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Did You Know...

... that the A Class teams in Northern California needed the tie-breaking rules?

Next Load is a Shutdown preparations at Skydive California
posted Jul 17th, 2019 - Teams of the Northern California Skydiving League had all leaderboards for themselves last weekend. The NCSL 2019 schedule missed the busy upcoming meet weekend, which includes the popular Pre-Nationals of the Texas Skydiving League at Skydive Spaceland Houston.

All five teams were new on NSL leaderboards with their first scores, even though the lineups included several well known names. AA Class winner Low Key had Rogier Carper in the lineup, the Dutch national competitor, who is still in California after also attending earlier indoor meets of the World Tunnel League in California.

Videographer Jason Imamura was filming SDC Rhythm XP years ago, and Jim Hopf was in a lineup that took on the AAA Class sequence of the Indoor Cloud League June competition for iFLF SF Bay's indoor team.

Low Key had competition in the AA Class. Three other indoor competitors, two DeLoreans (Lori Connor, Matt Stephenson) and new team member Lisa Larkin, had Will Savage to fill the 4th slot for Odyssey last weekend, with Ilya Filatov on camera. Lisa Larkin was new in the tail slot at outdoor competition, and Will Savage competed at the USPA Collegiates last December. Odyssey may come back with the same lineup at the next NCSL meet in August.

Northern California Skydiving League - July 2019
1 2 3 4 Total Avg
Rank AA Class L,1,M N,C,Q,2 J,G,8 19,B,P Total Avg
1 Low Key NCSL 9    8    10    10    37 9.3
2 Odyssey NCSL 10    7 -2 7    8    32 8.0
Rank A Class L,M,H N,C,Q J,G,8 19,B Total Avg
1 Next Load is a Shutdown NCSL 8    6    3    0    17 4.3
2 Foz to Manifest NCSL 6    5    0    6    17 4.3
3 Let's Keep It PG NCSL 2    1 -1 0    1    4 1.0

Next Load is a Shutdown in action at Skydive California
The A Class competition was even closer and ended up with Next Load is a Shutdown and Foz to Manifest tied in 1st place at Skydive California, the new NCSL host who was somehow involved in the team names, as well. The two teams were tied after both missing scoring numbers for a complete round due to video failures. Next Load is a Shutdown took the 1st place with the highest score of the meet in Round 1.

The third A Class team, Let's Keep it PG, lost Julia LaVelle, who was set to jump with the team, due to injury the day prior to the meet. Her team mates asked videographer Steve Moskovchenko to help out, who was expecting to be on camera when he arrived at Skydive California on Saturday morning.

He was in for a surprise when he found out that he was expected to be in front of the camera instead. However, he accepted the new slot and joined the active lineup.

Dutch visitor Rogier Carper assisted the judging with his wealth of 4-way experiences as much as he could during the breaks. The next NCSL meet is scheduled for August 17th at Skydance.

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