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FAI World Cup of Formation Skydiving

Scores for Meet on Aug 7th, 2017

Aug 7th, 2017
1 2 3 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class L,O,F,K,11 C,3,7 13,2,G Total Avg
1 Golden Knights  US  E 24    24    18    66 22.0
2 Tanay  RU  E 22    20 -1 17    59 19.7
3 Fly-In Machine 44  BE  E 19    20    14    53 17.7
4 VR8 France  FR  E 17 -2 19    11    47 15.7
5 Project: Ride the Dragon  UK  E 6 -2 9 -1 8    23 7.7
6 Awkward Turtles  UK  E 7    8 -1 4 -2 19 6.3

News Associated With This Event

Did you know that that Black Cat and NMP PCH HayaBusa started at the same time?
posted: Sep 8th, 2017 The meet videos of a very successful national delegation in Formation Skydiving at the FAI World Cup 2017 has still been missing. The NSL News is catching up now, starting with the Russian national team... (more)
Did you know that the next HayaBusa double-duty test is coming up soon?
posted: Aug 27th, 2017 NSL-TV has not yet featured all meet videos of the reigning 4-way world champions from Belgium at the FAI World Cup 2017. The first two HayaBusa rounds were uploaded during the competition, and the additional... (more)
Did you know that each round could be the last one?
posted: Aug 23rd, 2017 The 8-way teams suffered the most of all Formation Skydiving events at the FAI World Cup 2017. Only three rounds were completed in the event that requires a higher exit altitude than the 4-way teams need. However,... (more)
Did you know that the Golden Knights move on in the new "Decade of Excellence"?
posted: Aug 15th, 2017 The 8-way results at the FAI World Cup 2017 did not reveal any unexpected developments for the present and the near future. The Golden Knights 8-way machine is running without any hiccups and as smoothly... (more)
Did you know that Belgium won two sets of FAI medals for the first time?
posted: Aug 12th, 2017 No competition rounds followed after the last update on Saturday, and the FAI World Cup 2017 was concluded with the lowest number of scoring numbers on the leaderboards in history. Bubble Trouble and... (more)
Did you know that France is in serious 8-way trouble?
posted: Aug 11th, 2017 The Golden Knights were the only 8-way team who completed Round 3 on Thursday. The Belgian Fly-In Machine 44 followed up on Friday afternoon, which has been the only additional 8-way jump so far. NMP... (more)
Did you know that Scott Janise is back in camera action for the Golden Knights?
posted: Aug 11th, 2017 The host of the FAI World Cup 2017 is seriously challenged by the weather conditions. The window of four hours on Thursday was used efficiently with all fire power of the three Cessna Caravans in Saarlouis.... (more)
Did you know that Round 1 creates the worst and the best feelings for a competitor?
posted: Aug 9th, 2017 The 8-way teams have started with their 10-round competition at the FAI World Cup 2017, while the 4-way teams continue with more rounds on Wednesday. All 4-way teams have completed two rounds, which... (more)
Did you know that the competition draw in Saarlouis seems to be on the faster side?
posted: Aug 7th, 2017 The competition draw has been posted, and it seems to be promising scores and averages on the higher side. The first ten rounds include all 16 random formations, while the additional sequence for a... (more)
Did you know that registration deadline for the FAI World Cup 2017 is around the corner?
posted: May 18th, 2017 The FAI World Cup 2017 is the next major event this year and probably the most relevant outdoor event of the 2017 competition season. The Sun Path Products NSL News will cover the event live from the competition... (more)
Did you know that Tanay is heading in the direction of a new Russian 8-way record average?
posted: May 6th, 2017 Russia's national 8-way team Tanay did not wait too long after the FAI Mondial 2016 to make new plans for the 2017 season. The bronze medal at Skydive Chicago was encouraging for the new 8-way team... (more)