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Did you know that NPSL team Cosmic Debris is once again in the AA Class top spot?
posted: Jul 16th, 2012 The July meet of the Northern Plains Skydiving League brought eight teams back to Skydive Twin Cities, together with event coach JaNette Lefkowitz. Both AAA Class teams attended their second meet this year, and Acme finished in the middle of the overall leaderboard and the many French teams. AA Class team Cosmic Debris took the top spot in the AA Class for the third time this year and now has to wait until the leaderboard will be complete. It was the first time that Cosmic Debris competed on the same weekend when the AA Class teams in France posted their scores as well, and the NPSL team... (more)
Did you know that the former Wissota Baby Beavers have grown up now?
posted: Jun 25th, 2012 The last time that ten teams competed at a Northern Plains Skydiving League meet was in July 2010, and the highest NPSL participation ever was recorded with eleven teams in July 2009. Last weekend, new NPSL Director Al BeVier activated ten teams of his region to compete again at Skydive Twin Cities, which tied the biggest June number (2008) in the history of the league. Great weather contributed to the early completion on Saturday, and Al Bevier is now probably aiming at the 11-team NPSL benchmark for July. He was not far off even tying the record attendance last weekend. AAA Class team Acme... (more)
Did you know that Baby Beavers invaded Europe this year?
posted: May 26th, 2012 The NSL News is going back once again to last weekend's 2012 season opener of the Northern Plains Skydiving League. The story on 19 May 2012 had included the first part of the complete NSL Reality TV live coverage of the event, and the second part has now been uploaded. It includes a casual debriefing in the video stadium with meet coach Solly Williams and shows how the NPSL teams and competitors deal with weather situations. The awards ceremony is also a very special part of the NPSL meets, and this one included quite spectacular fireworks. Eventually, the NSL News also had the opportunity... (more)
Did you know that John Kretzschmer is the new Center Outside for Cosmic Debris?
posted: May 25th, 2012 The NSL News reported on 18 May 2012 that the teams of the Northern Plains Skydiving League got ready for their season opener last weekend. It also included the preview of a movie in the works, "Beyond the Thrill". The story on 19 May 2012 was a live update from Skydive Twin Cities, host of the first NPSL meet this year. The windy weather did not allow the completion of all six rounds, however, the NSL News came back with a lot of footage of competition jumps and other meet activities. The aftermath begins with the competition videos of the team that the NSL News introduced with the first... (more)
Did you know that eight teams are kicking off the NPSL 2012 season?
posted: May 19th, 2012 The new meet weekend is in full swing, even though it was a slow start at Skydive Twin Cities where the Northern Plains Skydiving League teams kicked off their 2012 season. Event judge John Goswitz posted the first scores for the eight teams in three different categories, while coach Solly Williams worked hard to get them all ready and guide them through the meet day. It was a slow day due to high winds that interfered after most of the teams had completed Round 2. The winds slowed down in the late afternoon, and the teams were back in the air for a few more jumps. HTH has a new team name,... (more)
Did you know that it's show time for the Northern Plains Skydiving League?
posted: May 18th, 2012 The meets of the upcoming weekend include the season opener of the Northern Plains Skydiving League. It is the first meet for new NPSL Director Al BeVier, creator of the Little Cloud Skydiving project, and Solly Williams will be the NPSL coach for the weekend. The NSL News will also make the trip to Skydive Twin Cities, and there are several reasons for the visit. One of them is a new film project that has recently been launched by the Lenstory Film Group and features a 4way team of the Northern Plains Skydiving League, HTH. HTH attended three of the four NPSL meets in 2011 (10.8 - 11.5 -... (more)
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