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Did You Know...

... that Prodigy won the third NSL title for the Air Force?

posted Dec 1st, 2005 - Round two of the NSL Championship at SkyQuest 2005 is already posted. The earlier rounds of the meet will not be lost when a new round has been posted. The NSL pages of the SkyQuest Florida website include a separate scoring table that keeps all links to meet videos available.

Besides the usual 4-way coverage, the NSL News will soon follow up with more general information of SkyQuest 2005. The last NSL event of the year at Fantasy of Flight offers more than only the NSL Championship.

Teiwa-Z-Hills features the AAA Class sequence of round two
In fact, the combination of the Kaleidoscope Dives, Team Elite, Fantasy Swoop and the NSL Championship all together actually make for the unique character of SkyQuest Florida. The hosting event site, Fantasy of Flight, brings the rest of the entertaining part to the plate with its museum and attractions. The NSL News will cover the whole event in steps.
Team America features the Rookie Class sequence
Round two of the NSL Championship features great scores and performances of the two AAA Class teams. Zero Tolerance Miami in the A Class and Rookie Class champion Team America continued with their competition without other contenders, while the AA Class had the only serious competition for the money.

It was not really a serious competition for the gold medals though. Air Force Prodigy dominated so clearly in the AA Class that there was never a doubt where the awards for the first place would go to. Air Force Prodigy truly deserved the honors after competing at seven different meets in the 2005 season.

Air Force Prodigy
Only one other AA Class team attended the same number of competitions this year: FSC Wind Damaged from the Florida Skydiving Center in Lake Wales. The efforts of both teams were rewarded with the first two places at the NSL Championship 2005. Air Force Prodigy won the perpetual AA Class trophy, SkyQuest gold medals, $1,000 cash of the Jump Institute jackpot and 60 minutes of free SkyVenture Orlando tunnel time. FSC Wind Damaged took home the silver medals, $600 and 30 minutes of tunnel time.

Air Force Prodigy with Pat Chapman (Tail), Joe Dawn (Point), Brandon Felker (Center Outside), Matt Tuchscher (Center Inside) and Marty Jones on Video finished the 2005 season with a record meet average at Fantasy of Flight after a consistent progression (8.8 - 8.4 - 5.5 - 7.8 - 8.2 - 11.4 - 11.8) since June this year. The Air Force team had to get through a setback after the first two meets of the year due to injury and personnel change.

The total of 94 points after eight rounds makes for the 11.8 average, even though the records will show a 9.4 average. The Air Force cadets had to leave Fantasy of Flight earlier on Sunday to catch the flight back to duty in Colorado, while the other teams completed two more rounds.

Air Force Prodigy with exit training during a weather hold
Prodigy had to accept zeros for rounds nine and ten. FSC Wind Damaged and Airlock studied the scoreboard and the situation after round eight very carefully when it became clear that the leader would not be able to complete the remaining rounds. Both teams needed two perfect rounds to catch up, and the chances were not too great since round nine was a slow sequence with two blocks (1 - 19).

This situation added extra excitement to the AA Class competition since money and free tunnel was on the stake, as well. Air Force veteran, team leader and Prodigy videographer, Marty Jones, was still on competition site when FSC Wind Damaged and Airlock completed the remaining rounds. He followed the final AA Class action with amusement and proudly accepted the awards for his team at the end of the day.

It was the third time that an Air Force team won the NSL Championship at Fantasy of Flight. Air Force Blue took the AA Class gold medals in 2002 and defended the AA Class title successfully in 2003. Carolina Ice won in 2004, and Air Force Prodigy now brought the title back to Colorado.

Air Force Prodigy's round two
Round two of the AA Class competition at SkyQuest 2005 made for the strongest statement of the Air Force cadets. The 6-point advantage in this round did not only increase the lead to a hopeless situation for FSC Wind Damaged and Airlock. The performance level in this jump was also on the country's top level.
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