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Scores for Meet on Nov 18th, 2005

Nov 18th, 2005
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class 20,P,G,L O,C,15,M 5,6,K A,Q,7,J H,13,14 22,4,11 N,21,8 16,E,12 1,10,17 F,3,2 Total Avg
1 Sinapsi PD  IT  E 23 28 20 30 19 15 19 15 16 21 206 20.6
2 Teiwa-Z-Hills E 16 18 16 23 14 13 14 14 12 16 156 15.6
Rank AA Class 20,P,G O,C,15 11,6 A,Q,7 H,13,14 22,4 N,21,8 9,E,18 1,19 F,L,2 Total Avg
1 Air Force Prodigy E 12 14 11 16 9 9 11 12 0 0 94 9.4
2 FSC Wind Damaged E 8 8 8 11 9 7 9 9 7 11 87 8.7
3 Airlock E 10 8 8 12 6 8 9 6 6 10 83 8.3
Rank A Class P,G,L O,C,9 6,K A,Q,7 H,B,D J,4 N,21 8,E M,19 F,L,2 Total Avg
1 Zero Tolerance Miami E 5 7 6 7 0 4 4 3 6 3 45 4.5
Rank Rookie M,P,G B,C,L O,K,F E,A,Q B,D,H M,J,P O,N,G E,C,K M,L,A B,F,Q Total Avg
1 Team America E 10 8 7 9 8 10 9 8 10 14 93 9.3

News Associated With This Event

Did you know that Phil Roberson wrote a great SkyQuest story for the Parachutist?
posted: Dec 30th, 2005 The January 2006 issue of USPA's Parachutist includes a great story with nice pictures of SkyQuest 2005. Freefall photographer Phil Roberson collected information and materials live at Fantasy of Flight... (more)
Did you know that rounds five and six of the NSL Championship started the slower part of the meet?
posted: Dec 30th, 2005 Round five of the NSL Championship at SkyQuest 2005 was already posted without further comment before the Holiday break of the NSL News. Round six has now been added, and the previous rounds can still... (more)
Did you know that the SkyQuest 2005 Kaleidoscope Dives were a test for the World Team?
posted: Dec 17th, 2005 The NSL News mentioned at earlier stories covering the NSL Championship at SkyQuest 2005 that the other events of the annual event at Fantasy of Flight deserve additional attention, as well. Chris Hayes,... (more)
Did you know that round four had the highest scores of the NSL Championship 2005?
posted: Dec 15th, 2005 Round four of the NSL Championship is now on NSL-TV, while the previous rounds can still be viewed at the SkyQuest website. The sequence of round four, A-Q-7-J for the AAA Class and A-Q-7 for AA and... (more)
Did you know that round three of the NSL Championship is now on NSL-TV?
posted: Dec 5th, 2005 The seven meet videos covering round three of the NSL Championship at SkyQuest 2005 have now been uploaded. The links to these videos of round three can once again be found at the NSL-TV page or in the... (more)
Did you know that Ian Bobo won the Fantasy Swoop at SkyQuest 2005?
posted: Dec 3rd, 2005 The first event story of the other events at SkyQuest 2005 has now been provided by Fantasy Swoop manager Chris Hayes. The scores of the Fantasy Swoop can be found at the Fantasy Swoop pages of the SkyQuest... (more)
Did you know that Prodigy won the third NSL title for the Air Force?
posted: Dec 1st, 2005 Round two of the NSL Championship at SkyQuest 2005 is already posted. The earlier rounds of the meet will not be lost when a new round has been posted. The NSL pages of the SkyQuest Florida website include... (more)
Did you know that Fastrax has a new line-up for the 2006 season?
posted: Nov 30th, 2005 The NSL News is now back in business after a long break for SkyQuest 2005 preparations and the aftermath of the NSL event. The next stories will cover SkyQuest 2005 and the NSL Championship. The first... (more)
Did you know that the Rookie Class has its debut at the NSL Championship 2005?
posted: Nov 15th, 2005 The last NSL News story went through the history of the NSL Championship and SkyQuest Florida. The story ended with Arizona Blade putting the last team name on the NSL Shugar Cup in 2004. The engraved... (more)
Did you know that this is the 5th year for SkyQuest Florida?
posted: Nov 10th, 2005 There is only one single event left on the NSL Calendar of Events this year. SkyQuest 2005, including the NSL Championship, the Kaleidoscope Dives with BJ Worth, Team Elite with Guy Wright and the Fantasy... (more)
Did you know that Sinapsi PD with Pete Allum resumes the team training while Thomas Hughes is still waiting?
posted: Nov 8th, 2005 The NSL News story on October 17 had provided an update of the "Pete Allum Case" and FAI's revised rules for international eligibility. The NSL News story on October 23 followed up with an update how... (more)
Did you know that DeLand Fire and PD Factory Team merge for a successful and attractive combination?
posted: Sep 27th, 2005 The NSL News on September 8 was still coming from Perris Valley Skydiving, host of the USPA Nationals 2005. The story covered the two members of DeLand Fire, the new USPA 4-way champion and national... (more)
Did you know that SkyQuest 2005 offers $5,000 cash and more after the NSL Playoffs this weekend?
posted: Aug 16th, 2005 The NSL Playoffs are the official qualification event to the NSL Championship. The National Skydiving League structured its skydiving competition season into different levels from the very beginning and... (more)