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Did You Know...

... that Niklas Hemlin brought Airspeed news to iFLY Tampa?

Christine and Mike Deglau with AZ Crime at the ASL March meet
posted Aug 2nd, 2019 - The July competition of the World Tunnel League was exclusively a showdown between U.S. teams from the east and west coasts of the United States. Czech Republic, Brazil and Finland don't have events scheduled for each month of the year, as California and Florida have been doing it.

The teams from California completed the first six rounds in their 12-foot flying chambers of iFLY SF Bay and iFLY Sacramento, while the teams in Florida continued with the additional four rounds at iFLY Tampa, which include the blocks that require more space.

The tightest competition was the 1-battle between DeLoreans and Building Blocks for the 2nd place on the AAA Class leaderboard. The lineups of both teams actually included two DeLoreans members. California Tunnel League Director Lori Connor competed with her team mate Volker Haag at iFLY SF Bay (Christina and Mike Deglau), and with Matt Stephens for Building Blocks at iFLY Sacramento (Lisa Larkin, Maria Sheets). Christina and Mike Deglau live in the SF Bay area and also train and compete with AZ Crime. They have participated in NCSL and CATL events since 2013. Christina Deglau is in the tail slot for AZ Crime and switched to her first point job for DeLoreans.

Cali4nia Raptors had to replace Deanna Frank, and 4Tune member Lukasz Weber helped out as outside center. The three original Raptors moved to their B-slots to accommodate the A-slot for Lukasz Weber, who also competed for the first time in the AAA Class. He was on double duties, as 4Tune competed at the same event, as well.

World Tunnel League July 2019
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class P,21,C,17 B,1,18 16,M,14 9,15,F N,J,G,7 6,13,3 K,22,19 5,10,2 11,A,8 12,H,Q,E Total Avg
1 FSL Kickers Tampa FTL 20 19 18 25 24 15 17 15 16 21 121 19.0
2 DeLoreans CATL 15 13 16 23 22 11 - - - - 100 16.7
3 Building Blocks CATL 14 14 16 20 22 13 - - - - 99 16.5
4 Cali4nia Raptors CATL 15 13 14 19 19 12 - - - - 92 15.3
Rank AA Class H,9,21 B,1,18 M,14,F 9,15 N,J,G,7 6,13 K,22,19 4,2 11,A,8 20,H,Q,E Total Avg
1 SCZ ZEUS FTL 14 15 18 15 19 12 10 10 11 16 93 14.0
2 4Tune CATL 13 12 16 12 16 11 - - - - 80 13.3
3 SAC AA Team CATL 10 4 14 8 9 9 - - - - 54 9.0
Rank A Class O,N,7 B,21 M,F,C 9,D P,J,G 6,L K,19 4,2 A,8 H,Q,E Total Avg
1 SF Bay A Team CATL 14 9 15 12 15 10 - - - - 75 12.5
FSL Kickers Tampa - SCZ ZEUS at the July meet of the World Tunnel League
Niklas Hemlin with Florida competitors at iFLY Tampa
Arizona Airspeed member Niklas Hemlin visited Florida once again for a coaching weekend, which combined with the date that FTL Director Amer Kassas had set for the July competition of the World Tunnel League at iFLY Tampa.

Niklas Hemlin took the inside center slot for the FSL Kickers Tampa and guided the team to the 1st place on the AAA Class leaderboard. SCZ ZEUS, with Amer Kassas in the lineup, took the 1st place on the AA Class leaderboard. The Z-Hills team had competed with the same lineup at the Paraclete XP Summer Classic and will be back in Raeford in September for the USPA Nationals.

Niklas Hemlin had a few minutes at the end of the tunnel night for an Arizona Airspeed update. He said that his team is training hard with new member Matt Davidson. The former Golden Knights member and multiple 8-way world champion retired from the U.S. Army at the end of July, and Airspeed had to train in Raeford to accommodate his current situation.

The new Airspeed lineup spent 17 days at Skydive Paraclete and completed 130 jumps. They added seven hours of tunnel training at Paraclete XP. More training at Skydive Arizona will follow. Niklas Hemlin said that Airspeed plan to complete a total of 300 training jumps with Matt Davidson before the USPA Nationals in Raeford.

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