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Did You Know...

... that eX3MO won the 7th consecutive 4-way title in Italy?

1-point battle: Amnesya and eX3MO at the Italian Nationals 2017
posted Sep 13th, 2017 - The NSL News story on 29 August 2017 presented the dramatic outcome of the Italian Nationals 2017 from the perspective of the challenger, silver medalist Amnesya, who were facing a much stronger defending champion eX3MO than it may have been expected after the FAI World Cup 2017.

The story mentioned that the reigning Italian 4-way champion came to Fano with a different lineup after the five rounds in Saarlouis.

Federico Ancelotti had replaced Fabio Lorenzetti and joined his former Energy team mate Stefano Rossi for eX3MO. Energy had won the bronze medals at the Italian Nationals 2016 and not continued.

The team of the newer generation of Italian 4-way teams will now compete at the FAI Indoor World Meet in Canada, while eX3MO collected another Italian 4-way outdoor title and is the old and new national team in 4-way Open.

It is still not clear yet who will compete for Italy at the FAI World Championship of Formation Skydiving 2018 in Australia. The qualification for the event may take place next year, depending on the timing between national championship and world championship.

FAI World Cup 2017
Rank4-way Open - Top 10L,O,F,K,11C,3,713,2,G1,17,20(5,E,21)TotalAvg
1NMP PCH HayaBusaBE 35 26 21 20(28)10225.5
2RealFly-SionFR 35 26 20 20(23)10125.3
3SDC Rhythm XPUS 33 24 20 16(-)9323.3
4Black CatRU 26 24 17 18(24)8521.3
5bUSA DefianceUS 26 22 16 17(19)8120.3
6AirbusDE 27 21 17 15(19)8020.0
7Espoir Saumur WeembiFR 25 19 16 18(16)7819.5
8Papea MasculinoES26191214(18)7117.8
8ISR FireFlashBE24181415(19)7117.8
11Airheads RealflyCH24201313(19)7017.5
12Espoir Maubeuge WeembiFR24171213(12)6616.5
12AtomiX YUUDE19191315(16)6616.5
eX3MO 8-way lineup in 2004
The team name eX3MO was created in 2001, inspired by the Italian painter Rudi Mascheretti from Alassio in Italy, and the first lineup consisted of Alessandro "Ale" Betti, Giorgio "Jack" Verga, Massimo "Max" Pugi and Roberto "Robby" Valli, with Nicola "Jomax" Giommoni on camera.

Original member Massimo Pugi was injured at the Italian Nationals 2002, and the 4-way project came to an early halt. However, Francesco "Tego" Tegoni decided to launch an 8-way project and began to invite the first lineup, including the eX3MO members. The team was called eX3MO 8way and included the original 4-way members Alessandro Betti, Giorgio Verga and Roberto Valli.

Francesco Tegoni also invited Fabrizzio "Fabry" Del Giudice, Fabio Tassan, Luca Stanga and Placido "Paci" Udine. Paolo Colombo and Stefano Visco were filming the team, and French-Italian 4-way and 8-way celebrity Davide Moy was coaching the team.

The first eX3MO 8-way lineup had a good start with the 4th place at the FAI World Meet 2003 in Gap, France, and some of the first eX3MO 8-way members are still in the current 4-way team.

Italian Nationals 2017
RankAAA ClassB,D,15,PN,Q,F,8L,C,H,618,J,A,19E,1,M,11G,2,322,7,1020,K,1612,O,94,5,21TotalAvg
4Stand By1518161114121110121113013.0
FAI 8-way bronze medals in 2008
New 8-way members joined the 8-way lineup after the first success (Fabio "Lore" Lorenzetti, Massimo "Max" Rao, Marco Arrigo, new videographer Luca "Fonta" Fontanella).

Original 8-way member Placido Udine remembers that there was great enthusiasm in Italy: "The Italian championships had numerous good and new 4-way and 8-way teams, and eX3MO also resumed with 4-way in 2005."

Placido Udine, Francesco Tegoni, Fabio Lorenzetti and Luca Stanga were in the new eX3MO 4-way lineup, with Gianluca "Megor" Magri on camera, and won the Italian bronze medals at the team's first national championships.

However, main goal was a place on the 8-way podium at FAI world meets and world cups, and eX3MO's 8-way team traveled to the U.S.A. for intensive training camps in the following years.

More personnel changes brought Ivano "Ivan" Quadrio to the eX3MO lineup in 2006, while original 8-way member Fabio Tassan came back. Craig Girard and Dan BC helped the eX3MO lineups with coaching on the road to FAI 8-way medals in 2008, which included silver medals at the FAI World Cup 2005, and bronze at the Malevsky Memorial Cup 2007 in Russia.

The 8-way goal was eventually achieved with the bronze medals at the FAI World Meet 2008 in Maubeuge, France.

FAI World Meet 2008
Rank8-way Open17,P,4H,13,76,M,19,22,C16,J,8K,F,G,18O,Q,5,12TotalAvg
7South AfricaZA14916121311-7512.5
7th consecutive Italian 4-way title in 2017
The eX3MO 8-way project came to an end after Maubeuge, and a new 4-way lineup decided to continue in 2010.

Placido Udine, Fabio Lorenzetti, Ivano Quadrio and new member Mario "Marietto" Fattoruso started 4-way training, with Fiorini "Max" Massimo on camera. Pete Allum was coaching the team and was available as the alternate.

The new eX3MO 4-way team trained and competed together for three years, with a 20+ average at the FAI Mondial 2012 in Dubai as the main goal. Disaster struck with Placido Udine's car accident two days before the departure to Dubai. Coach Pete Allum had to step in and help eX3MO to the 7th place with a 19.9 average.

Only Placido Udine, Fabio Lorenzetti and videographer Fiorini Massimo were ready to continue and re-build the team in 2013.

Marco Arrigo and Antonella Chiarin joined the 4-way lineup, won the 4th consecutive 4-way title for eX3MO and then competed at the FAI World Meet 2014 in Prostejov.

eX3MO won again in 2015 and competed for Italy at the next world meet, the FAI Mondial 2016, then won a new 4-way title this summer...

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