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NSL News

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Did you know that the complete Malevsky Cup 2004 footage is now available on a PAL video?
posted: Jul 30th, 2004 Fyodor Mozvogoy of the Malevsky Cup 2004 management staff recently informed teams and competitors that the complete footage of this year's event is nov available: "Official Anton Malevsky Memorail World Cup 2004 and Open European Championship 2004 competition video tape is now available! Includes all competition jumps plus judges scoresheets. VHS PAL, duration approx. 200 minutes. Price 30 Euro plus shipping. Email to order." The NSL-TV coverage of the event included many of the videos. However, some rounds were still missing completely, even some of the top teams. The... (more)
Did you know that the Finish women's team Zooey makes history?
posted: Jul 29th, 2004 Teams and organizers in Finland, the most eastern part of Scandinavia, have been interested in joining the NSL system and the European Skydiving League with their own league for years. The weather in Finland allows only for a very short summer season. Many Scandinavian skydivers and teams travel to sunnier and warmer locations during the off-season. Even though it is logistically and financially very challenging for the Scandinavian teams to train hard, almost each country has produced top 4-way teams in the past. Finland had its share in 1993 when the 4-way team "Mad Way" placed fourth at the... (more)
Did you know that a new round of NSL-TV features the FSL May and June meets?
posted: Jul 28th, 2004 The NSL-TV of the Florida Skydiving League has not been updated in a while. The last round of the FSL Shamrock Showdown 2004 in March has now been replaced with the first round of the FSL May meet, which took place at Skydive DeLand, as well. The first round of the FSL June meet at Skydive City in Zephyrhills has been added at the same time. (more)
Did you know that MidAtlantic Skydiving League team Cross Keys O2 Project completed the line-up?
posted: Jul 28th, 2004 The NSL News reported on July 13th that MASL team Cross Keys O2 Project had bad luck when the Center Inside of the team, Tom Petzold, broke his wrist, caused by a bad landing under his reserve. Petzold was in good shape, however, the season was over for him. O2 Project was looking for a replacement. The MASL team decided after much discussion among the remaining teamates to extend coach Brian Johnson's role and use him as the team's player coach for the remainder of the 2004 season. Johnson is also a member of the new 4-way team DeLand Scape, together with Pete Allum, Michael Biederman, Rusty... (more)
Did you know that last weekend's events included a high-profile international competition in Europe?
posted: Jul 27th, 2004 The current overview of last weekend's scores offers a colorful mixture of teams that competed at the Texas Skydiving League event in Dallas and at three different locations in Germany. The overview is not even complete yet since the scores from Belgium are still missing. One of Germany's Deutsche Sky Liga events, the "Nuggets Cup" attracted additional teams, which are not regulars at the DSL competitions. In fact, three national teams from Europe used last weekend's opportunity to test their skills at the Leutkirch drop zone in the southern part of Germany. Each of the events applied the same... (more)
Did you know that the Northwest Skydiving League adds the latest NWSLmeet story?
posted: Jul 26th, 2004 The Texas Skydiving League was the first one to publish and provide scores of last weekend's competition. While more information, including scores from Europe, are coming in, the Northwest Skydiving League added the meet story of the July 17 event to the NWSL scores. Saturday July 17 started out with very blue skies. Five teams were on site and eager to jump. Getting Skydive Oregon's Twinotter off the ground at 9:00 a.m. was, perhaps, the earliest take-off this season. Unfortunately, the weather did not hold for the whole day. As a result, the video was a bit unusual in rounds two and three... (more)
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