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Did You Know...

... that Belgium won two sets of FAI medals for the first time?

IPC Open Meeting: Re-visit tie-breaker
posted Aug 12th, 2017 - No competition rounds followed after the last update on Saturday, and the FAI World Cup 2017 was concluded with the lowest number of scoring numbers on the leaderboards in history.

Bubble Trouble and Parachute Montreal Fuzion had to be on alert until the official end of the competition at 15.00 PM, as the host was hoping to add the 6th round for both teams as the tie-breaking jump-off round. It did not happen, and the new IPC rules had to be applied for the first time.

Judges and jury members kept it as simple as it was possible and went back to Round 5 for the tie-breaking procedure, which was the last round of the competition. As mentioned earlier, both teams had completed the 19th point within working time, even though their scores on the leaderboard were different (18 - 16).

It was a fortunate situation for the judges/jury as they could simply apply the written rules that currently made the faster team to the 19th point the winner. Bubble Trouble was ahead of Fuzion building the Zig Zag of Block 21 and won the FAI silver medals.

Bubble Trouble's score sheet of Round 5 in 4-way Women
French delegation after the award ceremony
The FAI/IPC Formation Skydiving committee will still re-visit the tie-breaking rules and probably add more details to the definition of the last common scoring formation. Bubble Trouble and Fuzion could have been tied in their medal position without completing the same formation in their last jump.

Such a situation after the last jump of the meet without an extra round would have made it more challenging to determine the actual winner at the finish line. The topic came up at the open meeting for teams and competitors and will make it to the FAI/IPC lawmakers as soon as possible.

The gold medal position of the French Weembi Girls was never threatened, even though they could never find their top performance level. They ended up 20 points behind the French 4-way Open Class team (101 - 81) which has been the benchmark in the past. The French national team in 4-way Women would still end up tied in 5th place with bUSA Defiance on the 4-way Open Class leaderboard.

Parachute Montreal Fuzion's score sheet of Round 5 in 4-way Women
Golden Knights and Tanay after the 8-way awards
The award ceremony divided the teams and leaderboards into two different events, the FAI European Championships and the FAI World Cup. The French 8-way team still collected medals in the European Championship where the Golden Knights did not count. France added European silver medals in 4-way Open, gold medals in 4-way Women and did not have a team in 4-way VFS.

Russia turned out to be the only European Championship nation with medals in each of the four Formation Skydiving categories. Tanay won 8-way gold, Black Cat 4-way Open Class bronze, Bubble Trouble added silver in 4-way Women and VFS team Vertical Flystation bronze in 4-way VFS.

Belgium had teams in two Formation Skydiving events in medal positions for the first time in history. NMP PCH HayaBusa won the expected gold medals, and Fly-In Machine 44 added the European 8-way silver medals, bronze medals in the World Cup standings.

The US delegation dominated the World Class rankings, where the Golden Knights won gold in 8-way and silver in 4-way VFS. SDC Core added the second set of gold medals in VFS, and SDC Rhythm XP won the 4-way Open Class bronze medals. Amateur team bUSA Defiance finished in 5th place with the team's first 20+ outdoor average.

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