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Did you know that the A Class teams in Northern California needed the tie-breaking rules?
posted: Jul 17th, 2019 Teams of the Northern California Skydiving League had all leaderboards for themselves last weekend. The NCSL 2019 schedule missed the busy upcoming meet weekend, which includes the popular Pre-Nationals of the Texas Skydiving League at Skydive Spaceland Houston. All five teams were new on NSL leaderboards with their first scores, even though the lineups included several well known names. AA Class winner Low Key had Rogier Carper in the lineup, the Dutch national competitor, who is still in California after also attending earlier indoor meets of the World Tunnel League in California. Videographer... (more)
Did you know that Northwest and Northern California tied last weekend's leaderboard?
posted: Jul 21st, 2018 British and U.S. Teams are in action again this weekend, while the NSL News review the leaderboard that brought teams together on the July 14 weekend. Seattle Swift was the only AAA Class team on the combined leaderboard, as the Spaceland-Houston Pre-Nationals 2018 had a separate competition draw for the eight rounds. Dallas 350ish and Seattle Swift were separated by only one point, and the same sequences would have made the AAA Class competition even more exciting. The two Rookie Class teams were also by themselves in Northern California and did not have competition at other locations last... (more)
Did you know that the A Class teams won last weekend's overall competition?
posted: Jul 11th, 2017 Last weekend's leaderboard is featuring teams from Northern California and once again from the Midwest, just two weeks after the June meet of the Midwest Skydiving League. SDMW NEXT did not make it to the Chicagoland Skydiving Center; however, the three A Class teams who competed for Chicagoland at Skydive Chicago on the first June weekend had competition last weekend in this category on their home turf. They almost swept the A Class leaderboard of six teams. SDMW Rampage managed to outscore the third CSC team, Legos, by one single point after the four rounds that were completed by all A Class... (more)
Did you know that the Northern California Skydiving League teams include a few family lineups?
posted: Jul 11th, 2016 The Northern California Skydiving League had the only U.S. meet scheduled for the past weekend, and the nine NCSL teams all competed at the Parachute Center in Lodi. NCSL Director Lori Connor posted a summary after the competition of the event. "Congratulations Teams! The NCSL's Meet # 2 was an awesome success yesterday at the Parachute Center, with everyone having fun while completing their scheduled rounds of the draw. We had 9 teams come out and participate, five Rookie teams and four AA teams. A few of the Rookie teams were pick-up teams that were put together this last week and it's... (more)
Did you know that the Northern California Skydiving League beat the weather in Lodi?
posted: May 9th, 2016 The Northern California Skydiving League launched its 2016 outdoor season on the first day of May. It was originally scheduled for the last day of April, however, the very windy weather forecast changed the plans, and it was actually a surprise that the meet took place at all. NCSL Director Lori Connor was glad that it still worked out: "Well, in spite of the wind on Saturday, Meet #1 happened on Sunday." She said that the winds were surprisingly calm at Lodi, and the teams were jumping starting with the first load of the day. The Parachute Center eventually flew over 30 loads on Sunday with... (more)
Did you know that John D'Annunzio won the player coaching AA Class competition by a single point?
posted: Aug 7th, 2015 Last weekend's AA Class competition was not as close as the duel between H4O in Ireland and Perris Quattro in the AAA Class. However, three AA Class teams were close enough to take turns in claiming and tying highscores for the six meet rounds. Team Name of the Northern California Skydiving League eventually finished in the top spot, four points ahead of Southern Mix of the Southern Skydiving League. Team Name competed with the same lineup that recently competed for iFLY SF Bay's Indoor Cloud League team and became a part of the Sun Path Products NSL News story on August 3rd. The competition... (more)
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