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Did You Know...

... that four nations each placed two teams in the Top 10?

4-way Open Class awards
posted Aug 14th, 2017 - It happened as it it probably had to be expected.

The award ceremony of the FAI World Cup 2017 was weathered out just as much as a significant part of the competition was, and the participants woke up on Sunday morning to fine meet weather. The conditions on Monday were even better.

However, there was a great atmosphere at the award ceremony, despite the poor weather conditions and the lowest number of completed rounds at a world meet or world cup in history. The participants at these top events are mostly experienced competitors who are well aware of the fact that weather is a meet factor out of the host's control area.

NMP PCH HayaBusa won the 4-way gold medals with the 1-point difference after Round 4. A few teams, including SDC Rhythm XP, were not able to get in the air for Round 5 on Saturday, and HayaBusa's best performance of the meet in Round 5 did not count.

The 28-pointer would have added five points to the lead. RealFly-Sion took the silver medals to France and will remember that they were able to keep up with the 4-way world champions throughout the first four rounds.

FAI World Cup 2017
RankAAA ClassL,O,F,K,11C,3,713,2,G1,17,20TotalAvg
1NMP PCH HayaBusaBE 35(-1) 26(-1) 21 20(-1)10225.5
2RealFly-SionFR 35 26(-1) 20 20(-1)10125.3
3SDC Rhythm XPUS 33 24 20 16(-2)9323.3
4Black CatRU 26(-4) 24(-1) 17(-3) 18(-2)8521.3
5bUSA DefianceUS 26(-1) 22 16 178120.3
6AirbusDE 27(-1) 21 17 158020.0
7Espoir Saumur WeembiFR 25(-2) 19(-2) 16 187819.5
8Papea MasculinoES261912(-1)147117.8
8ISR FireFlashBE24(-1)18(-1)14157117.8
11Airheads RealflyCH242013(-1)137017.5
12Espoir Maubeuge WeembiFR241712(-1)13(-1)6616.5
12AtomiX YUUDE19(-2)1913156616.5
17Tanay WolvesRU22161411(-1)6315.8
20Out of the BlueNL1814(-1)12125614.0
21Team C4SE17(-1)1412115413.5
22Flyspot Sky4four PL1814(-1)9(-1)115213.0
26Tyanno4us RexUK11(-1)11(-2)8(-1)104010.0
26Atmosfera G4PT12(-1)10994010.0
Easy gold medals: French Weembi Girls
NMP PCH HayaBusa's meet schedule is far from over, while the French national 4-way Open Class team may begin with the preparations for the 2018 season. The Belgians still have the USPA Nationals 2017 on the agenda, followed by the FAI Indoor World Meet in Montreal.

France has a different team at the indoor meet. The Weembi High Rollers will try once again to defeat the reigning indoor and outdoor world champions from Belgium.

The French Weembi Girls will travel to Canada, as well, after easily winning the outdoor gold medals in 4-way Women. There was no serious competition for the French Weembi Girls in Saarlouis, while there is a question mark behind the British indoor potential at the indoor competition.

As it is in France, the United Kingdom has two different national teams in 4-way Women. NFTO will compete for the UK delegation in Australia 2018, while Volition visits SkyVenture Montreal this year. Volition might be able to challenge the French Weembi Girls if they perform once again below their average level.

FAI World Cup 2017
Rank4-way WomenL,O,F,K,11C,3,713,2,G1,17,205,E,21TotalAvg
1French Weembi GirlsFR29(-2)171916(-1)2310420.8
2Parachute Montreal FuzionCA24(-2)20161516(-3)9118.2
2Bubble TroubleRU2320161418(-1)9118.2
4No MercyPL201510(-1)13157314.6
Best placement ever: Papea from Spain
SDC Rhythm XP was rewarded with FAI bronze medals for the long trip. bUSA Defiance won no medals and were still rewarded with enjoying the international meet atmosphere and leaving the desired 20-point benchmark behind. It was only a 4-round competition; however, these four rounds probably represented each team's current scoring average quite accurately.

Black Cat and SDC Rhythm XP completed exactly the same number of points withing the 140 seconds of working time. There was still no competition between the two teams, as the Russian national team left too many points in the judging room.

Airbus could not repeat the bronze medal finish of 2011, despite a higher average (20.0 - 19.6) of the new lineup in Saarlouis. Airbus will have no competition at the upcoming German Nationals 2017 and can also begin to make plans for 2018.

Belgium, France, USA and Russia each placed two teams in the Top 10. Germany (Airbus) and Spain (Papea) took the remaining two slots. 8th was the best placement in 4-way history for a Spanish team, and Belgium for the first time had a second team in the Top 10 with ISR FireFlash.

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