. These efforts began in 2006 when... (more)
Did you know that Mikhail Kuznetsov pursues world meet medals for the 3rd time this year?
posted: Jul 15th, 2008 The NSL News reported on 18 June 2008 that the Sky Panthers were dominating the 4-way competition at the Russian Nationals 2008 after four rounds. The scores of the complete meet were posted a little bit... (more)
Did you know that Danish Blaze is the busiest team of the 2008 season so far?
posted: Jul 4th, 2008 New NSL-TV videos of the indoor competition at the Paraclete XP Money Meet 2008 feature other teams that have not been shown with their performances in the windtunnel yet, including Norway's national 4-way... (more)
Did you know that Arcteryx left Florida after a live update with the NSL News?
posted: May 23rd, 2008 Norway's national 4-way team Arcteryx has been covered by the NSL News many times and comprehensively. The new lineup of 2008, with Center Inside Mathias Nord, gave more than enough reason to watch the... (more)