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Did you know that SDMW NEXT XP still follows the SDC Rhythm XP path very accurately?
posted: Sep 12th, 2017 Last weekend's combined leaderboard is showing scores from three different events. The Midwest Skydiving League had by far the biggest part of it, as a total of 12 teams came to Skydive Chicago for the last MWSL meet of the 2017 season. The combined A Class leaderboard had the highest participation with a total of nine teams from three different leagues. It was also the last meet test for eight teams who might travel to Skydive Perris very soon to compete at the USPA Nationals 2017. Skydive Midwest NEXT and SDC Jetstream Tango competed in the AAA Class, which Tango took on at national championships... (more)
Did you know that NSL-TV features Chris Farina with CSC Swift?
posted: Jul 16th, 2017 The Sun Path Products NSL News is quickly going back to last weekend's leaderboard before new scores will be posted very soon. Midwest Skydiving League team CSC Swift was the only AAA Class team and completed all ten rounds on their home turf at the Chicagoland Skydiving Center. CSC Swift is not the only team with this name, and the other Swift of the Northwest Skydiving League, Seattle Swift, posted some AAA Class scores earlier this year. Both teams competed in different categories last year, and they ended up on different leaderboards at the USPA Nationals. Seattle Swift finished in... (more)
Did you know that the Midwest Skydiving League teams were back in action this weekend?
posted: Jul 9th, 2017 The Sun Path Products NSL News reported the scores of the Midwest Skydiving League's June meet with the story on 3 July 2017, which focused mainly on the performance of last year's USPA Advanced Class champion, SDMW NEXT XP. Only three rounds could be completed on Saturday at Skydive Midwest, home turf of NEXT, and no other teams submitted to the weekend's leaderboard. The weather in Minnesota/Wisconsin was even worse, and the teams of the Northern Plains Skydiving League did not even get in the air for any meet jumps. Two weeks later, the Midwest teams were in action again this weekend.... (more)
Did you know that SDMW NEXT XP is slightly ahead of the 2016 progression?
posted: Jul 3rd, 2017 The June meet of the Midwest Skydiving League was planned to be synchronized once again with the teams of the Northern Plains Skydiving League. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate well with both events. The NPSL meet was completely weathered out, and the MWSL teams were barely able to complete three rounds on Saturday. Only SDMW NEXT XP managed to perform all six rounds over the weekend on their home turf. Three SDC Rhythm XP members (Andrew Happick, JaNette and Steve Lefkowitz) were managing the event and helped the teams with judging, coaching and engineering. JaNette Lefkowitz... (more)
Did you know that five new teams launched the Midwest Skydiving League 2017 season last weekend?
posted: Jun 5th, 2017 The Midwest Skydiving League launched its 2017 season last weekend at Skydive Chicago. Five newly formed teams competed in two of the four NSL categories, three from Chicagoland Skydiving in the A Class, and two home teams from Skydive Chicago in the AA Class. One of the MWSL teams of the past years is still the reigning USPA champion in the AAA/Advanced Class. Skydive Midwest NEXT won the gold medals at the USPA Nationals 2016 with a 16.9 average, eight years after MWSL team SDC Rhythm XP had won the USPA Advanced Class with exactly the same average. SDC Rhythm XP has become one of the best... (more)
Did you know that the Rookie Class teams won last weekend's 4-way competition?
posted: Jul 24th, 2015 Last weekend's overall leaderboard has been completed just in time before new scores will be posted tomorrow. Teams from Texas and Northern Plains are challenging each other, and the new leaderboard will be updated on a regular basis. The last leaderboard features a rare and greatly appreciated outcome. The Rookie Class competition turned out to be the most popular one, with 15 teams posting scores in three different countries. The addition of four Rookie Class teams from the Midwest Skydiving League eventually outnumbered the 13 AA and 13 A Class teams. Nine British Rookie Class teams and two... (more)
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