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FAI World Cup of Formation Skydiving
There are no scores available.

News Associated With This Event

Did you know that NMP PCH HayaBusa gave away a round to the Qatar Tigers in Germany?
posted: Jul 19th, 2017 It was almost exactly a year ago when the Sun Path Products NSL News reported an "undetected move" by the Qatar Tigers. The world class team from the Arabian Peninsula, who have moved themselves up... (more)
Did you know that Chimera has two substitutes for the 2017 season?
posted: Jun 28th, 2017 The Sun Path Products NSL News continues with updates from the United Kingdom, as the current personnel changes will probably shake up the results and rankings at this year's national 4-way events. Changes... (more)
Did you know that 4mula had to withdraw from the FAI World Cup 2017?
posted: Jun 27th, 2017 The recent NSL Live Talk with NMP PCH HayaBusa coach Gary Smith on 22 June also provided some information of the current 4-way situation in the United Kingdom. Gary Smith was working with NFTO in Spain... (more)
Did you know that 30 teams are registered for the FAI World Cup 2017 in Saarlouis?
posted: Jun 9th, 2017 The Sun Path Products NSL News began with the preview of the FAI World Cup 2017 on 18 May, just a few days before the registration deadline. The official preliminary registration list is showing the... (more)
Did you know that Mass Defiance is going overseas this summer?
posted: Apr 21st, 2017 Mass Defiance, USPA Advanced Class champion of 2005 usually makes the Sun Products NSL News headlines after the USPA Nationals or the indoor competition at SkyVenture New Hampshire. The New England... (more)