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... that NSL-TV features Chris Farina with CSC Swift?

1st place as guest team: Seattle Swift
posted Jul 16th, 2017 - The Sun Path Products NSL News is quickly going back to last weekend's leaderboard before new scores will be posted very soon.

Midwest Skydiving League team CSC Swift was the only AAA Class team and completed all ten rounds on their home turf at the Chicagoland Skydiving Center.

CSC Swift is not the only team with this name, and the other Swift of the Northwest Skydiving League, Seattle Swift, posted some AAA Class scores earlier this year.

Both teams competed in different categories last year, and they ended up on different leaderboards at the USPA Nationals. Seattle Swift finished in 1st place of the AA/Intermediate Class as a guest team, while CSC Swift competed in the AAA/Advanced Class. This year, Seattle and CSC Swift will compete directly against each other in the same category, with a very good chance to being in contention for USPA medals.

CSC Swift seems to be slightly ahead, as the two leaderboards from the Northwest and the Midwest are showing. However, the MWSL scores were posted almost a month after the Northwest's, and the USPA Nationals are still more than ten weeks away. Both teams have enough time to get to last year's 14+ medal level in the Advanced Class.

July 8th, 2017
RankAAA ClassO,7,E,17A,21,128,F,J,9N,L,14,613,19,151,M,H,P5,4,202,11,3Q,G,10,D22,18,KTotalAvg
1CSC SwiftMWSL17(-1)1219131119101013913313.3
June 17th, 2017
RankAAA ClassP,11,H,1615,5,K3,7,181,O,219,8,1417,Q,B,DTotalAvg
1Seattle SwiftNWSL141111411166711.2
Original CSC Swift lineup
CSC Swift launched the team project after the end of the 2015 season when Eric Bambach had left MWSL team Jetstream Tango. The original lineup (Irina Meshcheryakova - Outside Center, Eric Bambach - Point, Alex Bucevicius - Inside Center, Drew Porter - Tail, Kevin Naftzger - Camera) trained and competed throughout the 2016 season with coach Chris Farina.

The same lineup started into the 2017 season, only with a new coach. Retired Arizona Airspeed member Thomas Hughes began working with CSC Swift. He also filled the open inside center slot at the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2017 when Alex Bucevicius was not available.

Things changed in May this year when the original lineup eventually disbanded. Alex Bucevicius and Drew Porter did not continue, while Irina Meshcheryakova and Eric Bambach began to make new plans with a different CSC Swift lineup.

They found Obed Velazquez who took the tail slot for the Midwest team, even though he lives in Miami, Florida.

USPA Nationals 2016
R.Advanced Class20,D,E,22M,9,512,8,7H,L,16,15F,A,N,J,17G,6,3K,B,Q,P,C18,10,1113,21,414,1,19TotalAvg
1Skydive Midwest NEXT162112132616311114916916.9
2Ranch 2nd Generation1317131520142411131015015.0
3AF Bachelor Party1319131518142011121214714.7
4CSC Survival Instinct122011142313231171214614.6
5AZ Defiance131812141813229121114214.2
6AF Obsidian131811121814219101013613.6
7Four Horseman111513151911197131113413.4
7CSC Swift121610142012218111013413.4
9DeOrbit Burn121611131611208101012712.7
10Perris Event Horizon111511131712201010612512.5
11Fabio's Angels111610121612157101011911.9
13Southern Mix XP111681015121679911311.3
15Perris Quattro1291071791979910810.8
16Perris Flight SP101391011121898710710.7
17Quatre Francais Invite1014981391789910610.6
18Perris Dauntless Five10149111691188810410.4
20Dallas Momentum613910141016775979.7
21Dallas Disturbio10109714914869969.6
22SDC Jetstream Tango71496101012899949.4
23Elsinore Vortex101281011813666909.0
24Dallas Disturbed8139711711786878.7
25Deland Momentum911761377765787.8
CSC Swift with player coach Thomas Hughes at Paraclete
The inside center slot was still open, and CSC Swift was looking for options for the remainder of the 2017 season. Former Swift coach Chris Farina still had room in his 2017 calendar, even though he has accepted a player coaching slot with Dallas 350 this year.

He is now training with the Midwest and the Texas teams both, and the Swift members know that he will not be available for the USPA Nationals. The Swift 4-way (including original videographer Kevin Naftzger) still has to find a new inside center.

Chris Farina competed with the team at the July meet of the Midwest Skydiving League, and the 10-round video is showing the former Airspeed member in action.

In the meantime, CSC Swift continues the recruiting efforts for the open slot. Several advanced 4-way competitors are on the Swift list, even though the team is still ready to accept a temporary solution with another player coach for the USPA Nationals if the lineup cannot be completed early enough. The Midwest Skydiving League has scheduled one more meet in September, where the new team member can be warmed up before the USPA Nationals...

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