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Did You Know...

... that the SDC Graduates are at the same starting point where Pajama Pumas were in 2016?

Czech A Class teams last weekend
posted Jun 1st, 2018 - The AAA Class teams on last weekend's leaderboard completed different numbers of rounds, ten in Prostejov, Czech Republic, and six at Skydive Chicago, while the different numbers did not change the rankings. All teams on the AA Class leaderboard completed six rounds in the Northern Plains and Midwest, and neither an adjustment of the leaderboard was necessary.

It was the same situation in the A Class where the leaderboard with the mix of Czech and US teams did not change much after ten or six rounds.

The difference in the Rookie Class was even bigger, as HightFive completed ten rounds in Prostejov, SDC Graduates six at Skydive Chicago and Prestige Worldwide four at Skydive Twin Cities. The rankings in the Rookie Class still did not change, even though the two US teams battled for the position behind HightFive and were separated by one point after Round 4.

The Rookie Class was the only category last weekend where teams from all three leagues posted their scores. The Midwest Skydiving League was represented in all four categories, while there was no Czech AA Class team, and the Northern Plains competed only in AA and Rookie Class.

NSL Meet Weekend May 26th, 2018
RankA ClassP,719,FO,H,G9,K2,EN,84,QJ,6C,A,MB,D,21TotalAvg
1Ladies&GentlemenCZSL11  0  15-310  10  9-24-38  13-111   919.1
2MM TeamCZSL4-16  14  10  0  5-14-29  12-18-1 727.2
34nicatorsMWSL3  4  5  1  6  1-1-  -  -  -   203.3
1HightFiveCZSL9  10-112  7-113  4-17-111  10-19-1 929.2
2SDC GraduatesMWSL1  1  0  1  0  1-1-  -  -  -    40.7
3Prestige WorldwideNPSL0  1  1  0  -  -  -  -  -  -    20.5
Two sequences were identical between the A and the Rookie Class draw, while no other rounds allowed the
NSL Meet Weekend May 26th, 2018
A ClassO,H,GC,A,M
MM TeamCZSL1412
SDC GraduatesMWSL0-
Prestige WorldwideNPSL1-
teams to compare their scores across the four different leaderboards. Round 3 (O,H,G) and Round 9 (C,A,M) had the same sequences, and only the three Czech teams completed Round 9, as well.

Rookie Class team HightFive was not too far behind the two Czech A Class teams in these two rounds at their first outdoor competition. In fact, all three Czech teams in the A and the Rookie Class completed their first outdoor competition last weekend. The MM Team was a combination of the M(irek) Team and Mimozemky, who have both competed at previous Czech indoor meets.

The Rookie Class leaderboard featured an interesting duel between the SDC Graduates at Skydive Chicago and Prestige Worldwide at Skydive Twin Cities. The name of the MWSL team indicates the experience level, while the NPSL team had competed in three meets of last year's Rookie Class.

The SDC Graduates are at the same starting point where Pajama Pumas were in May 2016. The British team now posted an 18.3 average in the AAA Class competition of the World Challenge 2018 and followed up with 10.7 at the outdoor season opener in May...

NSL Meet Weekend May 26th, 2018
RankA ClassP,719,FO,H,G9,K2,EN,8TotalAvg
1Ladies&GentlemenCZSL11  0  15-310  10  9-2 559.2
2MM TeamCZSL4-16  14  10  0  5-1 396.5
34nicatorsMWSL3  4  5  1  6  1-1 203.3
1HightFiveCZSL9  10-112  7-1-  -   389.5
2SDC GraduatesMWSL1  1  0  1  -  -    30.8
3Prestige WorldwideNPSL0  1  1  0  -  -    20.5
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