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Sun Path Products NSL News

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Did you know that Airspeed's Thomas Hughes steps back at the end of the 2016 season?
posted: Dec 21st, 2015 The breaking news of SDC Rhythm XP's 2016 lineup, which was posted by the Sun Path Products NSL News yesterday, is not the end of updates related to the top level of 4-way competition in the United States. The live streaming broadcast from the Clash of Champions 2015 included a conversation between Arizona Airspeed's Thomas Hughes and NMP PCH Hayabusa's David Grauwels, when the main anchors Regan Tetlow and Ged Parker both were not in Inflight Dubai's TV studio. Thomas Hughes and David Grauwels commented the live judging of the 4-way Speed Battle and talked about team topics when there was... (more)

Did you know that the Rhythm and Turbo front pieces have joined forces?
posted: Dec 20th, 2015 SDC Rhythm XP is finishing the 2015 season as the third best 4-way team in the world, as the Sun Path Products NSL News reported on December 14th, and is in 5th place of the World Indoor Team Rankings at the end of the year. Every year, Rhythm has moved up and closer to the world's top 4-way level while reducing the distance to the US top team, Arizona Airspeed. The Sun Path Products NSL News has followed the Rhythm progression year by year since the first lineup (JaNette Lefkowitz, Steve Lefkowitz, Laurent Beaudouin, Robert Chromy, with Kevin Nafzger on camera) started in 2007. JaNette and... (more)

Did you know that four iFLY Orlando lineups added enough Indoor Cloud League points to tie the December lead?
posted: Dec 19th, 2015 It did not take too long until Florida's Indoor Cloud League team responded to the first December scores of the Hurricane Factory. A smaller group met again at iFLY Orlando last Thursday, just a day before Jan Klapka provided the Czech scores and videos, which had created the 138-point total for the month and the December lead. The Florida group recruited four different lineups, who eventually added a total of 32 points to iFLY Orlando's December account. The combination of the best Florida scores on December 3rd and last week generated a total of 138 points, which matches the total of the... (more)

Did you know that ten Czech teams tried to get their scores onto the Indoor Cloud League December leaderboard?
posted: Dec 18th, 2015 Most of the Indoor Cloud League scores and videos are usually being submitted at the end of each month when the team managers have completed all ICL activities and collected the footage. iFLY Orlando often submits the data each time an event has taken place and adds on to the leaderboard when higher scores have been accomplished. This month, the Czech teams of the Sportflight 4-way project at the Hurricane Factory in Prague joined the Florida teams and competitors earlier on the ICL leaderboard and once again took the top spot right away. Both ICL teams were separated by only one point in... (more)

Did you know that four 4-way Women teams beat their previous outdoor averages in Dubai?
posted: Dec 17th, 2015 The Sun Path Products NSL News presented the updated Top 10 of the World Outdoor Team Rankings in 4-way Open after the World Air Games 2015 with the story on December 14th. Two of the Top 10 teams in the 4-way Open Class (Golden Knights - 4th, French FLY-IN Girls - 9th) are naturally in the two top spots of the 4-way Women rankings, as well. Not much has changed in the 2015 rankings for the teams in this category, even though the results of the World Air Games were quite different compared to the previous rankings in October. The Golden Knights were and still are far ahead of the French national... (more)

Did you know that there is heavy FS Sweep pressure on Arizona Airspeed?
posted: Dec 16th, 2015 No trouble this month, wheeewwww... In fact, great news. I just came back from the USPA National Skydiving Championships 2015 in Eloy, where I did once again what I usually do for the SUN PATH PRODUCTS NSL News: Try to bring the event to the poor audience that cannot be there live on competition site. It has been quite a trip over the many years, as I would never know what to expect for my working environment at USPA Nationals. My intentions have never been doubted when I did what I usually do at any other major events, where I have felt welcomed while my work was appreciated. It has not always... (more)

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