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Did You Know...

... that rounds five and six of the NSL Championship started the slower part of the meet?

posted Dec 30th, 2005 - Round five of the NSL Championship at SkyQuest 2005 was already posted without further comment before the Holiday break of the NSL News. Round six has now been added, and the previous rounds can still be viewed at the NSL page of the SkyQuest website.

Round five was the beginning of the slower part of the 10-round competition draw. The top scorer, Italy's national team Sinapsi PD, was at a 25.3 average after the first fur rounds of the competition. The 19-pointer of round five was the first score below 20 points, even though it was still more than a respectable performance for H-13-14.

Sinapsi PD's round five at SkyQuest 2005
Round six was a sequence of three blocks (22-4-11) and the slowest jump of the NSL Championship. Sinapsi PD completed 15 points in time, and the average was now down to 22.5 after six rounds. There were three more slower and more technical rounds to come before round ten offered the last opportunity to make up a few points and improve the meet average for the records.

Team member Pete Allum explained after the competition that the NSL Championship was as a good place to start off from after the team had received final word that the new line-up would be eligible for next year's world meet in Germany. The jumps and the scores would be used to evaluate the current performance status and to serve as the starting point for the next training.

Sinapsi PD's round six at SkyQuest 2005
Pete Allum added that the 15-pointer in round six left plenty of room for improvement: "It will be our goal to turn the 15 into a 17 very soon. In the long term, we aim to score 19 points for the same sequence." The Italian team had a training camp soon after the NSL Championship, and the scores of training meets were already on a significantly higher level. The next training camp for Sinapsi PD is scheduled for January in DeLand.
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