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Did You Know...

... that last weekend's AA Class leaderboard features international top competition?

Southern Mix XP 2017 lineup
posted Jul 19th, 2017 - Seattle Swift responded quickly last weekend and sent the next strong message to potential AAA/Advanced Class medal contenders at the USPA Nationals this year.

The 13.0 average is on the leaderboard, and only a 7-pointer in Round 4 did not allow the NWSL Swift (Seattle) to score higher than MWSL Swift (CSC) a week earlier.

The AA Class and Rookie Class teams outscored AAA and A last weekend, and the Sun Path Products NSL News will go back later to the other two leaderboards.

The weather situation at the different meet locations allowed the completion between only two rounds at Skydive Tennessee and seven rounds at Skydive Spaceland in Texas and Skydive City in Florida, and the AA Class leaderboard is showing the adjusted rankings after the two rounds that all ten teams completed.

NSL-TV is featuring two all-female lineups, one from Texas (BOOBS) and one from Skydive Tennessee (Southern Mix). Both teams seem to move into medal contention positions in the AA/Intermediate Class competition at the USPA Nationals 2017.

July 15th, 2017
RankAA ClassF,A,C,918,15L,2,B1,8P,Q,619,N,M7,H,4TotalAvg
2Southern MixUS187-----2512.5
3Pajama PumasUK168111015--2412.0
4Babes on our Bellies (BOOBs)US1671091111-2310.7
5Spaceland ToxicUS14677121210209.7
5Dive Hard 4.0UK146969--208.8
7SDC ZEUSUS13510611810189.0
8SPX Toxic HevehUS1069813129169.6
8Purple HaZeUS1155696-167.0
BOOBS at the Texas Shootout 2017
Southern Mix started out in the Southern Skydiving League 2015 with a mixed lineup, including Jimmy Xu, who would win a USPA AA/Intermediate Class gold medal a year later with Zhills PreciZion and has now joined Fast4ward XP for the AAA/Advanced Class competition.

John D'Annunzio eventually guided Jeana Billings, Jolene Dressel and Glenn Lambert as the player coach to a jump-off for bronze medals two years ago, with Matt McLean on camera.

Southern Mix XP moved up into the AAA Class in 2016 where they competed at the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship and then in the Advanced Class at the USPA Nationals 2016.

This year, the two original members Jeana Billings (Outside Center) and Jolene Dressel (Inside Center) have teamed up with Jennifer Benetti-Longhini (Point) and Marion Stallworth (Tail), while Glenn Lambert has taken the camera slot, and the 2017 lineup is back in the AA/Intermediate Class.

Skydive Tennessee is Southern Mix XP's home turf, who hosted the SSL meet last weekend and provided free camera slots.

AA Class medal contention: Vantage
Babes On Our Bellies (BOOBS) made the Sun Path Products NSL News headlines when the team members first participated at the Indoor Cloud League events at iFLY Houston and then formed the team.

BOOBS made the Top 10 in the AA/Intermediate Class at the USPA Nationals 2016 and are back this year in the same category.

They will meet the all-female lineup of Southern Mix XP at the USPA Nationals for an unofficial and internal AA/Intermediate Class showdown in 4-way Women.

Last weekend's top spot on the AA Class leaderboard belongs to British team Vantage, who were in 1st place after Round 2 and battled with Pajama Pumas for the top spot throughout the five rounds at Skydive North in Cark.

Vantage created a 4-point advantage in the first two rounds before Pajama Pumas came back strongly and finished only one single point behind.

Both teams perform on a scoring level that will be competitive for this year's AA Class gold medals at the national championships.

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