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Did You Know...

... that four SDC Rhythm XP members ran the MWSL August meet?

Keith Conner with Joanna and the Creepers in May 2022
posted Aug 22nd, 2022 - The NSL News update on August 19th was mostly a preview of the AA/Intermediate Class competition at the upcoming USPA Nationals 2022. It was based on the results at the August meet of the Midwest Skydiving League.

USPA medal contender SDC Rhebellion XP was a major part of the preview, after completing all ten rounds on the MWSL weekend. League director Keith Conner followed up with the videos of the August meet, which allow a closer look at the participating teams, and especially at the current SDC Rhebellion XP performance a few weeks before Round 1 of the national championships.

The timing of the test event for the arguably strongest USPA medal contender was almost perfect, as it happened close enough for a realistic evaluation of the current performance level, while it still leaves enough time for some fine-tuning of areas that might need it.

The NSL News added SDC Rhebellion XP's competition videos of the USPA Nationals 2021 to this update, which are featuring the same Rhebellion lineup after an intensive first year of training and competition. Almost each new video begins with a very relaxed setup of the exit formation by Outside Center Eric Bambach, and his team mate in the Tail slot, Greg Bush eventually joins the friendly greeting to videographer Amanda Elkin.

SDC Rhebellion XP at the August meet of the Midwest Skydiving League and at the USPA Nationals 2021
Midwest Skydiving League teams and competitors at the August meet
Anna Brunner (2nd from right), Carl Kallgren (right), Charlie McGee (2nd from left) with Kaos Theory XP at the USPA Nationals 2021
MWSL Director and SDC Rhythm XP member Keith Conner also provided the meet videos of the two AAA Class teams, where two of his Rhythm team mates were engaged, as well. Keith Conner himself did not join any of the lineups this time, after player-coaching Joanna and the Creepers at the first MWSL meet in May.

Carl Kallgren, new Rhythm Point, guided SDC Rhuthless, with Jaime Caldwell, Marion Stallworth and Dan Schultz through the six rounds, with Keith Nugent on camera. The new team would have to replace Carl Kallgren if they plan to compete on their home turf at the USPA Nationals. As his former Kaos Theory XP team mate Anna Brunner with XPG4, Carl Kallgren is in his first year of AAA Class competition and will compete for USPA medals in 4-way Open with SDC Rhythm XP.

Charlie McGee, who is filming Keith Conner and Carl Kallgren in Rhythm training and competition, left his cameras on the ground at the MWSL meet and joined Chaos Creepers for five meet rounds on the AAA leaderboard. Last and not least, new Rhythm Tail Chris Webb player-coached A Class team Cheetah Elephants who completed only two rounds. Doug Barron completed the Rhythm lineup on the MWSL group photo.

Midwest Skydiving League August 2022
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class L,J,8,1 3,M,13 22,6,E C,21,18 5,15,P 7,G,F,O 20,4,17 K,2,16 H,9,Q,14 B,N,D,11 Total Avg
1 SDC Rhuthless 11    12    9    12    6 -2 16    -    -    -    -     66 11.0
2 Chaos Creepers 9    10    7 -1 9    8    -    -    -    -    -     43 8.6
Rank AA Class L,J,8 1,M,13 22,6 C,21,18 14,15 7,G,F 20,4 K,2,E H,9,Q B,N,D,11 Total Avg
1 SDC Rhebellion XP 9 -2 14    11    12    6 -1 17    9    14    17 -1 12 -1  121 12.1
Rank A Class L,J,8 M,F,E 6,Q C,21 O,19 7,G 4,A K,2 H,9 B,N,D Total Avg
1 Cheetah Elephants 1    4 -1 -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    5 2.5

SDC Rhuthless - Chaotic Creepers at the August meet of the Midwest Skydiving League
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