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Did You Know...

... that new Czech 4-way juniors posted their first Indoor Cloud League scores?

Jirina Klapkova and Martina Vavackova at work with Czech 4-way juniors
posted Aug 1st, 2019 - It did not take too long until the Indoor Cloud League response came from the Hurricane Factory, after the 114-point total of the Paraclete XP team for the month of July.

Jan Klapka's Czech ICL team was still in a similar situation as Paraclete XP was in June, when the XP Summer Classic outdoor competition required much of the attention in Raeford. The NSL News update on July 5th mentioned that the summer vacation of the Czech 4-way juniors makes it more difficult for Jan Klapka to run his Indoor Cloud League events, and the running outdoor season for the 4-way seniors does not make it much easier.

However, Jan Klapka keeps the Indoor Cloud League going in the summer at the Hurricane Factory, while the World Tunnel League competitions are scheduled only for the winter season. Teams are still training indoors during the outdoor season and can easily include the ICL sequences in their training program. HF Flying Circus did exactly that once again and posted the highest July scores for the AAA and AA sequences.

The summer break of the well trained junior teams (HF Cubs, Flying Rebels, Dragonflies, Chameleons, Ruzalky) allow other teams to score for the Hurricane Factory. The M Team, with player-coach Jan Klapka in the lineup, has usually strong opposition in the categories that the team is eligible for and posted the A Class highscore in July.

Hurricane Factory - JulyAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
Teams P,4,C,17 H,4,15 O,N,7 E,P,C M,O,N M,HTotal
HF Flying Circus2622----48
M Team161323---23
4 V Tunelu-1319----
HF Junior Blue---7111518
HF Junior Green-----2625

Hurricane Factory's Best of July26222371125114

Ready for action: 4-way juniors at the Hurricane Factory
The same situation also allows Jan Klapka to bring new 4-way juniors into the flying chamber for their first competition experiences. Not all of the young fliers are on vacation during their summer breaks, and new lineups made it to the leaderboard last month. The Blue and Green juniors had not posted any scores on earlier leaderboards.

The NSL News had met some of the new 4-way juniors in the Hurricane Factory earlier this year, as the update on April 27th reported. The NSL-TV video of the visit was showing the newest generation of 4-way juniors in training, with Jirina Klapkova helping with the preparations.

Some of the same 4-way juniors now posted their first scores for the Indoor Cloud League team, and the July videos from the Hurricane Factory are showing coach Jirina Klapkova once again assisting the youngest 4-way competitors in the world performing two of the Rookie Class sequences (RRR - RR).

Body sizes play a major role in the selection of the junior lineups, and the R Class junior team used up significantly more space in the flying chamber. The Hurricane Factory is currently on top of the July leaderboard.

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