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Did You Know...

... that Ian Bobo won the Fantasy Swoop at SkyQuest 2005?

Swooping pond at SkyQuest 2005
posted Dec 3rd, 2005 - The first event story of the other events at SkyQuest 2005 has now been provided by Fantasy Swoop manager Chris Hayes. The scores of the Fantasy Swoop can be found at the Fantasy Swoop pages of the SkyQuest website. Chris Hayes also sells the remaining official SkyQuest 2005 T-shirts, which are offered in the NSLShop, as well. Here is Chris Hayes' event story:
Winners of the Fantasy Swoop 2005

Fantasy Swoop at SkyQuest 2005

Ian Bobo won the swoop competition at SkyQuest 2005 and took home $1,500 cash. Bobo a member of the Performance Designs Factory Swoop Team has had an outstanding year winning the World Cup of Canopy Piloting and taking gold at the USPA National Championship in 4-way with his team DeLand Fire.

Bobo appears on the event T-shirt this year performing his signature freestyle move called a 'Cowboy' which he created and named.

Playground at Fantasy of Flight
SkyQuest takes place at the "Fantasy of Flight" museum each year in Polk City, Florida, and includes the annual NSL Championship, big ways with the Kaleidescope Dives and Team Elite, the Fantasy Swoop competition and many other activities on the museum grounds. Fantasy of Flight is spread out over a large area and offers visitors a chance to visit all the vintage aircraft and take a variety of tours.

This year’s event included attractions for the whole family with bounce houses and live shows to keep the kids entertained. This is the fifth year for the event at this location. The National Skydiving League plans on making the event even bigger next year.

Shannon Pilcher after a battle with the swooping pond and its landing area
Shannon Pilcher took second place and $750. Marat Leiras with a strong performance took third and $500. Despite some cross winds at this years event making the swoop rounds even more challenging, eight rounds in the individual competition were completed.

A 24-inch wide lane challenged competitors along with a zig zag course, a carving accuracy event and two rounds of freestyle following the PST Freestyle format.

Spectators at SkyQuest 2005
Chief judge Karine Leblond and her team of Jennifer Leiras, Kolla Kolbeinsdottir, Robin Miller taking video and Justin Carmody capturing some exciting pictures did an outstanding job scoring the swoop event despite the difficult conditions.

Jim Slaton was also on hand at this year’s event commentating for the public that showed up, explaining the rules and doing athlete bios as the competitors were zooming by creating an exciting atmosphere for the onlookers. There were more than a few ooh and aahs from the crowd.

SkyQuest 2005 T-shirt
This year’s main event sponsors included Performance Designs and Jump Institute. Each of these companies supported the event offering prize money for the Fantasy Swoop and the NSL Championship. Performance Designs has been one of the biggest supporters of the sports of Canopy Piloting and NSL Formation Skydiving competition since inception and continues to lead the industry with their superior products, support and education. The company's dedication to the sport of skydiving and to the safety of their customers far exceeds what most people can imagine. Thank you, Performance Designs. Sun Path Products, the National Skydiving League and Fantasy of Flight also donated money towards cash prizes and are featured on this year’s official event T-shirt. The remaining SkyQuest 2005T-shirts are now available in the NSLShop and will be sold to the whole skydiving community.
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