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Did You Know...

... that the Rookie Class teams are rocking this year?

NCSL team Last Minute in action
image by: Jason Imamura
posted May 29th, 2014 - Last weekend's overall leaderboard is complete, and it features the Rookie Class as the strongest category.

The competition was an exclusive US affair this time, with two more leagues launching their 2014 outdoor season. The teams of the Northern California Skydiving League came together for the second time this year, while the Northern Plains and Midwest leagues hosted their first 2014 meets.

Attending the second meet this year may have given NCSL team Last Minute the advantage over the other Rookie Class teams. Last Minute had finished the NCSL season opener with a 2.5 average after four rounds and posted a 4.5 average last weekend. The NPSL and MWSL teams all completed six rounds, however, only Cameltoes benefitted from the adjusted leaderboard after the four rounds completed by all teams.

May 24th, 2014Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6TotalAvg
RankRookie L,N,MF,C,GD,P,QE,A,LB,K,JH,O,NTotalAvg
1Last Minute (US)NCSL4455--184.5
2We Are Easy (US)NPSL14012562.2
3Team Ron (US)NCSL0203--51.3
4Not Yet (US)NPSL01210341.2
4Hair Force (US)MWSL10120341.2
4Cameltoes (US)MWSL31000040.7
7Grippin Donuts (US)NPSL01103221.2
8Funnel Cake (US)NPSL01001210.7
83Ring Circus (US)NPSL10001210.7
NPSL team Funnel Cake in action
We Are Easy from the Northern Plains Skydiving League took the 2nd place and picked up the pace in the last round that did not have an impact on the overall leaderboard. Team Ron, the second Rookie Class team from Northern California, finished in 3rd place after four rounds. It was the first meet for the team this year.

NPSL Director Al BeVier told the Sun Path Products NSL News that he has been trying to recruit new 4way competitors this year: "We are working hard on filling up the pipeline with the new jumpers. We are trying to get the local talent to coach the Rookies and A teams and fill up the pipeline."

It seems to be working very well in the Northern Plains, as five Rookie Class teams completed six rounds at Skydive Twin Cities.

RankTeamLeagueAveragesBest 3
1DeLand 3D (US)FSL8.38.3
2Carolina McThuggetz (US)CASL5.35.3
3DeLand Aurai (US)FSL4.84.8
4Last Minute (US)NCSL2.5 - 4.53.5
5Lady Helicopter (US)NCSL2.32.3
6We Are Easy (US)NPSL2.22.2
7The FoxeZ (US)FSL1.81.8
8Team Ron (US)NCSL1.31.3
9Grippin Donuts (US)NPSL1.21.2
9Hair Force (US)MWSL1.21.2
9Not Yet (US)NPSL1.21.2
12Dock Dock Goose (us)CASL0.70.7
12Funnel Cake (US)NPSL0.70.7
12Cameltoes (US)MWSL0.70.7
123Ring Circus (US)NPSL0.70.7
16Team Alex (US)NCSL0.00.0
Rookie Class leader DeLand 3D with coach Robert Chromy
SDC Rhythm XP members JaNette Lefkowitz and Mikhail Markine were on a recruiting mission in the Midwest, as well. JaNette Lefkowitz managed the event, served as the judge and helped with coaching, while Mikhail Markine was the player coach for AA Class team SDC H.O.L.D.

Two Rookie Class teams competed at Skydive Midwest, where Cameltoes won the local competition in the first two rounds. The Hair Force tied the total of the Cameltoes after four rounds and added three more points in Round 6.

It is still a very young competition season, and the meets of six leagues have already generated a total of 16 new Rookie Class teams in the USA this year. It is a very promising start, and last weekend's overall leaderboard provides evidence for a strong Rookie Class surge this year. The Northern Plains Skydiving League is the new leader in Rookie Class participation, while the three teams of the Florida Skydiving League combine for the highest league scoring.

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