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Did You Know...

... that Paraclete XP's Indoor Cloud League team had a strong comeback?

Paraclete XP's Indoor Cloud League July team
posted Jul 29th, 2019 - Paraclete XP's Indoor Cloud League team was on a break in June, as the NSL News reported on July 17th. The Paraclete XP Summer Classic had kept organizers and participants busy with preparations and logistics for the outdoor competition.

It will be very similar in the coming months, as Skydive Paraclete is also hosting the USPA Nationals 2019. The Formation Skydiving events are scheduled for the third week in September. ICL organizers Jessica Haugaard and Morgan Womble still managed to schedule an ICL event in July that attracted once again new ICL competitors to 4-way competition.

Jessica Haugaard also participated in the lineups for the AAA and AA sequences, together with other player coaches for the additional four ICL July scores.

Jeana Billings took the extra time, as well, even though she has a busy outdoor training agenda with her two teams, Ranch 2nd Generation in 4-way and Paraclete XP8. Her 4-way team will probably compete for the USPA bronze medals in 4-way Open. Paraclete XP8 are the defending 8-way champions and will have to be ready for the challenge by the Golden Knights.

Paraclete XP - JulyAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
Teams P,4,C,17 H,4,15 O,N,7 E,P,C M,O,N M,HTotal
Terry Seaworth, Chris Webb, Jess Haugaard, Jeana Billings, Matt Acord20-----20
Christopher Acevedo, Eric Harper, Dominic Perry, Jess Haugaard, Matt Acord-17----17
Keith Pierce, Dominic Perry, Chris Webb, Matt Acord--23---23
Emily Hill, Nate V., Bubba Brunson, Terry Seaworth---14--14
Charles Beasley, Carrie Bramlett, Peter Verduyn, Jeana Billings----191837

Paraclete XP's Best of July201723141918111

Paraclete XP player coaches in July
It was a strong comeback for Paraclete XP after the June break. The total of 111 points is the highest number since March and a point better than in April, the only month this year when Paraclete XP's ICL team outscored the Czech teams at the Hurricane Factory.

The July total will also be helpful for Paraclete XP in the ICL rankings of 2019, where the missing June score allowed iFLY Tampa and iFLY Seattle both to move ahead of Paraclete XP. The missing July scores will be added very soon, as the end of the month is near.

After a month of identical sequences for the 12+ and 14+ flying chambers in June, the ICL teams separate again for the July competition. Four of the six sequences (A - RRR - RR - R) are still identical, while the two Open Class sequences (AAA - AA) are different.

Paraclete XP's AAA Class lineup had Block 4 (Monopod - Monopod) as the first block of the sequence, while the 12+ teams performed Block 21 (Zig Zag - Marquis) instead. Both sequences included Block 17 (Danish T - Murphy) at the end, with memory training for both pieces. The finishing shape of Block 4 also offers the front piece the option to find back to the top of the first page. The AA sequences had only the same random formation (H - Bow) at the beginning of the sequence, followed by two different blocks.

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