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Did You Know...

... that the Arizona Skydiving League teams braved 108 degrees in Eloy last weekend?

108 degrees last weekend: ASL teams and competitors in Eloy
posted Jul 30th, 2019 - While Ranch 2nd Generation's Jeana Billings was helping the participants of the Indoor Cloud League event at Paraclete XP to the scores for the month of July, her team mate Michelle Karamon and Eliana Rodriguez managed the July meet of the Arizona Skydiving League in Eloy. They braved the extremely hot summer temperatures in Arizona last weekend, together with four teams. Eliana Rodriguez reported from Eloy that the temperature went up to 108 degrees at the hottest time of the day.

Three of the four teams attended their 7th outdoor meet of the year. The Arizona Skydiving League started with the first meet in January, and Skydive Arizona is hosting one meet per month throughout the whole year.

Last weekend's meet was also the 7th edition of the AAA Class duel between AZ Defiance and AZ Windfall, and Defiance continued their winning streak in this duel. They gave away the AAA top spot only once this year to AZ Crime in March. This time, Defiance finished with their second highest 2019 average (11.3) and the first clean 6-round meet. Judge Eliana Rodriguez did not find one reason to mark any of the 68 points.

AZ Windfall's scoresheet was just as clean, which Eliana Rodriguez complimented both teams for: "These 6-time league champs had a perfect meet with zero busts! In 2nd place AZ Windfall also had a perfect meet! Congratulations to our AAA teams on their great performance with this challenging block-heavy draw!"

Arizona Skydiving League July 2019
1 2 3 4 5 6 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class 2,4,C B,1,22 10,M,14 9,15,F N,J,G,7 6,12,3 Total Avg
1 AZ Defiance 11    10    11    12    14    10    68 11.3
2 Arizona Windfall 8    10    9    9    12    9    57 9.5
Rank AA Class 2,4 B,1,22 M,14,21 9,15 N,J,G,7 6,C,F Total Avg
1 Eggplant 5.0 7    6 -1 7 -1 5 -1 8    9    42 7.0
Rank A Class 2,4 B,7 M,21 9,F N,J,G 6,C Total Avg
1 3C 2    7 -1 8    6    5    2    30 5.0

MeXtreme at the FAI Mondial 2016
Eliana Rodriguez said that there was also a special guest from Mexico at this meet in Eloy: "His name is Luis Rios. He's the new member for the Mexican national 4-way team, MeXtreme. He wanted to get more 4-way experience under his belt, so he came out and joined some of the locals."

His pickup team 3C did an hour of indoor training together the day before the meet. Eliana Rodriguez explained that the team name 3C stands for the three countries the team members were from: Mexico, Peru, United States. She said that he plans to visit again for future meets of the Arizona Skydiving League.

His new team MeXtreme competed twice at the USPA Nationals (2015 and 2018) and represented Mexico at the FAI World Meet 2016.

Eggplant was one of the three teams who have attended each of the seven ASL meets this year, this time back in the AA Class. Eggplant consists of 16 different team members so far. Last weekend's lineup signed up for the second AA Class challenge. Eliana Rodriguez said that the team might be on the way to set a new record number of team members that USPA Advanced Class champion of 2000, Teiwaz, still owns.

AZ Defiance - Eggplant 5.0 - 3C at the July meet of the Arizona Skydiving League
Paul Marstall with Michelle Karamon and Eliana Rodriguez
Eliana Rodriguez is happy with the ASL 2019 season so far: "Many competitors came up to us thanking us for continuing to run these meets, they are having a blast. They look forward to these competitions every month. Not only are the competitors having fun and improving - so are the video guys. They are having a great time too!"

"Larsen & Brusgaard have been awesome for us this year and donated another L&B product, this time the Protrack II. AZ Defiance member Paul Marstall won it and donated his own L&B audible to one of the other competitors."

"In October, we plan on doing a 2-day meet, like a mini-nationals event, for the teams who are not going to travel to Raeford this year. They will have their own small version of nationals with a 10-round meet at Skydive Arizona.

We are hoping that we can also attract a few teams from outside of Arizona for a nice competition. We are working on getting some prizes for the participants and the winners. Of course, all the teams who compete at the USPA Nationals are welcome, too."

Skydive Arizona is also hosting the FAI World Cup 2019 in October.

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