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Did you know that the SDC Graduates are at the same starting point where Pajama Pumas were in 2016?
posted: Jun 1st, 2018 The AAA Class teams on last weekend's leaderboard completed different numbers of rounds, ten in Prostejov, Czech Republic, and six at Skydive Chicago, while the different numbers did not change the rankings. All teams on the AA Class leaderboard completed six rounds in the Northern Plains and Midwest, and neither an adjustment of the leaderboard was necessary. It was the same situation in the A Class where the leaderboard with the mix of Czech and US teams did not change much after ten or six rounds. The difference in the Rookie Class was even bigger, as HightFive completed ten rounds in... (more)
Did you know that the Rookie Class teams are rocking this year?
posted: May 29th, 2014 Last weekend's overall leaderboard is complete, and it features the Rookie Class as the strongest category. The competition was an exclusive US affair this time, with two more leagues launching their 2014 outdoor season. The teams of the Northern California Skydiving League came together for the second time this year, while the Northern Plains and Midwest leagues hosted their first 2014 meets. Attending the second meet this year may have given NCSL team Last Minute the advantage over the other Rookie Class teams. Last Minute had finished the NCSL season opener with a 2.5 average after four... (more)
Did you know that the NPSL Rookie Class teams had reasons to celebrate?
posted: Aug 1st, 2013 Last weekend's leaderboard of the Northern Plains Skydiving League could have been the one of the season opener in May. The attending teams were identical and copied their standings with exactly the same outcome. Some things were different though. Nick Grillet had prepared the NPSL competitors for the May meet, while Robert Chromy made the trip to Skydive Twin Cities last weekend. There were also some changes in the lineups, and last not least the scores were different, as well - higher. Four of the five teams scored higher than in May. AAA Class team Fourcast had Lisa Schinnick in the lineup... (more)
Did you know that Spaceland SPX5 pursues the Cosmic Debris gold medal level?
posted: Jul 5th, 2013 Last weekend's AA Class leaderboard is comprised of four teams from Texas and two teams from the Northern Plains. The Sun Path Products NSL News reported earlier that Texas won all three categories (AAA - AA - Rookie) in which teams had signed up for at the meet in Speaceland. SPX5 was the undisputed winner in the AA Class. Other than that, the AA Class competition on the overall leaderboard was possibly more exciting and closer than ever before. Two teams were tied in 2nd place, and two other teams were tied in 4th place. This could also be a first time on any NSL overall leaderboard. The... (more)
Did you know that last weekend's draw was a tough start into the AAA Class?
posted: May 28th, 2013 The Northern Plains Skydiving League launched its 2013 season with five teams at Skydive Twin Cities. The weather did not allow the completion of all six planned rounds, except for one team. The Honey Badgers managed to go through all six Rookie Class sequences. Two of the five teams came back from previous NPSL seasons, while the three new teams included two Rookie Class lineups. Those Guys showed up for the first time at the last NPSL meet of the 2011 season and then missed only one of the four meets last year. (more)
Did you know that the Northern Plains Skydiving League wrapped up the 2012 season last weekend?
posted: Aug 6th, 2012 The Northern Plains Skydiving League completed the 4th and last meet of the 2012 season last weekend at Skydive Superior. New NPSL Director Al BeVier ran the first three meets of the year at Skydive Twin Cities and from a Twin Otter. However, he was planning to spread the NPSL word more across his region and invited the NPSL teams and competitors to a different hosting DZ this time. A Class team Random Blocks eventually turned out to be the only NPSL team who attended all four meets of the 2012 season after making the trip to Skydive Superior last weekend. Three other NPSL teams competed for... (more)
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