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Did You Know...

... that Savolo is the most improved national 4-way Open Class team of 2016?

posted Jan 5th, 2017 - The end of the 2016 competition season settles the final Team World Rankings that the Sun Path Products NSL News has kept track of for a few years.

The 2016 review begins with the 4-way outdoor scores, and it includes all AAA Class teams, regardless the gender of the lineups. The annual ranking of the Top 4 teams is identical with the results of the FAI Mondial 2016. The four best national teams in the world also won the three sets of 4-way Open Class medals and finished in the same order.

1NMP PCH HayaBusaBE24.8 - 26.225.5
2Arizona AirspeedUS24.3 - 25.4 - 26.525.4
3France 4-way OpenFR23.7 - 23.4 - 23.823.6
4Black CatRU23.1 - 21.622.4
4Golden Knights F4US22.422.4
6Golden Knights GoldUS22.322.3
7France WomenFR22.1 - 22.6 - 21.722.1
7Qatar Tigers QA21.5 - 22.622.1
7SDC Rhythm XPUS20.4 - 23.822.1
NMP PCH HayaBusa and Arizona Airspeed are closer together in the annual rankings than they were at the world meet, which was the opposite between France and Black Cat.

The Qatar Tigers picked up the pace at the world meet and finished ahead of the two best teams in 4-way Women, Golden Knights and French Weembi Girls, who are slightly ahead of the Tigers in the world rankings.

The 22.3 average of the Golden Knights Gold team at the USPA Nationals 2016 added a fourth U.S. team to the Top 10 rankings. This gave Jennifer Davidson a second slot in the Top 10, as she also won the 4-way Women gold medals with the Golden Knights F4 team.

11Thunder ISRBE21.221.2
12Satori XLUK20.2 - 20.3 - 20.4 - 21.020.6
14Airbus IllertissenDE20.8 - 19.4 - 19.920.0
16Mass DefianceUS19.219.2
17Arizona AlphaUS19.019.0
18Turbo 2.0US18.318.3
19Artemis Saumur FlyzoneFR17.8 - 18.318.1
19Vision 99UK18.118.1
19Gryttjom VoloSE18.118.1
224mulaUK17.2 - 18.517.9
22Ex3moIT18.4 - 17.417.9
22Final FireAT18.0 - 17.817.9
JaNette Lefkowitz is in the same situation. SDC Rhythm XP's new inside center competed for the Golden Knights at the world meet in the outside center slot and secured her second Top 10 position.

Thunder ISR is leading the group of teams behind the full-time competitors in the Top 10 spots and is ahead of several other national 4-way teams, including Satori XL. Thunder finishes the team's competition career as the best unofficial amateur team in the world.

The U.S.A. have placed four more AAA Class teams in the Top 20 world rankings after the USPA Nationals 2016, which confirms the position as the 4-way powerhouse in the world. However, the U.S. delegation still has to win back the William H. Ottley Sword for Formation Skydiving Competition, also known as the Excalibur, which is still in Belgian possession.

25NFTOUK17.4 - 17.517.5
26XO TeamRU17.117.1
26Montreal FuzionCA17.117.1
26Rotor OutAU17.6 - 16.617.1
31EclipseUK16.3 - 17.416.9
31Energy CumianaIT16.916.9
33SavoloZA15.5 - 17.916.7
34Perris KissUS16.616.6
36AtomiXDE16.2 - 16.7 - 15.916.3
37PangaeaDK13.7 - 16.3 - 14.9 - 16.415.9
38Dallas 350US16.7 - 14.815.8
40Tanay WolvesRU15.615.6
40Skydive Midwest NextUS14.1 - 15.9 - 16.915.6
42ChimeraUK14.7 - 16.115.4
43Pro TeamFI15.215.2
46Amnesya RW4 TeamIT15.115.1
47Ranch 2nd GenerationUS15.015.0
47Les StuntsBE14.2 - 15.715.0
49Spaceland LiteUS14.8 - 15.014.9
50BellatrixAU14.5 - 15.014.8
Germany's national team Airbus is coming back with a new lineup this year, as the Sun Path Products NSL News reported on November 9th. Ex3mo competed for Italy and Final Fire for Austria at the FAI Mondial 2016 where the Austrians had the upper hand.

The AAA team world rankings have listed a total of 161 teams for the 2016 season, and the first 50 teams are shown here.

The third group of teams begins with a 4-way Women team on the top. NFTO won the bronze medals for Great Britain at the FAI Mondial 2016, after a tough battle with Canada's Parachute Montreal Fuzion team.

Five teams are tied with 17.1 averages, two of them from Russia after their national championships in Tanay at the end of September. Australia's national 4-way Open Class team Rotor Out is a part of the 17.1 group.

Savolo also picked up the pace at the end of the 2016 season and showed their best at the FAI Mondial. The South Africans are behind Ex3mo, Final Fire and Rotor Out in the world rankings and finished ahead of the three national teams from Italy, Austria and Australia in Ottawa.

Pangaea from Denmark was much closer to Rotor Out after the ten world meet rounds than the world ranking numbers are showing, and China's 4-way Open Class team completes the group of national teams in 43rd place.

Les Stunts (Belgium) and Bellatrix (Australia) are the last two 4-way Women teams in the Top 50 and are ranked in the same order as they finished in Ottawa.

M4trix (Netherlands), H4O (Ireland) and MeXtreme (Mexico) are the only 4-way Open Class teams who competed at the Mondial and did not make it to the Top 50 rankings.

The Sun Path Products NSL News will follow up soon with more 2016 world rankings.

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