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Did You Know...

... that Seattle Swift lost six points and 15 seconds of working time?

Otter Droppings in Snohomish
posted Jul 20th, 2017 - Teams of the Northwest Skydiving League were back in action last weekend, and two of them competed in the AAA Class, together with two British teams.

The AAA Class leaderboard did not need any adjustments, despite the different number of rounds at both locations, and Seattle Swift took the top position with a new team record average for a AAA Class meet.

Swift improved the June average by almost two points and has arrived at the 13+ level. The forecast progression seems to continue as it did last year on the way to the 1st place at the USPA Nationals, where Swift competed as a guest team in the AA/Intermediate Class.

Once again, Seattle Swift's meet average could have been even better without the same exit trouble that the team was dealing with in Round 4 at the June meet. By strange coincidence, last weekend's competition draw created exactly the same exit for the Round 4 sequence (Block 1: Snowflake - Snowflake), and Seattle Swift lost several points on the first page in a similar way as four weeks earlier.

The next NWSL meet is scheduled for August 19th; however, chances are little that Block 1 will be drawn again for any of the exit formations, while everything is still possible in a random draw. There is also another NWSL meet scheduled in September and before the USPA Nationals.

July 15th, 2017
RankAAA ClassF,A,C,910,18,15L,12,21,17,8P,Q,6,B19,N,M,43,7,HG,11,20TotalAvg
1Seattle SwiftUS18101071915131210413.0
2Cark Americano'sUK1568813---5010.0
3Otter Droppings US1467791078688.5
Random Blockage in Snohomish
NWSL director Deb Correia held her meets once again at two different locations last weekend, Snowhomish and Kapowsin: "Two teams came to Skydive Snohomish and three to Skydive Kapowsin. The weather was beautiful on Saturday, and the two AAA teams, Seattle Swift and Otter Droppings, jumped all day."

She said that Seattle Swift has a busy month of training, including another camp with Christy Frikken: "They continue to increase their average heading to the USPA Nationals. The team had an 11.2 average at the first meet of the season as they transitioned to AAA, so they made significant gains in one month."

The total after eight rounds did not only include the exit mishap in Round 4. Deb Correia said that Swift also lost six points due to infringements and approx. 15 seconds of working time for the Snowflake exit: "Most of the busts were coming in the first round, plus another difficult Block 1 launch where they lost about 15 seconds of working time, so the potential for increasing their average is easily within reach."

Sunday morning started with clouds at both drop zones. Two A Class teams were scheduled to compete: Random Blockage at Snohomish, and Still Pending at Kapowsin. Deb Correia said that the forecast for Kapowsin was not very promising, and Still Pending eventually decided not to make the 2-hour trip: "One of the Still Pending team members, Katie Gregg, does not have the required C license to jump at Skydive Snohomish, but she's getting close..."

July 15th, 2017
RankAAA ClassF,A,C,910,18,15L,12,21,17,8P,Q,6,B19,N,M,43,7,HG,11,20TotalAvg
1Seattle Swift18101071915131210413.0
Roster: Andrew Gaiovyi (Inside Center), Djordje Mandaric (Outside Center), Denis Pershakov (Tail), Dmitry Rudchenko (Point), Andrey Ulanov (Video)
June 17th, 2017
RankAAA ClassP,11,H,1615,5,K3,7,181,O,219,8,1417,Q,B,DTotalAvg
1Seattle Swift141111411166711.2
Roster: Andrew Gaiovyi (Inside Center), Djordje Mandaric (Outside Center), Denis Pershakov (Tail), Dmitry Rudchenko (Point), Andrey Ulanov (Video)
"Silly happy": Olga Nikolova with Get A Grip!
The NWSL teams had to deal with some personnel changes too: "Random Blockage was able to start jumping at Snohomish around noon, and they made six jumps. IC Jeremy Richmond tweaked his knee, and Ahmed Abdussalam filled in for the last jump of the day.”

"Randy Barbee's shoulder injury is keeping him from jumping, so Amira Morghem filled in for him at this meet. The team was weathered out in June, and this was the first time they all jumped together. They ended the day with a 4.0 average. It was a twist for the two teams, since last month Still Pending was able to jump at Kapowsin, while Random Blockage was weathered out at Snohomish."

Rookie Class team Get a Grip! jumped at Skydive Kapowsin on Sunday: "Though the weather wasn't forecast to be good, it turned out fine, and the team was able to make five jumps. They completed the meet with a 6-point average, which included a highscore of 13 points in Round 2."

She said that Get a Grip! member Olga Nikolova has been participating at the Indoor Cloud League events for a year and has been very enthusiastic about getting a team together: "It has been a struggle to get all of the pieces to fall into place, but it worked out this month."

Olga Nikolova reported success on her Facebook page: "It's possible, the Earth may have stood still as I got to do 4-way in the sky on an actual team for the first time! So much fun, I'm silly happy!" Deb Correia shared the excitement with her: "This is the enthusiasm we are always seeking...!"

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