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Did You Know...

... that there could be a tie-breaker between RealFly-Sion and NMP PCH HayaBusa after Round 2?

NMP PCH HayaBusa in Round 2
posted Aug 10th, 2017 - The weather has not improved yet at the FAI World Cup 2017, even though some additional scores have been added to the leaderboard.

The judges continued to post the scores for the two 4-way rounds that were completed by the teams without double duties in 4-way and 8-way on Wednesday. Some of the 4-way teams completed Round 3, other ones even made it to Round 4, and the leaderboard reflects a quite scrambled situation in the rankings at this point in time.

Thursday is a sad weather day so far, as well. The teams have been released a few times, and there will be another attempt to get the planes in the air in the later afternoon.

The NSL News used the opportunity to invite some of the world's most experienced experts in Formation Skydiving competition for a new conversation in the Coaches Corner. Mathieu Bernier, Roy Janssen, Joey Jones, Gary Smith, Luc Verstrepen and Solly Williams took the extra time away from their coaching jobs and discussed some of the urgent topics.

RealFly-Sion in Round 2
The 4-way Open Class teams are currently stuck with the scores after Round 2, even though other teams have completed additional rounds. The weather situation does not guarantee that more rounds will be completed. Host and participants are hopeful that the weather will improve, and there is a chance to continue on Thursday afternoon.

However, it is also possible that the final standings will be the ones after Round 2. This means that NMP PCH HayaBusa and RealFly-Sion would be tied in 1st place, and chances for a jump-off round would be just as unlikely as additional rounds.

The new tie-breaking rules would get their first serious application at an FAI/IPC event. The completion of the last scoring formation in working time would determine the winner. RealFly-Sion and NMP PCH HayaBusa both provided the NSL News with the videos for Round 2, and the audience has the opportunity to make the call.

It's the completion of the Side Flake Opal on the 6th page that makes or breaks it for both teams if the meet is over after Round 2. Get out the stop watches...

FAI World Cup 2017
Rank4-way OpenL,O,F,K,11C,3,713,2,G1,17,205,E,216,8,AD,4,P,22M,10,J,B18,H,N,9Q,15,1412,16,19TotalAvg
1NMP PCH HayaBusaBE35(-1)26(-1)---------6130.5
3SDC Rhythm XPUS3324---------5728.5
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